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  • West Conshohocken, PA 610-825-3310

    Just a few of the different types of load cells that we offer are universal load cells, compression load cells, metric universal load cells, fatigue rated load cells and many others. Our products serve many diverse industries including aerospace, automotive and industrial as well as a broad variety of others. We are dedicated to working closely with you to come up with the exact product that you need. Visit our website today to learn more!

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  • Apex, NC 919-772-0115

    We supply Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensors. Our F/T Sensors measure all six components of force and torque. ATI F/T transducers use silicon strain gauges for low-noise and high overload protection. Our sensors are used in robotic assembly, robotic material removal, product testing, biomedical and biomechanical research.

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  • West Chester, OH 513-874-7326

    At TyTek Industries we manufacture load cells to suit all capabilities. Our expertise has provided insight and load cell solutions for a range of customers and industries. Our engineering team’s philosophy ensures we do everything humanly and technologically possible to match your requirements with quality, cost and delivery. We’re here to help you carry the load.

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  • Milan, PA 510-438-9171

    Since 1985, Load Cell Central has been a leading manufacturer in the load cell industry. We offer a wide selection of load cells with customization options available to better fit the needs of our customers. Our expert team works alongside our customers from start to finish and continues to be available for after-sale support. Load Cell Central prides itself on our attention to detail and high-quality products.

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  • Malvern, PA 484-321-5300

    One of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors & passive components, Vishay Precision Group is a leading load cell distributor. We carry bending beam, dual shear beam, shear beam, single point, digital, specialty & miniature load cells. We specialize in load, strain, stress, acceleration and vibration sensing devices & provide quality, cost-effective equipment.

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Compression Load Cells Industry Information

Compression Load Cells

Compression load cells measure the strength and size difference of an object or material when it is subjected to compressive stress that results in size reduction. It is used for measuring straight line pushing force, which is negative, along a single axis. They are highly accurate, long lasting, and usually built out of stainless steel and are therefore very strong and can handle harsh environments.

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Compression Load Cell Applications

Objects that are regularly under compressive stress like engine components are weighed by compression load cells to prevent buckling and wear and test their strength and resistance. Compression load cells are used for heavy loads on bin or truck scales in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and agricultural industries. Compressing materials and objects to compressive stress saves space and reduces their volume by subjecting materials and objects. They exhibit an internal button design, which measures the compression of the load on the scale. Compression load cells are mainly composed of a sensing element, which is often a force gauge and a circuit, which is the connection of the gauges throughout the load cell. A strain gauge is another common element of the compression load cell, used to take the actual measurements by converting the internal conformation into electrical signals.

Types of Compression Load Cells

Compression load cells can vary significantly in design and construction. There are many different types, including pedal force, miniature, small units that can fit into tight areas, high capacity, used for heavy loads, subminiature, load button, force washer, and donut. Compression load cells are not the only major style on the market. The other is called tension load cells, which measure the opposite force of compression; considered a positive force, tension cells measure the straight-line force “pull-apart,” while compression focuses on measuring the push together force and is considered a negative force. Other differences in the load cell industry may apply to both types of these major load cell categories. The various types of analog sensor output, such as analog current, analog frequency, and analog voltage, can be measured with load cells but must be specifically designed with one or more of these outputs in mind. For example, an analog output that will need to be sent over a long distance works best in the analog current style, like a transmitter.

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