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  • Antigo, WI 800-826-9741

    Our 3 phase transformer is made from the highest quality materials in the industry. We focus our manufacturing techniques on creating products for the power protection, welding, and machine tooling industries. We also offer products to many other industries around the world. Find out how we can be of service to you when you contact us today!

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  • Houston, TX 832-400-4985

    AMGIS can supply your company with a variety of toroidal power products. Whether the application requires power toroidal transformers, toroidal inductors, commercial or medical isolation transformers, 3 phase transformers, auto transformers, high efficiency transformers for renewable energy, or custom toroidal applications, Amgis has a solution for your needs.

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  • McHenry, IL 815-344-2900

    We manufacture a large range of transformer products to meet customer demand. For over 40 years, we have manufactured a variety of transformer products, like the 3 phase transformer, to ensure our customers have what they need on time. If you want expedited delivery, contact us today and let us deliver our product to you fast! Visit us online to learn more, or give us a call tody!

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  • Telford, PA 267-384-5231

    For half a century, Magnetic Specialties has created specialized electrical control components, subassemblies and devices for original equipment manufacturers of industrial equipment. Our business components include electric transformers, high accuracy instrument transformers, specialty transformers, toroids, inductors, filter, magnetic amplifiers and more. To learn more give us a call today.

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  • Johnsburg, IL 815-385-2700

    Prem Magnetics was organized in 1972 as the Magnetics Division of Prem Enterprises (a machine shop) to be a manufacturer of coils and transformers. Prem Magnetics remains a leader in the transformer industry. In addition to our Illinois production facility, Prem operates a facility in Tecate, Mexico to manufacture products to the same quality standards. We are located roughly 40 miles northwest of Chicago, allowing access to anywhere in the world via numerous shipping hubs.

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Two-In-One CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes Provide Superior Noise Suppression

Perris, CA—December 14, 2017—Designed to suppress noise from switch mode power supplies and other sources, the new versatile CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes from Triad Magnetics feature superior performance, reliability and economy in an innovative dual function open-frame design that fits easily into a wide variety of devices and systems.             The advanced CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes feature an economical dual-function design, which effectively combines the features of two separate components into one: They provide both exceptional common-mode noise suppression and their stray inductance is highly effective... Read More

Julie Berndt, General Manager of Johnson Electric Coil, Elected to the Board of Directors

  The directors of Johnson Electric Coil Company recently elected company general manager Julie Berndt to the board.  Berndt has been with the company since 1991.    She is a graduate of NTC and UW-Stout and will complete her M.S. in Operations and Supply Management at UW-Stout in May.    According to board chairperson Beth Bockes, “Julie is a forward thinking leader who brings valuable perspective, energy, and 21st century management talents to our company and board.” ... Read More

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3 Phase Transformers

3 phase transformers are important components in 3 phase electric power transmission. 3 phase transmission is among the most common power transmission methods worldwide. It is one of several polyphase current transmission methods utilized by electric power companies and utility operators; the main advantage of polyphase transmission over single phase transmission is the increased electrical transmission capacity despite a lower requirement for transmission wires.

In order to manage a 3 phase electricity transmission system, 3 phase transformers are necessary to transform and direct electrical current away from power lines and into homes and places of business. A current transformer adjusts the current that flows from an electrical utility line into the systems that will make use of it. Power transformers are essential to the safe and effective operation of electrical systems as well as individual appliances. In the case of 3 phase transformers, the transformer receives and distributes the power input at the appropriate voltage for equipment that requires 3 phase electricity. Large industrial equipment tends to require 3 phase electricity in order to function properly. 3 phase transformers are necessary for the distribution of power to such equipment. Less demanding equipment is usually equipped to two phase or single phase transformers.

A phase transformer is essential for the safe and effective distribution of power to homes and places of business. Every country has adopted a standard power outlet voltage output. The two most commonly used outputs are 120V and 220V. In order for outlets to provide appropriate voltages, a voltage transformer is necessary. Voltage transformers are also important parts of most electronic devices. Portable music players, telephones, video entertainment equipment and most everything else that is plugged into a wall outlet is equipped with its own individual voltage transformer. Once a transformer has reduced the amount of voltage available at individual outlets, that voltage must again be reduced by another transformer to levels appropriate for use by small electronic devices. Small toroidal transformers can fit inside device power cables and even within the devices themselves, in some cases. It is important to always match input voltage with the instructions printed on an electrical device. A voltage mismatch, whether excessive or inadequate, can cause impaired function or damage to an electronic device.

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