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What began in 1960 as a company providing internal strain gage installation processes; soon became Strainsert, known for unrivalled internally gaged force transducers. Strainsert focuses on providing load cells that offer the most efficient responsiveness that can be counted on to stand up to the rigorous applications of frequent usage. As leaders of our industry we have made it our mission to provide our customers with a technical team of staff workers that is both knowledgeable as well as devoted to ensuring that each customer is receiving a product that will perfectly suit their needs. With over fifty years of manufacturing and industrial experience in our field, Strainsert has been an innovator in load cell design and continues to strive to maintain our products on the leading edge of technological innovation. Serving in industries such as aerospace, automotive and marine the products manufactured by Strainsert have been utilized in new wave technology such as that used on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission for NASA, as well as on the Space Shuttle launch pad. Strainsert has, for over five decades, been a leading manufacturer in the force transducers or load cells industry. With our capable staff and phenomenal product quality it’s no wonder that Strainsert has been an industry leader since our inception. Through custom designed products, skilled and knowledgeable technical staff, Strainsert has ensured that we will remain a top contender in the load cells industry and in doing so cemented a place for ourselves at the top of the lists of many for the place to go when force transducers, load cells and other similar products are needed.

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The Value of Parts, Materials and Processes (PMP)

To ensure consistent success, proper design and fabrication are controlled through Parts, Materials, and Processes (PMP). Strainsert documents and utilizes special PMP controls to ensure all unique requirements are met....

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How internal gaging minimizes measurement errors in Bolts and Studs used for preload and clamping force measurement.

Strainsert Force Sensing Bolts and Studs are designed and manufactured using our patented internal gaging techniques, where strain gages are bonded directly to the host material along the neutral axis....

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Defining Your Force Sensor Application and Environment

Before selecting and buying a load pin, load cell or other force sensor, Strainsert recommends identifying and defining what specific tasks it will be used for by your company....

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Key Factors in Selecting Aerospace Load Cells

Custom Load Cells have always played a key role in Aerospace application designs, testing, manufacture, and operation....

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Strainsert Tension Link Load Cells for Cranes and Material Handling Equipment Applications

Tension Link Load Cells, also known as Tension Links, are a critical system component for ensuring an overload does not happen on cranes and other types of working machines designed to lift and move heavy loads....

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Custom Force Sensors: Essential for Mission Success

Strainsert is a leading designer/patent holder of a variety of force sensor products, including load pins, load cells, and force sensing bolts to list a few, as examples....

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Tension Link Load Cells

Tension link load cells, also known as tension links, are high-performance sensors used to measure force, primarily in weighing and lifting applications....

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