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  • Ways in Which Highly Specialized Hinges are Used

    Hinges are used for many simple things. Hinges for kitchen cabinets, doors, piano lids and countless other items are certainly important, but some hinges are designed for roles that are a bit off the beaten path.  They are not just specialized hinges, they are highly specialized hinges. These hinges could be considered unsung heroes in our everyday world; hinges often overlooked, but with exceptional performance demands and capabilities that most people are not aware of. Here are a few applications where highly-specialized hinges make all the difference in the world:   Specialized Hinges for Space Exploration Equipment...

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There are two main types of hinges: the free fit hinge and the friction fit hinge. The free fit hinge barely has any friction or “drag” when the handle or latch is rotated. With this kind of hinge, the components can move and rotate independently of each other. The friction fit hinge requires some form of interference to prevent the free movement or rotation of components relative to each other. Depending on the method of design the resistance of motion can range from a slight drag to the components being fixed in a certain position anywhere in their range of rotation. There is a variety of pin styles available, but coiled spring pins are well suited for both the free hit hinges and the friction fit hinges.

Several kinds of hinges fall under these two designs models. The designs of these hinges allow for the swinging of doors, opening of cabinets and drawers, suitcases, shelves, laptops and in some cases, cellphones. Very few hinge designs allow for the full 360-degree rotation of the several components. Other types of hinges include butt hinges which are very strong but cannot be adjusted once they are fitted to their purpose. The butterfly hinge is used on light weight objects and is usually easy to fit. Flush hinges are mostly used for light weight or small box construction. Barrel hinges are relatively easy to fit, and can be dismantled. There are also concealed hinges and continuous or piano hinges.

When picking out a hinge, the first thing to do would be to determine the exact use of the hinge in question. Then depending on your specifications, the manufacturer can construct one that fits your purposes. When purchasing, one also has to consider the maintenance of the hinge. After use over time, some hinges become too loose or too tight. In these instances, it would be wise to consider getting the right lubrication materials to help maintain the hinges during use. This would however be dependent on the kind of hinge design being purchased and the purpose for which the hinge was purchased.

Hinge Design
Hinge Design
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