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  • Bethel, CT 203-778-2727

    The originator of sub-miniature ball bearing slide assemblies, Del-Tron Precision has been energetically innovating high quality, affordable anti-friction linear bearings since 1974. Our linear motion slides can be built as ball slides or roller slides to suit your needs, and we offer several levels of precision. These lightweight, low-friction slides are available with built-in holes. Order your standard linear motion slides, ready right out of the box, or call us to discuss specialization.

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  • Bethel, CT 800-447-2042

    Tusk Direct is your direct link to high-performance, durable linear motion components. We offer ball and crossed roller linear motion slides in eight different size profiles and several levels of precision. We also offer anti-creep technology with our ball slides. Our standard linear motion slides have a lightweight aluminum carriage and base with a high load capacity, but stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials are also available. Trust Tusk to take on your toughest jobs.

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  • San Rafael, CA 415-924-7938

    Modern Linear is excited to help you assemble a linear motion system that will last for years to come. We distribute a variety of linear motion slides, such as ball screw slides and belt drive slides, with many different features so that you can purchase a slide as-is. You may also choose to customize your part with one or several of our linear motion accessories. Our engineers are ready to assist and advise you every step of the way. Call us today to get started!

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  • Hatfield, PA 800-314-3332

    Isotech is a distributor of precision linear motion components: air cylinders, linear actuators, linear slides, ball slide assemblies, crossed roller slide assemblies, re-circulating ball slide guides. We can supply standard or high precision products in either English or metric, all with the convenience of on-line ordering. Our parts are ready for installation right out of the box.

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  • Bloomfield, NY 800-642-6446

    Established in 1967, Velmex makes manual & motor driven dovetail slides, open frame tables, twin rail slides, rotary and XY stages. Choose hand, lead screw or belt drive. Our UniSlide, XSlide & BiSlide Assemblies can do scanning, indexing and positioning. Use them to move sensors, antennas, cameras, measure distance & more. See our website for more information, or call today!

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  • Fort Mill, SC 800-284-9784

    TPA Motion has been established to answer the ever-increasing demand for higher precision and lower costs. Our combined product offering provides designers with the widest variety of components for linear and rotary motion systems, and our ability to provide complete subassemblies answers the increasing demand for cost effective positioning solutions from a single source.

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Linear Motion Slides Industry Information

Linear Motion Slides

A linear motion slide is a type of bearing designed to facilitate movement in one direction. Depending on the application for which they are being used, these bearings can be motorized or operated by hand. Linear motion slides are typically composed of two main components: the plane and the rolling element. A fixed plane and a sliding plane slide against each other with the rolling element in between, allowing smooth motion along the linear motion slide. While this is the basis for all linear motion slides, there are a variety of different slide options which utilize different rolling elements or plane configurations. Linear slides are a common component of many types of machinery and are used in all kinds of industrial applications.

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Types of Linear Motion Slides

Ball bearings are the most commonly used rolling element in linear motion slides. The ball bearings are held within a sleeve or a track between the two different planes, and these small bearings allow the sliding plane to move relative to the fixed plane with very little friction while still providing guided motion. While ball bearings are the most popular type of rolling element, roller bearings and magnetic bearings are also options for linear motion slides. Roller bearings are shaped like flat cylinders, which operate in much the same way as a ball bearing, but instead only roll along the rounded edge of the cylinder. A magnetic bearing consists of two encased magnets with opposing polarization. This opposition causes a repulsive force between the opposing magnets which keeps the sliding plane and the fixed plane from rubbing against each other. Thus the slide is able to move along with very little friction.

Applications of Linear Motion Slides

Many different industrial applications utilize linear motion slides. Manufacturing equipment and machinery often use linear motion slides for components that must move in a smooth and controlled pattern. For example, linear motion slides are used as part of positioning stages in mills, presses, and other manufacturing equipment. In order to move in a two dimensional space, these positioning stages actually use two different linear slides, one controlling each of the horizontal axes. The printing industry also makes extensive use of linear motion slides. 3D printers use linear motion slides to precisely maneuver the arms of the printer as material is added to the printed product. The printer operates based on a computer generated design, and the slides move the arms based on the instructions in the design. The linear motion slides allow for smooth, uninterrupted movement which is absolutely essential for a successful print job. These devices are also used in many other printing applications, both large scale and consumer printing. Linear motion slides are found in household paper printers and even large industrial newspaper printers. The ink cartridges are attached to the slides and move along the length of the slide adding ink to the pages as they pass through the printer.

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