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  • Dexter, MI 734-426-2855

    Since 1976 Alpha Metal Finishing has been a trusted leader in anodizing, hardcoat and chemical film (chromate conversion) services. In addition, Alpha now provides stainless steel passivation. We are passionate about providing superior quality, rapid turnaround, and friendly, responsive service. Alpha is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Call us today for your finishing needs!

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  • Union, NJ 908-687-4646

    For 40 years, Foremost Manufacturing has specialized in aluminum anodizing, bright dip anodizing, color anodizing, and clear coat anodizing. We serve various industries and applications, including indoor and outdoor, theatrical and photographic and medical.

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  • Burbank, CA 818-845-7251

    For over 50 years, K&L Anodizing has provided metal finishing services for manufacturers, machine shops, tool & die, aerospace, medical, government & commercial industries. We provide multicolor anodizing; anodizing per Mil-8625—types I, II, III—dyed & non-dyed; & a variety of related services.

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  • Chavies, KY, Chatham, ON 877-556-9191

    We are the leading suppliers of extruded, fabricated/machined and anodized aluminum components and assemblies to various markets. Hard anodizing process conditions have been done to achieve a harder, thicker, denser film which resists the wear, corrosion, temperature effects etc. Contact us for the highest quality extruded aluminum components along with outstanding customer service.

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Hard Anodizing Industry Information

Hard Anodizing

Hard anodizing is a variant of anodizing. It produces similar results to standard anodized surfaces, but it's thicker and denser hard anodic film limits the coloring results to dark tones.

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Applications of Hard Anodizing

Hard anodizing is used by many industries for a variety of applications. The automotive industry often uses the process to create internal car parts that will be non-conductive and heat resistant. Cookware used by industrial food processing plants or bakeries are often hard anodized, again because of the thickness and strength that is its trademark.

Additionally, Teflon, which is a non-stick element popular in cookware, adheres to hard anodized metal better than it does to others. Because blood can be so corrosive of metal parts, the medical field commonly uses products put through the hard anodization process for its prosthetic joints and limbs. Another reason this type of metal is preferred is because of its appearance.

Benefits of Using Hard Anodizing

Unlike the regular process of sulfuric acid anodizing, hard anodizing involves a special electrolysis process that creates a thick layer of aluminum oxide both on and in the surface. This process protects metals and alloys from deterioration, which is why depending on the application it is intended for, this process is preferred. The sulfuric method of anodizing involves a vat of sulfuric acid that a metal is dipped into while an electrical current is being sent through the vat. The combination of the acid bath and the electrical current is what changes the body chemistry of the metal.

Hard anodizing simply cools the acid to the temperature of freezing water and significantly increases the electrical current running through the acid. This process is usually utilized with aluminum. The process is easier than using regular anodizing treatments on tougher metals, costs less, and produces a metal that is tough but lightweight. Hard anodizing allows the positive characteristics of aluminum to be utilized. These characteristics include low density, exceptional thermal conductivity, electrical resistance, and good pliability.

Hard anodized aluminum is also less porous than aluminum anodized by sulfuric acid. Aesthetically, it is a smoother and sleeker end product that is more pleasing to the eye. The colors cannot be as bright and vibrant, though, because the pore size of the surface will not support them. Therefore, dark brown and black shades are most common, although darker shades of other colors can also be created.

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