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  • Pompton Plains, NJ

    We are the copper experts and it is our goal to offer superior customer service. We provide fast response and the fastest turnaround available. You can rely on our copper sheet to be economical while performing at optimum efficiency. This outstanding copper is guaranteed to last. We are extremely proficient at produce the best copper items. If you would like to learn more information then please visit our website!

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  • Warminster, PA

    Commercial Metal Exchange has been stocking and distributing superior copper sheets for over twenty-five years, in addition to alloys, tempers and forms of other quality, in-demand materials— all available for immediate delivery. CME’s sales force has a combined background of over 100 years sourcing metals and specifications. Avoid the frustration of inexperience— CME knows metals best.

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  • Montclair, CA

    Montclair Bronze is a full-production manufacturer with foundry and machine shop capabilities as well as a bar stock warehouse. Our line of bronze products includes bronze and copper alloy bars, sheets and plates, finished machine parts, centrifugal castings—all of which can be manufactured from a multitude of alloys. Our facility is a one-stop shop and all of our work is done in-house, which will save you time and money on logistics and delivery costs.

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  • Long Island City, NY

    We manufacture premium copper sheet materials. These versatile products are exceptionally durable and require very low maintenance. We invoke quality assurance programs in our development processes to ensure our products are consistent. Let us fabricate precisely what you need! We are extremely diligent in manufacturing all of our projects. We ensure all of our customers they are receiving premium copper sheets. To learn more please give us a call today!

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  • E. Taunton, MA

    Now celebrating its 85th year of business, Cambridge Street Metal has grown to become a leading distributor of copper, aluminum, galvanized, lead, zinc, brass and more. In addition to metals, we are also the largest distributor of polyester strapping, steel strapping, and stretch wrap. Contact Cambridge today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Copper Sheet

Copper sheets are large, thin planes of the popular non-ferrous metal known as copper or one of its many alloys. A common stock shape, metal sheets offer thicknesses greater than that of foil, but thinner than copper plates. Copper planes of thicknesses between 0.006" and 0.250" with a width of 24" or more are typically considered to be sheets, though regulations and categories may vary among manufacturers.

Though the copper sheets themselves are rarely finished products, they and products made from them are extremely versatile and widely employed across the industrial sector. Malleable and ductile copper sheets are easily formed into components such as flashing for roof tops, decorative paneling, plumbing fixtures, lighting, architectural features, heat exchanger parts, base plates and more. Many of these uses take advantage of the beneficial attributes of the base material, copper. Copper, and its alloys to varying degrees, is the best known economical conductor of electricity and heat. It is also non-magnetic, durable and non-sparking making the use of copper sheeting within the petrochemical, chemical, automotive, architectural, building, construction, electronics, food processing, marine, aerospace, wiring, power generation, waste treatment, lighting and telecommunications industries very common. The particular range of thickness, or gauges, in which copper sheets are available make them a popular choice as they are easily formed to specific shapes, but sturdy enough to hold a solid form after processing.

The material choice of copper is economic both in terms of the material itself and in the cost of processing. Because the metal is soft and malleable, it is extremely energy efficient to process unlike some other sheet metals which require a great deal of pressure or heat to process. Several different processes such as extrusion, casting, cold rolling and drawing may be used, but roll forming is the most common method of sheet metal production. This involves heating copper billets, ingots or other raw forms to increase formability. The shapes are then fed through a pair of rollers that compress the metal into a thin sheet. In some cases several rollers or several passes through the same rollers may be needed to reach the desired thickness which should be uniform throughout the sheet. In addition to thickness or gauge, length and width should also be taken into consideration. The purity of the copper used in sheet fabrication should also be considered as many popular alloys, such as bronze or brass, will have different mechanical properties. Hardness and surface properties of copper sheets can be altered during the rolling process as well as through intentional cross rolling. Regulatory bodies such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Copper Development Association (CDA) are good sources for information on copper sheets and most copper suppliers will also be able to help determine the proper specifications for a given application.

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