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Leading Companies:

  • Cranbury, NJ 800-260-3786

    Guaranteed to be dependable and top performance, we have fiber drums that are available in various diameters, heights and capacities. Our products are clean, best for high product quality assurance and ensure economically safe delivery of valuable products. We offer the best drums at the right price. Visit our website for a complete list of our products.

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  • Venice, IL 800-366-5098

    Customer service and product availability are important to us at Container Distributors, Inc. Our fiber drums are always in stock. CDI’s fiber drums have a range of dimensions. With many choices, you will always find what you are looking for. Our containers meet all current government regulations on the shipment of regulated materials. Contact us for more information.

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  • Chicago, IL 800-760-3786

    When it comes to fiber drums, you can trust us to get the job done. Over the years of business, our company has gained outstanding customer service and are committed developing the best products and will continue to be a force in nationwide drum products. Get in touch with our company today and we will meet your precise needs.

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  • Addison, IL 630-376-2400

    If it’s plastic containers you need, The Cary Company can supply you. We have plastic jars, plastic food containers, plastic storage containers, plastic pails and canisters, plastic drums and more. Visit our website to see our Packaging and Filtration Division for more information.

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  • Plaistow, NH 6033828481

    We are a leading manufacturer of industrial shipping containers at KSCI Container Services. Providing environmental waste [packaging products, reconditioned drums, and plastic or fiber containers. Our mission is to provide high-quality products and competitive prices to meet all our consumers' needs.

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Fiber Drums Industry Information

Fiber Drums

Fiber drums, also referred to as cardboard drums, are used for the storing and shipping of a number of different products, including food stuffs, liquids, and solids. They are a low-cost alternative to more expensive steel and plastic drums and barrels and offer the added benefit of being recyclable via the same method as other cardboard products.

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Applications of Fiber Drums

Fulfilling a wide range of packaging requirements in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, glue, paint, and food processing, cardboard drums are a safe and sanitary method for shipping even small parts.

Fiber Drum Design and Customization

A wide choice of drum styles is available in terms of diameters, heights, and weight capabilities, and they can typically be custom manufactured to meet certain specifications and requirements. Many paper drums, especially those used for the storage or transportation of liquid products, or for the storage of sensitive materials, can be lined with a variety of coatings or insoluble materials, such as polyethylene, silicone, or polyester. In addition to heavy duty steel lids, plastic, wood, or fiber can be used to secure the opening of a paper drum.

Depending on the intended application and contents of the fiber drums, the drums are made in different amounts of heavy paperboard layers or fiber materials. They are sturdy and can hold a great deal of weight in either liquid or solid form. For heavy duty applications, steel rings can be used to reinforce the top and bottom of the drum, and a metal cover can be used in place of a fiber board lid to further decrease any chance of product contamination. Both hazardous and non-hazardous materials can be transported using fiber drums because, as with other steel drums and plastic drums, fiber drums are required to meet certain international shipping standards, which ensure their high quality.

Benefits of Using Fiber Drums

The benefits of using fiber drums extend beyond even the reduced costs and the possibility of recycling to include the lightweight property of paperboard. When compared to the weight of stainless steel and plastic drums, fiber drums offer a much lighter alternative, and, for many shipping purposes, lightweight materials result in lower shipping costs. They are still durable products, and many manufacturers will put fiber drums through rugged testing procedures similar to other types of drums to ensure their structural soundness. Unlike other metal drums, there is no danger of fiberboard corroding, so it is safe to use for extended periods of storage.

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