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    Electric Transformers Authenticity, respect, openness, loyalty, responsibility, customer service, generosity, citizenship, personal life and importance of family- these are some of the qualities that can be admired in the Johnson Electric Coil Company. A third generation family owned business in the electric transformers industry, we remain, and intend to always remain, a small family owned business that provides good jobs to our community. Read More......

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  • Saving Devices, Low Voltage Transformers

    I can't tell you how severely annoyed I get upon blowing a fuse. All of a sudden my blow dryer goes dead, and I panic thinking I need a new one, just to find out to much energy was being used at once, and the fuse couldn't handle it. Electricity can be a fickle thing in cases such as these. Too little power can be a problem; while at the same time too much can also be hazardous. To modify how much power is going to an item a transformer...

  • Premier Manufacturer of Custom Magnetic Components, Electronetics, LLC Launches New Website in 2017

    Electronetics, LLC, a division of Northwest Center, is proud to announce the launch of a newly designed website. The revamped website offers quick and easy access to product information and will allow customers to easily submit a RFQ or RFI directly to designers and engineers.   The new website has a clean design, improved mobile functionality, and rich content focused on custom electrical transformers, inductors, and prototyping services for custom-designed magnetic components. On-staff experts can now be contacted directly from the website to provide product development assistance, material sourcing, and...

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Low Voltage Transformers

Low voltage transformers are power transformers that are used to change the voltage capacity of a low-voltage electrical transmission line. Typically, electronic low voltage transformers convert 120 volts into 12 volts or 24 volts.

In the United States, power outlets are capable of distributing up to 120 volts to the devices to which they are attached. In order for that power to be used by an electronic device, it must be transformed to the appropriate voltage. A DC low voltage transformer uses a rectifier to convert its output to direct current (DC) and to lessen radio frequency interference (RFI). Low voltage transformers offer a variety of mounting configurations and are often small in size. Transformers are a static piece of apparatus that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another circuit by electro-magnetic induction, often with altered values of voltage and current. Electricity in a low voltage transformer is converted by passing a current from one set of electric windings to another by means of a magnetized core. Low voltage transformers are commonly used for low voltage lighting, which typically only uses 12 or 24 volts. There are also many low voltage transformers to meet the needs of defense, manufacturing, medical care and research industries.

Unlike high voltage transformers, which in the most extreme cases can weigh several hundred pounds, low voltage transformers can be small enough to hold between two fingers. There are two main ways that low voltage transformers are included in electronic device design. In the case of more expensive consumer electronics like video cameras and media players, low voltage transformers are usually built into external power cables and chargers. This reduces the likelihood that a voltage mismatch will affect the device in any way. For example, if the owner of a video camera traveled to a country with a different standard outlet voltage and forgot to bring a step down transformer, the camera’s charger would likely be destroyed by excessive voltage, but it would prevent the excess of voltage from reaching the device itself, protecting it from damage. In other cases, voltage transformers can be designed as an integral part in a device. Devices with permanent power cords usually feature such integral transformers.

Low Voltage Transformers
Low Voltage Transformers
Low Voltage Transformers - Lenco Electronics, Inc.
Low Voltage Transformers - Lenco Electronics, Inc.

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