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  • Fiberglass Molding: The Battle of the Doors

    My parents thought it would be the coolest thing ever to put an old wood door on our first home that they built. My mom was in love with the idea of the rustic charm it would provide to our house, and my dad just loved that he could find one for cheap at a family member's house. Although the door was beautiful, it lasted approximately two months until the first of the many thunderstorms Michigan provides. After the thunderstorm, the door was virtually destroyed. The heavy rains and hail...

  • The Art of Fiberglass Fabrication

    by Jenny Knodell, IQS Editor When was the last time you were in your attic? If you live in an older house, chances are it's lined with that pink fluffy insulation that kind of looks like cotton candy but don't be fooled, because it is definitely not candy. In fact, it's totally made of glass! Yes, glass, extremely thin glass threads that have been woven and spun into puffy insulation. The first uses for fiberglass, though, were purely decorative. In the 1800s, fiberglass was used as components of theatre and...

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Fiberglass Molding

Fiberglass molding represents the process of shaping fiberglass products using a hollowed form. Fiberglass moldings can also be created when solid materials are pressed into a die form. There are many different fiberglass molding processes, including compression molding, blow molding, rotational molding, injection molding and dip molding, among others.

Since its introduction, fiberglass has been used as a reinforcing agent for plastics and as insulation in buildings, homes, stoves, refrigerators, furnaces and in many other applications throughout industry, commerce and in consumer products contexts. Fiberglass moldings are low weight, high strength and scratch resistant. Many boat hulls, go-kart bodies, large storage tanks and automobile parts can be made of molded fiberglass. Fiberglass molding can be used to make fiberglass sheets, panels, pipes and a wide variety of other shapes. A range of different fiberglass compositions are available to suit the many contexts in which fiberglass moldings are applied. Just a few of these compositions include E-glass, A-glass, E-CR-glass, C-glass and R-glass, each of which features its own properties of strength, durability, UV and corrosion resistance, optical clarity and color.

The three main methods of fiberglass molding are open molding, closed molding, and centrifugal molding. In open molding, a layer of gel coat is applied and cured in a one-piece mold or structure. After being layered into the mold, the fiberglass and sprayed resin are allowed to cure. During closed molding the initial gel coat is applied in a two-part mold. Fibers in the form of chopped fibers or laminated sheets are sprayed or placed in the female part of the mold on top of the gel coat. The part cures after being sealed in the mold by a vacuum and having catalyzed resin injected into the pressurized mold. In centrifugal molding, the gel coat is applied to the sides of a spinning cylindrical mold. Layer by layer, catalyzed resins saturated with short fibers are sprayed into the mold until the desired thickness is reached. Centrifugal molding is used to form cylindrical products such as pipes and tanks. In all three processes, the end products are extracted from their molds and subject to any necessary surface treatments or other finishing processes. 

Fiberglass Molding
Fiberglass Molding
Fiberglass Molding - Fiberdome, Inc.
Fiberglass Molding - Fiberdome, Inc.

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