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IQS Directory provides a detailed list of copper suppliers. Find copper companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture copper to your specifications. Peruse our website to review and discover top copper suppliers with roll over ads and complete product descriptions. Connect with the copper companies through our hassle-free and efficient request for quote form. You are provided company profiles, website links, locations, phone numbers, product videos, and product information. Read reviews and stay informed with product new articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of copper sheeting, copper wire suppliers, and copper coil suppliers of every type, IQS is the premier source for you.

  • Pompton Plains, NJ

    Metal Associates one of the world's leading copper suppliers in addition to providing every other sort of metal product you can think of. Metal Associates is determined to provide its customers with only the highest quality products & services, so when you need specialty metals, "run of the mill products" or "hard to find" alloys for all electronic & industrial applications, call Metal Associates.

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  • Warminster, PA

    Commercial Metal Exchange has been a leading copper supplier to small & large companies for 25+ years and takes great pride in one of the lowest rejection to orders shipped rates in the industry. Each of CME’s sales people is highly experienced in the metals industry and is knowledgeable in all alloys-forms-tempers & related specifications. If you can't locate an alloy CME is the solution.

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  • Montclair, CA

    Montclair Bronze is a full-production manufacturer with foundry and machine shop capabilities as well as a bar stock warehouse. Our line of bronze products includes bronze and copper alloy bars, sheets and plates, finished machine parts, centrifugal castings—all of which can be manufactured from a multitude of alloys. Our facility is a one-stop shop and all of our work is done in-house, which will save you time and money on logistics and delivery costs.

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  • Long Island City, NY

    metalmen is a nationwide, fully certified metal distribution company with over thirty years of experience with a wide range of metals & metal alloys, serving numerous customers, including the research, commercial, aerospace, electronic, marine, nuclear power generator & defense industries. metalmen wants to be YOUR go-to copper supplier - call the metalmen today and let them help you!

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  • E. Taunton, MA

    Now celebrating its 85th year of business, Cambridge Street Metal has grown to become a leading distributor of copper, aluminum, galvanized, lead, zinc, brass and more. In addition to metals, we are also the largest distributor of polyester strapping, steel strapping, and stretch wrap. Contact Cambridge today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Commercial Metal Exchange: Experts at Metals

Copper Suppliers Commercial Metal Exchange has over 25 years of experience in sourcing various metals, alloys, and copper nationwide. Our highly trusted company is located in Warminster, Pennsylvania but we stock and distribute metals for both small and large companies all over the nation. Read more...... Read More

Copper Suppliers: A Brief History Lesson

Today, copper is used in a large variety of products and the material proves to be useful in a number of industries. Being the curious and questioning person that I am, I am often curious as to where things got their start, or what their original uses were, and how they differ from what we use them for today. Copper has been used for many years for a variety of different applications, and just how early it was discovered and utilized might surprise you. Copper was the first metal mined... Read More

National Bronze & Metals Launches Mobile-Ready Website

Houston, TX—March 22, 2013—National Bronze & Metals, Inc. is pleased to announce the launching of their new, mobile-ready website.  The new site enables users to easily access important company information on their Smartphones. The website is automatically opened on the mobile device by entering the same URL as the company’s regular website, The content is accessible through seven main tabs. The first tab features the industries served information; next are the bronze, brass, and cooper sections; then the “about us” section and the locations/contact sections; and finally, all the... Read More

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Copper Suppliers

Copper suppliers manufacture and distribute preformed copper and copper alloy billets, blanks and parts. While some applications require pure copper, most products are copper alloys that are mixed with another material, which enhances or improves certain properties. The addition of zinc or tin to copper produces the alloys bronze and brass, which are stronger than unalloyed copper. Lead and tellurium improve chip breaking, while aluminum and silicon alter the metal's strength and malleability properties.

Copper suppliers usually fabricate preforms in a couple different configurations—wire, which is thin and bendable, sheets, which are flat and easily bent, tubes, which are round, hollow profiles, and rods and bars, which are solid, long and have differently shaped, uniform profiles. Copper is a highly desirable metal for its attractive color and finish, electrical and thermal conductivity, resistance to oxidation and rusting, and its ability to handle continuous exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures and moisture. It is also quite flexible and malleable, making it easily machined and formable. Copper and its alloys are supplied to many different industries, including the automotive, architectural, building construction, electronics, food processing, marine, aerospace, wiring, power generation, lighting and telecommunications industries. The preforms are fabricated into piping systems, propellers, hardware, kitchen products, small springs, wires, adapters, electrical connectors, lighting, valves, coins, offshore drilling equipment, microchips and roofing. It is also a non-sparking metal, which is a highly valuable property in applications inside hazardous areas that have exposure to combustible or explosive vapors and gases, like oil rigs.

Copper is formed and fabricated 3 different ways; they are cast, wrought, or pressed and sintered copper in powder form. The casting process involves heating the copper preform until it becomes molten and injecting or pouring it into a metal mold that is in the shape of the desired product. These products are usually three dimensional, complex in design and have a high degree of repeatability. Wrought copper has been mechanically deformed with or without the application of heat. These processes include drawing and extrusion, which forces a copper bar or rod through a mold with the profile of the desired product. This creates large amounts of excess waste material, which is easily recycled within the plant. Other fabrication processes include stamping, rolling, forging, cutting, etching and engraving. Post fabrication processes include annealing, which alters the hardness levels of the copper/alloy, polishing and surface cleaning. Brass products that are exposed to outdoor environments are almost always coated in a clear varnish, which provides protection as well as a shiny finish.

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