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  • Door to Door

    There is no denying how useful doors are. We are constantly walking through them everyday, and often we barely take the time to notice them. They have become a habit, but really, they help make up the house, building or office. How many times have you passed a house and seen a breathtaking door and entryway? If you cannot think of an amazing one, perhaps you have seen the hobbit hole in the Lord of the Rings movies, now that was the perfect door! The door was perfectly round, which...

  • Marine Uses for Stainless Steel

    Coming from a boating family, I have always spent a lot of time outdoors. My grandparents lived on a lake so we were constantly swimming and playing outside when we were younger. Most of our lake toys, noodles, tubes, miscellaneous toys for the sand and anything else we might need, were kept outside in storage sheds. These were built by my grandpa, probably when the house was built many, many years ago. The hinges and handles to the door have almost completely rusted over and really need to be replaced....

  • The Durable Stainless Steel Hinge

    Throughout any day we come into interaction with items and structures that open and close by the operation of some sort of hinge. This piece allows us to perform this movement with ease while still holding two pieces of material together. Depending on the application of the hinge, different types can be chosen from to select the best one for its use. Many can be found in use on gates, doors, jewelry boxes, lockers, coolers, pianos, cabinets, glasses, toilet seats and garage doors among many more. They are also made...

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Stainless Steel Hinges

A stainless steel hinge is a very broad term encompassing the wide spectrum of types of hinges made from stainless steel. Stainless steel hinges have many favorable qualities compared to steel hinges including increased durability as well as a higher corrosion, stain and rust resistance. Commonly used for security windows, cabinet doors and security lockers, stainless steel hinges add value to any object as well as being aesthetically-pleasing.

One of the major industries that utilize stainless steel hinges includes the marine industry. Stainless steel hinges are particularly useful in this industry because boats endure harsh environmental conditions as well as dwelling in highly corrosive areas; stainless steel hinges are used to hold back corrosion and rust for as long as possible. Additional industries that benefit from stainless steel hinges include construction, architectural, automotive, furniture, commercial, industrial, residential and electronics. A long list of stainless steel hinge applications includes exterior and interior doors, tool boxes, electronic enclosures, barn doors, commercial bus doors, horse trailers, winery doors, fire truck compartments, storm doors and ATM machines. Stainless steel hinges may offer mill, bright annealed or polished finishes.

All of the most common hinge types can be made from stainless steel: piano hinges or continuous hinges, butt hinges, strap hinges, weld on hinges, spring hinges and friction hinges. Piano stainless steel hinges are able to provide consistency in strength along the entire length of the hinge, thus supporting the objects to which they are attached and reducing the gap between the objects and the hinges. Butt stainless steel hinges are a type of hinge with rectangular parts that fasten to two separate, parallel parts that close on each other, thus connecting them and allowing for swinging movement up to 180 degrees. Strap stainless steel hinges are a type of hinge with long straps that attach to the surface face of exterior and interior doors as well as cabinets. Weld on stainless hinges are small hinges that are designed as two halves of a hinge that can separately be directly welded onto the surfaces and are able to withstand substantial loads. Spring stainless steel hinges are spring loaded hinges used for applications that require keeping a door or gate in a closed or open position for an extended period of time. Friction stainless steel hinges provide precise positioning capabilities while allowing for smooth controlled flow from one position to another. Most types of hinges are made by first extruding the stainless steel material and then cutting and drilling it to shape. Stainless steel hinges may also be stamped or roll formed, but the extrusion process is the most common because it adds extra tensile strength to the hinge.

Stainless Steel Hinges
Stainless Steel Hinges
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