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IQS Directory provides an extensive list of auto transformer manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source auto transformer manufactures with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate auto transformer companies that will design, engineer, and manufacture auto transformers for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading auto transformer manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for electrical transformers, auto transformer coils, or auto transformer alternatives.

  • Antigo, WI

    If you are looking for high quality auto transformers, then you’ve come to the right place! For nearly 80 years, we have provided just what our customers need when it comes to transformers. We take pride in what we do, and we strive to offer innovation, cost-savings, quality, and fast delivery times. Our goal is to make our customers smile each and every day.

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  • Perris, CA

    If you are looking for auto transformers, you do not need to look any further! We manufacture all transformers with the highest quality and safety standards. We test our transformers along the way so you can rest assured that our products will stand up to harsh rigors. Find out how we can help you today by visiting our website or giving us a call!

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  • Willits, CA

    Here at MCI, we specialize in custom transformers and electronic components. For over 50 years, we have supplied OEMs with custom magnetic solutions, including auto transformers, power transformers, and general purpose transformers. With our rapid proto-typing and project management services, we can get you your electronic solution quickly and efficiently. We provide the very best support to move your ideas through inception to post production.

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  • McHenry, IL

    We inspire confidence in our customers. We inspire confidence because we design our auto transformers by professionals. We manufacture all products to meet the highest quality standards. We provide products that put our reputation and yours on the line that live up to the job. Let us help you today. Contact us by phone or visit our website!

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  • Pelham, NY

    At Pico Electronics, we are a big name in small components. Our excellent customer service and support is a wonderful accompaniment to our quality electric transformers. We also have capabilities to provide custom transformers, power transformers, current transformers, isolation transformers, toroidal transformers and high voltage transformers. For more information, contact us today and tell us how we can fulfill your requirements.

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  • Oshkosh, WI

    Since 1946, SNC Manufacturing Co. has been proud of our ability to provide custom transformers, coils and high frequency magnetics in virtually any size, configuration and quantity. With manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Mexico and China, SNC is equipped to handle production requirements for a wide range of OEMs. For the perfect balance of quality construction, dependable performance and cost-efficiency, contact “The Transformer Specialists” at SNC.

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The Auto Option

While the term auto transformer might immediately make you think automatic transformer, the name actually comes from the fact that this transformer model has only a singular winding. Other electric transformer models would be constructed with a primary as well as a secondary winding. In the auto transformer, the coil is able to have one side of the coil operate as the primary winding, while the other side would operate as the secondary winding. In this way the one coil is able to behave in the same manner that the... Read More

Redoing Power Lines

Updating power lines is no easy task, as demonstrated by Maine's current project. The Maine Power Reliability Program is currently undergoing a major upgrade of power lines. According to the Sun Journal, this 1.4 billion dollar project is aimed at fixing up all power lines from Eliot through central Maine and into Orrington. Projects like this can be extremely beneficial to the community. Old existing lines can begin to wear down over time, and will need replacement. Not only that, but as technologies constantly improve by the minute, most want... Read More

Auroras and Solar Flares

I probably sound like a broken record on the subject, but when it comes to current news on transformers, the first thing to pop up in a search is the impending solar flare problem. And I will admit, every time they pop up in a news article on television or my computer I have to stop what I am doing to check it out. I think it is because it is so unlike the typical worries we used to have from storms. When I first heard my boyfriend talking about... Read More

Powering Microwaves in France, Step Down Transformers

Microwaves are found in nearly every household in America. Even my Grandma, who loves making meals from scratch, often uses it for quick meals or to soften up potatoes. Yet, in some places such as Europe and Russia, microwaves aren't so popular. In many countries they have actually been banned because of the negative effects they are thought to have. But, for Americans, the microwave has become a way of life, so for those who can't live without them, certain steps can be taken. To use microwaves in these countries,... Read More

Auto Transformers vs the Autobots

I still can't read the word autotransformer' without thinking of the Autobots and Transformers. While I never read the comics, or watched the TV shows, I was able to see all of the movies, and fell in love. I've seen the second and third movies at least three times, and the first one, still my favorite, probably at least 5 times. Although I could ramble on about Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobots all week autotransformers are a little more real and relevant to our lives today. Autotransformers can be... Read More

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Auto Transformers

An auto transformer, also referred to as an autoformer, is a general term for an electrical transformer with one winding, as compared to more traditional two-winding transformers. Transformer windings are coils wrapped around a magnetic core. Since auto transformers have fewer windings and a smaller core, they are often used as alternatives to two-winding transformers such as isolation transformers, because they are often more efficient as well as being less-expensive and physically smaller.

Some typical applications of autotransformers include use as voltage regulators and speaker adapters as well as to simulate low line conditions for testing, interconnect systems and for impedance matching. While auto transformers have many advantages over two-winding transformers, 3 phase transformers are used in applications in which autotransformers are not appropriate. Such applications include controlling harmonic currents and providing a source of ground fault currents. Used in equipment such as motor starters, boosters and static balancers, auto transformers are often used in the automotive, commercial, power transmission, electronics, telecommunications and marine industries.

Auto transformers consist of a single winding and an input and output circuit. Common to both circuits, the winding has at minimum three electrical connection points that are referred to as taps. The voltage source and the load are both connected to two of the taps. One tap at the end of the winding serves as a common connection to the source and the load circuits. The lack of insulation between the input and output circuits is a disadvantage of auto transformers, because a failure of the winding could result in the full input voltage being applied to the output. There are many different types of auto transformers: zig zag transformers, step-up transformers, step-down transformers and variable autotransformers. Zig zag transformers are special-purpose transformers that are intended for use in providing earthing for ungrounded electrical systems. Step-down transformers convert higher voltages to lower voltages by having fewer secondary coil windings, while step-up transformers' higher number of secondary coil windings allow them to convert lower voltages to higher voltages. Variable autotransformers are only applicable for low voltage designs and are often referred to as variable AC transformers.

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