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  • Pompton Plains, NJ

    Metal Associates’ objective is to offer superior copper pipes as well as many other quality services to every one of its customers. Responding to your needs is always Metal Associates’ first priority and establishing solid, long lasting relationships with customers is the basis of Metal Associates’ marketing philosophy. Contact MA today with your next material quotation or product requirements.

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  • Warminster, PA

    You can trust us to handle all of your copper pipe needs. We offer a plethora of piping solutions and these innovated alloys will last you for years. It is our goal to provide the best customer service possible. Visit our convenient website to see our different styles of copper shapes. If you don’t see exactly what you were picturing then give us a call and we can custom order your pipe! We are eager to help you!

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  • Montclair, CA

    Montclair Bronze is a full-production manufacturer with foundry and machine shop capabilities as well as a bar stock warehouse. Our line of bronze products includes bronze and copper alloy bars, sheets and plates, finished machine parts, centrifugal castings—all of which can be manufactured from a multitude of alloys. Our facility is a one-stop shop and all of our work is done in-house, which will save you time and money on logistics and delivery costs.

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  • Long Island City, NY

    The people of <b>metalmen</b> are experienced distributors and marker insiders with 30 years of metal know-how. Their precision machined copper pipes are sure to meet your standards and specific requirements, leaving you more than satisfied. Please call metalmen today for technical and critical support for your engineering needs and experience the metalmen difference!

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  • E. Taunton, MA

    Now celebrating its 85th year of business, Cambridge Street Metal has grown to become a leading distributor of copper, aluminum, galvanized, lead, zinc, brass and more. In addition to metals, we are also the largest distributor of polyester strapping, steel strapping, and stretch wrap. Contact Cambridge today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Copper Pipes Are Heating Up

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Copper Pipe

Copper pipes are tubular sections or hollow cylinders fabricated using the nonferrous mineral copper or one of its alloys used for the transport of both liquid and gaseous process streams. The cross-section of most pipes is round, though square, hexagonal, octagonal or otherwise shaped pipes may also be found. Copper pipes in particular are well suited to conditions which may require additional shaping and forming as the metal is soft and malleable.

While the formability and ductility of copper make copper piping popular, other properties such as chemical resistance, low oxidation rates, electrical and heat conductivity, strength, as well as resistance to extreme temperatures at either end of the spectrum are also important. Copper pipes are also non-sparking making them highly sought after in hazardous applications within the petrochemical, chemical, automotive, architectural, building, construction, electronics, food processing, marine, aerospace, wiring, power generation, waste treatment, lighting and telecommunications industries. In these and other industrial, commercial and residential applications copper pipes are most commonly implicated in plumbing or heating and cooling systems though other uses abound. To suit these many applications, light weight copper pipes are available in one of two types: flexible and rigid. Rigid copper pipe is commonly used for a neater initial installation, while the ability to maneuver around pre-existing obstacles makes flexible copper the preferred choice for repairs and updates.

In addition to the distinction between flexible and rigid piping, several considerations should be taken into account with regards to the final use of copper pipes. Copper suppliers can help to discern the best pipe for an application, but in general buyers should consider the purity of copper alloy pipes, weight, tempering, finishing treatments, fittings and dimensions such as thickness, length, outer diameter, inner diameter and the like. The manufacturing method of a given pipe may also have an impact on its applicability and functionality in some environments. The two most common techniques for pipe fabrication are plate rolling and extrusion. The latter involves heating stock copper forms, such as billets, before pushing them through a specially created die or series of progressively smaller dies. This results in the production of seamless tubes with uniform wall thickness and a smooth surface. If a smooth finish is not crucial, plate rolling may instead be used. In this process the stock form is a sheet or plate, depending upon the desired thickness. The flat metal is rolled and then welded at the seam. After this initial step copper pipes may undergo any of several secondary operations such as bending, spooling, flanging, swaging, cutting, and threading to name a few. Copper pipes in particular are well suited to secondary processes due to their soft malleable quality. Copper scrap from any of these processes can easily be recycled back into production.

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