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  • Coaxial Connectors For a Multitude of Applications

    There has been a recent influx of SMA coaxial connectors that have hit the market at a discounted rate. These inexpensive SMA coaxial connectors are designed to handle applications up to 18 GHz and are equipped with polytetrafluroethylene components which allow for up to 500 cycles. One variation type of SMA connectors is a reverse polarity coaxial which utilizes a different connector contact pin style compared to traditional SMA connector products. Overall Coaxial connectors, are ideal for transmitting broadband signals and offer a wide range of transferring multi-megahertz capabilities. Photo...

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Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial or coax connectors is an electrical connector constructed to transmit broadband signals and other high-frequency transmissions in the multi-megahertz range, like demonstrated in radio frequencies.

Coaxial connectors are single-conductor cables that are usually made of copper wire. They are designed to maintain shielding and are composed of an insulated conducting wire housed inside a cylindrical shield, which is wrapped in another insulating layer and an outer protective layer. Coaxial connectors transmit broadband signals and other high-frequency transmissions in the multi-megahertz range. A better model of coaxial connectors will also minimize the change in transmission line blockage at the point of connection. Like all electronic connectors, coaxial connectors, in most cases RF connectors, establish an inseparable connection between two points. Coaxial cables and connectors can carry radio signals at about two-thirds the speed of light. Their design involves a fastening mechanism with springs, thusly allowing a low level of electric contact while also protecting its gold surface from the wear-and-tear of multiple reconnects. Many coaxial connectors are used in the audio, video, digital and microwave industries and are designed very specifically for these various uses.

Coaxial connectors were widely used in the 1980s for data transmission applications. They continue to be used in inexpensive, high data rate wireless transceivers, as well as in many video applications. Some of the standard  types of coaxial connectors are: the 7/16 DIN connector; the BNC connector; the C connector; the HP/Amphenol APC-7, General Radio GR874 and GR900BT connecters are what is called hermaphrodite connecters, as they have neither specifically “male” and “female” parts; the IEC 169-2 connector, also called a Belling Lee connector, is used mainly in Europe and other countries for domestic television installations; the F connector, also used for domestic television installations; the GR connector or General Radio connector; the N connector, which was originally designed in the 1940sa for certain military systems and is now widely used by the cable-TV industry; the HN connecter, which is a high voltage version of the N connector; the Motorola connector, which is the familiar AM/FM antenna connector used in car radios; the Blind mate BMA, which is used in many microwaves; as well as many others, including those used in phone plugs and jacks.

Coaxial Connectors
Coaxial Connectors
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Coaxial Connectors - Americord
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