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  • I Was Meant for the Linear Stage

    A stage as I imagine it is a wide space with props and costumes and actors reciting lines with vast amounts of emotional investment, although this is not the type of stage linear slides are. A linear stage is in essence a linear slide; referring to one is the same as referring to the other. A linear slide is a like a stage in that it is the platform for an action, although not the sort performed by actors. A linear stage is the platform and stationary base that limits...

  • Linear Rails: Safety First

    Particularly when children are involved, railings are an important safety feature in public areas, especially when heights or stairs are present. Rails are a support system to give us guidelines, making us aware of where we should go and where we shouldn't. Although individuals in the general public occasionally challenge these rails with various sorts of consequences, in general they are in place for our own safety. The same applies to the linear rails that are the foundational piece of a linear slide system. A linear slide is a device...

  • A Little More From Linear Slides

    Have you ever wondered how a camera recording your favorite movie or television show slides perfectly along the screen with no bumps or hiccups? I often have, and the reason is linear slide rails. They have the camera mounted on them while shooting linear scenes. This allows the camera to glide in a smooth precise line to obtain the best shot for the scene. Some of the camera slides are short, angled or raised up on a tripod or similar structure. Others are fixed to the ground for a longer...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Velmex, Inc.

    by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor Modern industry, like much of the modern world in general, has come to expect fast results, customizability, quick and easy access to information and the best product for the best price. In the world of rotary and linear positioning stages, Velmex Incorporated offers clients all of this and more with maximum load capacities of 400lbs, maximum speeds of 30inches per second and a maximum resolution of one micron. Velmex combines elegantly functional products with exceptional customer service to provide manual and motor driven linear slide,...

  • New Linear Rail with Integrated IDEA Drive from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions

    The new BGS06 linear rail is the latest addition to Haydon Kerk Motion Solution’s new Ball Guide Screw linear rail product line. The new linear rail has an integrated IDEA Drive and is a multifunctional system which can employ either the size 17 single stack or double stack stepper motor linear actuator with a fully programmable stepper motor controller. Haydon Kerk, an AMETEK Precision Motion Control brand, offers Ball Guide Screw rail systems which utilize precision rolled 303 stainless steal lead screws and linear stepper motors. Black Ice® TFE...

  • Linear Guide: The Framework

    A guide can take numerous shapes, such as a human being who shows you to your seats at a Broadway Musical or the small mechanical phenomenon known as GPS, which can guide you to any address inputted into its system and do so with a British accent. The guides used for linear slides do direct the movement of the rollers or balls that are installed between them. But the other tag applied to linear guides, linear railings, is a more accurate description of what they do. As the sturdy metallic...

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Linear Rails

A linear rail, also known as a linear guide or guide rail, consists of a smooth, flat base that is used to support and guide the motion of linear bearings. Typically stationary, linear rails have grooves ground into their sides that run along the entire length of the rail, in which the linear bearing roller element, whether it by cylindrical or spherical, can move within. Since the linear bearings are limited by the grooves, linear rails are able to control the direction that the linear bearings move in.

As an integral part of a linear slide, linear rails are utilized in a wide range of industries including: medical and pharmaceutical, for use in drug dispensing applications as well as positioners in hospital furniture such as beds and chairs; food and beverage, for processing and packaging applications; industrial manufacturing, for use in automated machinery such as drilling and grinding machines as well as other factory and process automation applications; and automotive, for use in components such as engine compartments. Linear rails are also used in many other diverse industries, such as semiconductor, chemical processing, optical, textile and commercial, for application ranging from office machinery to CNC machining centers.

Linear rails have a very simple design: solid, flat metal body with two grooved sides that extend from the flat base in 90º angles. The size of the grooves, also known as raceways, affects the load-carrying capacity of the linear slide. A linear rail is one of the main components of a linear slide, the other being a moving carriage. The moving carriage has mobility due to either ball bearings or roller bearings; although, ball bearings are more common. Inside the moving carriage there is typically a type of screw assembly, either with a ball screw or lead screw, and a nut. The nut provides the linear movement since it is threaded onto the non-rotating part of the screw, then driven along the threads of the screw in the corresponding direction to the screw’s rotational movement. Linear rails can be either manual or motorized. Motorized linear rails have a more complex design, and both types can be hardened or ground for increased tensile strength. Some common types of motorized linear rails include belt drive rails and chain drive rails. Linear belt drive rails have the addition of a belt made from various elastomers, allowing for quiet, yet rapid linear motion. Often used as alternatives to belt drive rails, linear chain drive rails are better suited for high temperature environments and are mainly employed in lifting applications. 

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