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Leading Companies:

  • West Conshohocken, PA 610-825-3310

    Over 40 years Strainsert Company has been designing optimal solutions for unique research, testing and control applications for a wide spectrum of customers in the aerospace and marine industries, in addition to others. As an industry leader in engineering support and customer service, Strainsert is dedicated to manufacturing the best strain gauges possible for its many valued customers.

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  • Apex, NC 919-772-0115

    We supply Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensors. Our F/T Sensors measure all six components of force and torque. ATI F/T transducers use silicon strain gauges for low-noise and high overload protection. Our sensors are used in robotic assembly, robotic material removal, product testing, biomedical and biomechanical research.

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  • Cincinnati, OH 513-874-7326

    At TyTek Industries we manufacture load cells to suit all capabilities. Our expertise has provided insight and load cell solutions for a range of customers and industries. Our engineering team’s philosophy ensures we do everything humanly and technologically possible to match your requirements with quality, cost and delivery. We’re here to help you carry the load.

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  • Huntsville, AL 800-264-9990

    Measurement Specialists of National Scale Technology Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of load cells, pins, and assemblies. Founded in 1982 in Huntsville, Alabama - MSNST specializes in custom weighing applications utilized by every industry from aerospace to waste processing. Our quality weighing products come paired with top-notch instrumentation including digital indicators, summing boxes, and more to provide the perfect, competitively priced, solution for every situation.

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  • Chatsworth, CA 818-700-7818

    For over 20 years, Dytran Instruments has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of force sensors. We offer 34 models of force sensors that can gauge force from milli-pounds to thousands of pounds. We also offer calibration and repair of load cells and force sensors. Contact us today!

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Strain Gauges Industry Information

Strain Gauges

A strain gauge is a device used to determine the amount of strain, or change in dimensions, when stress is applied. Strain gauges measure mechanical quantities by converting tension, force, and pressure into an electrical signal.

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Applications of Strain Gauges

Strain gauges can be used for measuring temperatures, detecting cracks, propagating cracks, extensometer, residual stress, transducer gauge, and shear modulus gauge, among other applications.

Strain gauges are often utilized in a variety of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Marine Biology
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Tooling and CNC Machining
  • Medical
  • Electronics

Strain Gauge Design and Function

The strain gauge, also known as the strain gage, is best known as the sensory aspect of a load cell. Load cells measure the compression, tension, and/or shear force of various materials, including solid objects, liquid, and gas. The strain gauges are the essential part of the load cell, as they are what detect the inconsistencies in a substance and turn that into an electrical signal, which is then translated through a computer as a readable measurement. When part of a load cell, there are multiple strain gauges being used, connected by circuits that pass along the electric signal. Having multiple strain gauges make up the load cell is important because the more present for a single reading, the more precise the reading will be. Strain gauges are also often a part of the force transducer systems, which serve just about the same purpose at load cells.

The most common types of strain gauges are piezoresistive or semiconductor, bonded metallic wire, carbon-resistive, and foil gauges. In particular, the foil gauge looks like a flathead version of a spatula, without the arm or body. It has a flat surface, which can be adhered to the body of the material it is measuring. The electrical resistance in each type of strain gauge varies linearly with strain. Typical characteristics of strain gauges are lead wire, solder tabs, ribbon leads, cryogenic use, encapsulated, embeddable, waterproof, and weldable. These sensors can be substituted with piezoelectric crystals. However, the variety of strain gauge styles allow for consumers to pick the one that will best suit the substance they need to measure.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Strain Gauges

The operating temperature, state of strain, and amount of stability needed are important factors when choosing a strain gauge. The gauge factor, gauge length, nominal resistance, and strain sensitive material must also be considered.

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