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  • Alliance, OH 330-935-2445

    When you are purchasing heavy duty hinges and/or related parts, superior quality is vital. Excellence is what you will get when you buy from Marlboro Manufacturing, an industry leading manufacturer since 1960 who specializes in heavy duty hinges and more. Treating their employees with as much care and respect as their customers, Marlboro takes care of everyone who comes through their doors.

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  • Fort Lauderdale, FL 800-684-4643

    Jefco Mfg. has been a leader in the industry for over 40 years. With our experienced engineering and production team coupled with cutting edge technology, Jefco produces quality products for the Industrial, Marine, Aerospace, Defense, and Medical industries. We work closely with customers to meet/exceed their needs and design specs. Jefco has the ability to produce practically any design in any Mat. gauge, pin size, width, or length, in a variety of materials including Carbon fiber and Titanium.

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  • Bartlett, IL 800-989-6365

    Our heavy duty hinges are made in thicknesses that range up to one quarter inch. They are used in industrial settings and other applications where hinge strength really counts. Our designers will work with you to find the hinge that you need or can even design one for you. The designer will be closely working with you through the design process and through all of the steps until your hinge is ready to be utilized. Visit our website today for more information or email us today!

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  • St. Louis, MO 314-436-0432

    Hardware Mfg. supplies stock inventory parts in addition to creating custom components for OEM and resellers. We work with a number of different industries such as agriculture, drug tablet, livestock, truck equipment, conveyors, and more. We have top of the line hardware and hinges. We utilize a full range of materials for our customers to choose from and we can assist you with finding the very best product for your application. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Bloomingdale, IL 800-332-1227

    At S & S Hinge Company, our heavy duty hinges are made to take the wear and tear of everyday life and then some. They are available in standard configurations and can be customized just as you want them so they are sure to fit your application's needs. For more information on ordering custom continuous hinges, visit our website today to find out more. Our knowledgeable staff is sure to be able to answer any question you may have.

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  • Long Beach, CA 800-433-5554

    SPEP, whose full name is Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products has a reputation for using the best materials, employing the most skilled engineers, & producing the longest-lasting heavy duty hinges, latches & cam locks in the hardware industry. They intend to uphold that reputation by never ceasing to find new avenues for innovation, ensuring their customers are always getting the best products.

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Heavy Duty Hinges Industry Information

Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy duty hinges are hinges that are designed to support heavy weight applications. In order to handle and hold greater amounts of weight than the typical hinge, heavy duty hinges are often thicker and made of stronger materials than their average duty counterparts. Heavy duty hinges are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials. The only difference between heavy duty hinges and other hinges is their ability function while supporting large amounts of weight. Otherwise, they look and function just like any other hinge.

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Design of Heavy Duty Hinges

Generally the material thicknesses in heavy duty hinges go all the way up to one quarter inch. Additionally, they can be made to virtually any length requirement. Some of the most common materials used to fabricate heavy duty hinges include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, steel and titanium. A customer’s choice of hinge material depends on the application for which the hinge will be used, because each material offers something different. Brass, for example, colored yellow-gold, is a very attractive alloy. In addition, it is reasonably durable and highly workable, so it is often used to create heavy duty, low-friction decorative hinges, especially for use with large door applications. Bronze, a copper alloy, is quite similar to brass, which is also a copper alloy, but it has a high concentration of tin, while brass has a high concentration of zinc. Bronze is ductile, corrosion resistant, fatigue resistant and approximately ten percent less dense than stainless steel. Bronze is also particularly resistant to corrosion by salt water. So, heavy duty bronze hinges are exceedingly common for use with marine applications and as the door hinges of doors that are situated near an ocean or salt lake. In general as well, they are used quite a lot to support heavy doors and cabinetry. As a rule, the more demanding the application, the more likely it is that a heavy duty hinge will be made of stainless or regular steel, because steel and steel alloys are so strong.

Types of Heavy Duty Hinges

To understand the scope of heavy duty hinges, consider the following hinge types, which are just a few of the many that can qualify as "heavy duty." First, heavy duty gate hinges support the suspension of and the ability of large gates to open and close. Heavy duty hinges used as gate hinges are sometimes even welded instead of fastened to provide extra support. Second, because its every knuckle is a load-bearing point, a heavy duty piano hinge is the perfect solution for a heavy door in need of support. Piano hinges, also known as continuous hinges, seamlessly convert into heavy duty hinges when they are cut to support the entire breadth of a door. Strap hinges are another type of hinge that work well as heavy duty hinges. Mounted to the front of a heavy door, strap hinges are usually fabricated from a heavy-gauge metal, usually stainless steel. Another type of heavy duty adaptable hinge is the slip-joint hinge, which consists of two leaves, one that is a male with a pin through it and one that is a female without a leaf through it. Heavy duty slip-joint hinges are designed for fast and simple door removal. Yet another type of hinge that can be designed for heavy duty purposes is the butt hinge, which is one of the simplest, most functional and most reliable hinge configurations available. Butt hinges are so simple that many operate with nothing more than two metal plates connected by a pin. Butt hinge plates are machined in such a way so that they interlock with each other to form a closed circle, in which the pin that unites them is placed.

Applications of Heavy Duty Hinges

Because of the broad criteria that defines them, heavy duty hinges may wear many hats. In some contexts, they are door suspension tools, characterized by durability, strong composition and high performance. In other contexts, heavy duty hinges are simply the strongest hinge in a group of hinges used for the same application. For example, a stainless steel hinge used to support the function of a metal industrial cabinet can be considered heavy duty in comparison to, say, a hinge used to support wooden kitchen cabinets used in a home. In addition, there are some hinges that are considered heavy duty no matter the context. Hinges like these are those that are designed to support door weights of several hundred pounds up to, in some cases, as much as 20,000 pounds. These heavy duty hinges, which are usually made of steel and may weigh up to 55 pounds, are often welded to doors instead of being fastened to them. Hinges like these have applications in high stakes settings. For example, the United States Army uses them on explosion-proof bunker doors.

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