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  • Antigo, WI 800-826-9741

    We believe in offering the very best to all customers. We offer a full range of transformers, including electric transformers, current, and toroidal transformers. We will never let you walk out the door with a substandard product. If high quality is demanded, that is what we will offer. Let us help you today! Give us a call or visit us online to learn more.

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  • Perris, CA 951-277-0757

    With more than 500 current transformer manufacturers in the world, Triad Magnetics realizes you have a choice. Why choose Triad? Having served the needs of many industries for more than half a century, Triad believes its experience makes the difference. And if there is one point experience has taught it, it is that it must remain flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the market.

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  • McHenry, IL 815-344-2900

    We inspire confidence in our customers. We inspire confidence because we design our auto transformers by professionals. We manufacture all products to meet the highest quality standards. We provide products that put our reputation and yours on the line that live up to the job. Let us help you today. Contact us by phone or visit our website!

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  • Alcester, SD 605-934-2460

    Our electric transformers are custom-built to meet the specific requirements of each project, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. We offer a wide range of transformer types, including power transformers, isolation transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, and more. Whether you need a single transformer or a large-scale production run, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the highest quality product on time and on budget.

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  • Cary, IL 800-322-2645

    Coilcraft serves a wide range of industries and markets with our high-quality, cost-effective electric transformers, custom transformers, toroidal transformers and power transformers. We guarantee that we keep a steady inventory of our products on hand at all times for your convenience.

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Auto Transformers Industry Information

Auto Transformers

An auto transformer, also referred to as an autoformer, is a general term for an electrical transformer with one winding, as compared to more traditional two-winding transformers. Transformer windings are coils wrapped around a magnetic core. Since auto transformers have fewer windings and a smaller core, they are often used as alternatives to two-winding transformers, such as isolation transformers, because they are often more efficient as well as being less-expensive and physically smaller.

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Applications of Auto Transformers

Some typical applications of autotransformers include use as voltage regulators and speaker adapters, as well as to simulate low line conditions for testing, interconnect systems, and impedance matching. While auto transformers have many advantages over two-winding transformers, 3 phase transformers are used in applications in which autotransformers are not appropriate. Such applications include controlling harmonic currents and providing a source of ground fault currents. Used in equipment such as motor starters, boosters, and static balancers, auto transformers are often used in the automotive, commercial, power transmission, electronics, telecommunications, and marine industries.

Auto Transformer Design and Function

Auto transformers consist of a single winding and an input and output circuit. Common to both circuits, the winding has at minimum three electrical connection points that are referred to as taps. The voltage source and the load are both connected to two of the taps. One tap at the end of the winding serves as a common connection to the source and the load circuits. The lack of insulation between the input and output circuits is a disadvantage of auto transformers because a failure of the winding could result in the full input voltage being applied to the output.

Notable Types of Auto Transformers

There are many different types of auto transformers, including zig zag transformers, step-up transformers, step-down transformers, and variable autotransformers. Zig zag transformers are special-purpose transformers that are intended for use in providing earthing for ungrounded electrical systems. Step-down transformers convert higher voltages to lower voltages by having fewer secondary coil windings, while step-up transformers' higher number of secondary coil windings allow them to convert lower voltages to higher voltages. Variable auto transformers are only applicable for low voltage designs and are often referred to as variable AC transformers.

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Triad Magnetics Announces New 2018 Catalog

  Triad Magnetics Announces New 2018 Catalog   Comprehensive Magnetics and Power Solutions Catalog For Design Engineers   Perris, CA—February 6, 2018—With the introduction of its new 2018 Power Solutions Catalog, Triad Magnetics makes it easier than ever for electronics engineers to find and specify the right standard or custom transformers, autotransformers, inductors and power supplies for power conversion, filtering, isolation and other applications.             Triad’s 2018 Catalog is the biggest ever at 96 pages, providing color photos, technical data, circuit schematics and outline dimensional drawings... Read More About This