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  • The Fiber Drum Advantage

    In the past, I have always tried to give equal share to steel, plastic and fiber drums. However, steel and plastic seem to often take the spotlight. However, fiber drums should not be underestimated, they too have much to offer the industrial world and do regularly in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others. Fiber drums have a number of attributes that both steel and plastic do not have. And additionally, have many attributes that coincide with steel and plastic drums. In fact, some industries and companies solely use...

  • Fiber Drum Food Storage Container

    As posted in a previous blog 55 gallon drums come in a small variety of materials. One of interest is fiber drums. Fiber drums are usually made of corrugated fibers that are strong, holding upwards of 400-600 pounds (180-270 kg). Usually these fibers drums are coated in different materials such as urethane or plastic to protect the cardboard like material, and also offer some reinforcement. Unlike other 55 gallon drums, fiber drums do not have a middle support because creating a Vee' rib in the paper material would be extremely...

  • Enviro-Pak, Inc. Specializes In Fiber Drums

    Enviro-Pak, Inc. has been creating high quality drums since 1991 and this trustworthy supplier is well-versed in manufacturing a variety of fibre pack, lock ring and light bulb drums. This industry leader provides a number of services including: prompt delivery, palletizing/unitizing, tamper proofing and more. Located in Edison, NJ this company utilizes the latest innovations to manufacture your value-added drums. Their packaging solutions are beneficial for storing or transporting dry materials. The experts at Enviro-Pak, Inc. will work with you to create products that match your applications specifications. Photo Courtesy...

  • Advantages of Fiber Drums

    Fiber drums first appeared on the market in the first half of the 20th century. The drums were an innovative packaging solution to provide for a lighter container. Today, the packaging/container market is filled with fiber drum manufacturers. Occasionally referred to as cardboard drums, fiber drums are commonly made from fiberboard. They have a fully removable lid that is made out of either fiber, plastic or steel. This lid allows full access to the drum and whatever is contained inside. There are many advantages to using fiber drums. First of...

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Fiber Drums

Fiber drums, also referred to as cardboard drums, are used for the storing and shipping of a number of different products including food stuffs, liquids and solids. They are a low-cost alternative to more expensive steel and plastic drums and barrels and offer the added benefit of being recyclable in the same method as other cardboard products.

Fulfilling a wide range of packaging requirements in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, glue, paint and food processing, cardboard drums are a safe and sanitary method for shipping even small parts.  Depending on the intended application and contents of the fiber drums, the drums are made in different amounts of heavy paperboard layers, or fiber materials. They are very sturdy and can hold a great deal of weight in either liquid or solid form. For heavy duty applications, steel rings can be used to reinforce the top and bottom of the drum and a metal cover can be used in place of a fiber board lid to further decrease any chance of product contamination. Both hazardous and non-hazardous materials can be transported using fiber drums because, as with other steel drums and plastic drums, fiber drums are required to meet certain international shipping standards that make them of high quality.

The benefits for using fiber drums beyond the reduced costs and the possibility of recycling include the lightweight property of paperboard. When compared to the weight of stainless steel and even plastic drums, fiber drums offer a much lighter alternative, and for many shipping purposes, lighter weight materials will result in lower shipping costs. They are still durable products and many manufacturers will put fiber drums through similarly rugged testing procedures as other types of drums in order to ensure their structural soundness. Unlike other metal drums, there is no danger of fiberboard corroding and therefore it is safe to use for extended periods of storage. A wide choice of drum styles is available in terms of diameters, heights and weight capabilities, and they can typically be custom manufactured to meet certain specifications and requirements. Many paper drums, especially those used for the storage or transportation of liquid products, or for the storage of sensitive materials, can be lined with a variety of coatings or insoluble materials such as polyethylene, silicone or polyester. In addition to heavy duty steel lids, plastic, wood or fiber can be used to secure the opening of a paper drum.

Fiber Drums
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