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  • Triad Magnetics: Trusted Global Leaders

    Current Transformers Triad Magnetics has been a trusted global leader of electric transformers for over half a century. Our trustworthy company is one of the industry's most resourceful and organized magnetic suppliers. We have a design center located in Perris, California and have facilities in the U.S. and China. Read more......

  • Measuring the Power Supply

    Numbers surround us whether we think about it or not. Everything we see, touch, taste or feel seems to have a number or measurement attached to it. However, not everything is measured in the same units. For example, a pizza may have 8 slices, a pen is 4 inches long or your coffee cup in the morning holds 10 ounces of liquid. The same goes for intangible, unseen things such as electricity. The purpose of current transformers (also known simply as CT) is to measure the amount of electrical current...

  • All My Spring Break Gadgets and their Transformers

    With Spring Break right around the corner, I have been spending the little free time I've had the last couple days frantically trying to locate and pack all the belongings I will be wanting with me while on my trip. Once I have all my suits, clothes and toiletries, there is all the miscellaneous stuff I will need. These items include my phone, computer, ipod and camera and their assorted chargers. For as long as I remember, it seems like every electronic I have had has needed a separate charger....

  • Current Transformers to Monitor the Dinosaurs

    Electrical currents can be quite hazardous to humans. If you are a movie lover, you probably recall the scene in Jurassic Park where the little boy, Tim, gets blasted off the electric fence they had to climb over. In the movie, the fences were used to keep the dinosaurs in. For these fences the electricity going through them was incredible, as it had to be to keep the dinosaurs at bay; much more powerful than fences used to keep in smaller animals like cows and dogs. To monitor the currents...

Industry Information

Current Transformers

Current transformers are tools that are used to measure the current, or flow of electricity, in electrical transmission lines. Understanding a current transformer requires an understanding of electrical current. Electrical current is measured in amperes, and one ampere is equal to the movement of 6.241 × 1018 electrons passed a given point per second. While power transformers control voltage, current transformers can measure and control movement for measuring purposes and to help control the flow of electricity to electronic devices.

Current transformers are very important parts of power grid flow measurement; they can be found in large volumes on all power grids at specific intervals. They are also found mounted on homes and businesses for the purposes of measuring electricity flow; these transformers are fitted with meters that can be easily read by utility workers. Because of the role they play in the measurement and control of the flow of electricity, current transformers are an essential part of all electricity control and access systems.

Current transformers are used to obtain the measure of current in an AC power transducer. Current transformers also retain the ability to transform current to a value suitable for measurement or control. These transformers provide isolation and a step-down current output. Accuracy and cost of current transformers depend on core materials. In a current transformer, the wire to be gauged is placed within the opening of the device and a measure of either alternating voltage or alternating current is produced. The simplest form of a current transformer consists of two coils of wire, electrically insulated from one another and arranged so that a change in the current in one coil (the primary) will produce a change in voltage in the other (the secondary). The transformers are designed to provide a current in its secondary, which is accurately proportional to the current flowing in its primary. There are several types of current transformers including protective, measuring, air-gapped, anti-remanence, wideband and linear current transformers as well as differing styles including split core and clamp-on current transformers. As is true with all other electricity control and measuring equipment, extra care must be taken when servicing or inspecting current transformers in order to avoid injury or equipment damage.

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