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  • Oskaloosa, IA 641-673-5000

    Interpower is a company that is committed to providing industries with high-quality products. We manufacture electronic connectors. We make it easy for customers to design, build and maintain products for worldwide markets. We use teamwork to provide fast turnaround and great service to our customers. Visit our website or call one of our customer service specialists today!

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  • Livermore, CA 800-669-8090

    Power connectors, electronic connectors, coaxial connectors; we do all of these and much more! We keep our products on the leading edge of innovations at all times in order to bring you the most technologically advanced products possible. If you need your products in a hurry we also offer same day shipping to ensure you get your connectors when you need them most! Visit our website today to learn more!

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  • Lancaster, PA 800-818-4916

    Kord King manufactures world class electronic connectors, electric cords and plugs, electrical receptacles, plug adapters, cord sets and much more. From initial design to development, whether you are looking for a cable assembly or a power supply cord, the experienced team at Kord King delivers rapid order turn-around times and excellent products – consistently adhering to our strict quality standards.

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  • Austin, TX 800-880-9473

    At USA Wire & Cable, we offer a comprehensive range of electronic connectors backed by exceptional services and capabilities. With our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we aim to be your trusted partner in the realm of wire and cable solutions.

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  • Toledo, OH 419-537-0020

    Connectronics Corporation specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of electronic connectors. Industries we serve include aerospace, medical, military, and industrial. We are ISO 90002015 certified. We offer our customers unrivaled customer service and high-quality products.

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  • New Albany, IN 800-726-8329

    Samtec is a worldwide manufacturer of PC board interconnectors as well as card edge connectors, coax connectors, and RF connectors. With many years of experience, we can efficiently serve our customers at competitive prices. Our main focus has always been to provide our customers with high-quality products with the exact specifications for their needs.

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Power Connectors Industry Information

Power Connectors

A power connector is a type of electrical connector used to transmit a considerable amount of power between a power source and a device that runs on that particular form of power. Electric power connections are used in conjunction with electric cords to transfer AC power from a plug to an electrical device.

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Applications of Power Connectors

Power connectors typically carry direct current (DC) or low-frequency alternating current (AC) and are used for a wide range of electronics. Some power connectors are relatively simple, such as those used in domestic settings to plug small electrical appliances into a wall outlet or to connect a computer to another device.

Power Connector Design

Typically power connectors are designed to be at the end of a length of cable meant to fit into wall sockets. Oftentimes, they are permanently connected to an appliance, such as a lamp or television set, but there are also those that can be manually disconnected, such as ones found in computer monitors. DC power connectors, used to connect devices to battery power sources, are not as common as AC connectors. Power connectors have male and female connections. The male electrical connector fits into the female electrical connector. Male connectors are found at the end of power plugs; they have either two or three pins that fit into the slots in the socket, which is the female connector.

Notable Types of Power Connectors

AC Power Plugs and Sockets
Used to connect and disconnect electrical appliances to the power supply.
Industrial Power Plugs
Direct connection for electrical channels of a higher voltage and current than regular household plugs and sockets and can be used for protection from environmental dangers, such as water.
DC Connectors
Similar to AC power plugs and sockets.
Blade Connectors
Use a flat conductive blade injected into a blade receptacle and functions by means of a single wire.
Molex Connectors
The familiar term (taken from a popular brand) for a two-piece pin and socket connector, mostly associated with disc drive connectors.
Berg Connectors
A brand of electrical connectors often utilized in computer hardware.


C14 SecureSleeve

SPDS (Signal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc.) introduces the world’s first tightening sleeve for the connections between IEC C13 outlets and the IEC C14 plugs on power cords. The Problem: Server rooms and data centers have expensive critical equipment all connected to a PDU (Power Distribution Unit). The connection between the IEC C13 outlet on the PDU and the IEC C14 power cord plug can jiggle loose causing marginal connections or disconnect entirely. Data, equipment and system uptime are at risk if these power connections fail. There are a... Read More About This