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  • Grounding

    Zig zag transformers are known for processing 3 phase power capabilities and for providing earthing for ungrounded systems. They are able to filter and control harmonic currents, making the perfect solution to many industrial situations. Grounding can come in handy to stabilize the systems voltage as well as maintaining acceptable limits. Another way to think about this process is ungrounded systems need some sort of protection against earth faults. Because a zig zag transformer is able to have a zero sequence current that is common to all three phases, it...

  • Alternate Ways to Save Your Electronics

    Transformers are able to help us in countless situations, not just in creating a great past-time watching the good and bad sides fight it out on the big screen. They are used to bring safe levels of electricity into our homes, or safely convert the volts coming from our outlets to our electrical devices. The issue is that large amounts leave the plants to come to homes and offices and it needs to be converted down, thus the need for a transformer. Once it reaches the home, our individual items...

  • Zigzag Kids and Zigzag Transformers

    Most people know how to zigzag. Kids especially seem to learn what this technique is at a very early age. Whether it is creating zigzagging lines across their homework or zigzagging across the yellow lines in the road while riding a bike, the term zigzag is definitely not foreign. However, if you asked those kids what a zigzag transformer is, they would probably look at you as if you were nuts and run off in their own zigzag manner. A zigzag transformer is designed to provide a point to earth...

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Zig Zag Transformers

Zig zag transformers, a type of electric transformer, can be used in order to derive a reference point for ungrounded systems. Due to their ability to provide a neutral point for grounding purposes, numerous industries utilize zig zag transformers, including industrial, electronics, petrochemical, power distribution, automotive and hardware. An alternative to a zig zag transformer is a delta-wye transformer. Delta-wye transformers are a more popular choice because they are better known as well as at times being less expensive than zig zag transformers; however, zig zag transformers have lower internal impedance and can be more effective in certain applications than delta-wye transformers.

Zig zag transformers have earned their name from the zig zag design of their winding. Consisting of six coils on three separate cores, zig zag transformers have a primary winding but do not have a secondary winding. The windings for each phase of a zig zag transformer come in two halves. Thus, the difference in winding patterns results from the way in which the two halves of the windings interconnect while connecting the coils and the core. On each core, there are two coils. The first coil is connected to the second coil through the windings, of which there are two for each phase. Thus the outer and inner windings are wound onto the same core, but they are wound in opposite directions. While the first coil on each core is connected to the second coil on the next core, the second coils are all wound together and create the neutral. Since the phases are connected to the first coils, every phase is connected to every other phase, resulting in the voltages being canceled out. In order to provide earthing to ungrounded systems, a resistor is normally inserted between the neutral point of the transformer and the ground in order to limit the ground fault current and its effect on the system.

Zig Zag Transformers
Zig Zag Transformers
Zig Zag Transformers - Lenco Electronics, Inc.
Zig Zag Transformers - Lenco Electronics, Inc.

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