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  • Mascoat Helps Prevent CUI and Injuries at Petroleum Refinery

    In late 2011, a global leader in petroleum refining met with a Coating Specialist from Mascoat about an issue they were experiencing with much of their outdoor piping and equipment at their New Jersey facility. The company was having severe issues with Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) on many pieces of equipment, particularly piping that was running under 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a common issue among refining and petroleum companies. They had discovered that conventional ways of insulating these pieces of equipment was not protecting them sufficiently. Once thermal insulation...

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Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Corrosion resistant coatings are coatings that are developed and applied to metal components such as steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, nickel and zinc. These coatings create a barrier between the metal and corrosive materials in order to protect them from degradation that can occur from oxidation, moisture, salt-spray and exposure to industrial as well as environmental chemicals, extreme temperatures and acids. Without coatings metal surfaces begin to corrode and oxidize. Not only does corrosion and oxidation negative affect appearance, but as negative effects on the performance characteristic of the metal as well. Many coatings also offer the added benefit of non-stick performance and abrasion resistance.

Some common corrosion resistant coatings include xylan, epoxy/air dry, epoxy/thermal cure, fluropolymer, phosphate, inorganic zinc, and phenolic to name a few. Specific application requirement can be met by matching the most appropriate coating for the component. Many of these include high-tech processes such as thermal spraying plasma and selective plating, which go far beyond the capabilities of simple epoxies and paints. Such coatings improve the performance and functionality for even the most demanding requirements, and will enhance surfaces, products, parts and overall production value.

Companies that offer corrosion resistant coatings often also offer surface preparation, and extras such as bright dips and electropolishes, decorative coatings, chromates and top coats. For more information about specific coatings and processes, contact a provider today.

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