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  • Akron, OH 877-771-6766

    Premier Seals provides its valued customers with quality high temperature gaskets, including but not limited to sanitary, ring, felt and foam gaskets and seals, in addition to a variety of services, such as custom molding, die cutting, kiss cutting, lathe cuts, slitting and extruded products. Through quality, competitive prices and customer service see the difference Premier’s solutions can make.

  • Seattle, WA 800-537-9663

    As a supplier of gaskets since 1977, Gardico is dedicated to customers in all industrial sectors needing standard & custom gaskets of superior workmanship. With die cutting, slitting, water jet cutting, assembly, laminating & adhesive capabilities, Gardico works with a variety of foam, fiber, felt, cork, plastics, metals & numerous other materials to meet all of their customers’ needs.

  • Carson City, NV 800-733-2648

    At REDCO, we are a one-stop source for gaskets. We manufacture our gaskets from temperature resistant materials such as neoprene, silicone, and more! If you are in need of assistance in deciding the material, our team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff members will be happy to assist you. Call us and place your order today!

  • Grand Rapids, MI 616-538-4970

    Kent Rubber Supply has been a trusted supplier of gaskets since 1946. Focusing in exceeding customer service, we leverage the best equipment and the most knowledge staff to ensure we meet our customers unique needs. With our trusted experts, we determine the best rubber, foam, sponge or PVC material for your specific need. We continue serving customers both offshore and domestic.

  • Canonsburg, PA 866-672-8100

    High temperature gaskets are needed for providing an airtight seal between gaps in machine parts whose temperatures exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Here at National Rubber Corporation, we produce high temperature gaskets to fit all of your needs. Our flexibility allows us to take your drawings or specifications and turn them into parts you need from a selection of materials. Our staff of experts enjoys the challenge of devising custom solutions for the most exacting applications.

  • Stuart, FL 772-286-9278

    At Britech Industries, both our custom and stock items come in a variety of shapes, colors and designs. Our company’s goal is to meet the specifications of our customers, and we have highly trained engineers to do just that. We are partnered with different companies for maximum extrusion options and we are available for our customers at any time. Britech are the plastic extrusions experts. If you would like to contact an extrusion specialist, call or visit our website today!

  • North Ridgeville, OH 440-327-4522

    At JBC, we convert flexible materials into custom gaskets that provide the form, fit, and function needed to achieve each customers’ unique objectives. We create die cut gaskets from numerous advanced materials including low density open cell foam, high density closed cell sponge rubber, flexible graphite, ceramic blankets, aramid fiber, cork, felt, and more. Additional capabilities and services can be found on our website. Contact JBC today and learn how we can benefit your business.

  • Chandler, AZ 480-892-7325

    We will always look to expand our products and services because we value each and every customer's wishes. That is why we now offer high temperature gaskets as well as a host of other new products. Our goal is to make every customer a life-long buyer, and we do that by listening to customers and following their wishes in everything. Contact us today to find out more!

  • San Fernando, CA 818-764-8222

    Our team at Spira strives to bring you the best gaskets on the market. We exhibit our commitment to quality products by staying at the forefront of ever-changing manufacturing technology. We offer RFI gaskets to suit various applications, with groove-mounted, surface-mounted, and honeycomb filter configurations available. Contact us and we will help you find the gasket that suits your requirements.

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High Temperature Gaskets

High temperature gaskets help prevent leakage of fluids and gas by providing an airtight seal between gaps in machine parts whose temperatures may exceed 500° F. As certain machines work at very high heat and have hot liquids that flow through them, a high temperature gasket is required in order to withstand the heat and to continue to supply a seal.

High temperature gaskets are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing industries, and certain kinds, such as Teflon coated gaskets, are regularly used in the food and medical industries because Teflon is an inert substance. In order for a gasket to seal properly, it has to have the appropriate amount of torque to compress the seal to a surface and to maintain the pressure of the load on the flange bolts and the gasket itself. The amount of torque needed depends on factors such as the type of gasket being used and the pressures and temperatures the gasket will be subject to. Though these gaskets can also withstand below freezing temperatures, they specialize in withstanding heat; some have a maximum heat range (in Fahrenheit) in the low hundreds while others are able to reach the high thousands.

Types of high temperature gaskets include spiral wound, metal jacketed and Teflon coated gaskets. Spiral wound gaskets consist of a round metal strip, which is often made from materials such as stainless steel, nickel or titanium. The strip is wound with a sealant or filler, which is commonly made of graphite. The gasket is then put into a steel ring and fitted with the flange bolt on the machine and adjusted for bolt load. Depending on the materials used, these gaskets can withstand temperatures from cryogenic to around 6,000° F. Metal jacketed gaskets have a metallic casing such as soft iron, brass or copper-on the outside and a filler like graphite or a ceramic material on the inside. The materials used depend on the pressure and temperature needs. These gaskets can withstand temperatures from about 660° to 1,115° F. While Teflon coated gaskets cannot withstand higher pressures the way metal or non-asbestos gasket materials can, Teflon can withstand many industrial chemicals that other materials cannot. Teflon often coats a fiberglass o-shaped ring and can withstand temperatures of up to around 500° F. These types of gaskets can be used in applications for various industrial machines including ones that help build cars and aircraft.

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