Aluminum Casting

IQS Directory provides an extensive list of aluminum casting manufacturers and suppliers in California. Utilize our website to review and source aluminum casting manufacturers with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate aluminum casting companies that will design, engineer, and manufacture aluminum castings for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading aluminum casting manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for sand castings, metal castings, or magnesium die castings.

  • Aluminum Casting Companies Serving California

  • Hercules, CA 510-741-3170

    For over 60 years, the principle of excellence and quality has been a focus of family-run A & B Die Casting. With state-of-the-art equipment and complete machining services, A & B provides aluminum casting, die casting design, alloy castings and cold chamber die castings. From design to delivery, customer satisfaction and consistently superior quality can be expected from this respected company. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Mira Loma, CA 951-681-3900

    Our high performance aluminum casting is ideal for a number of industries such as aerospace, residential & commercial lighting, electric motors, transportation, industrial equipment and much more. Our manufacturing teams utilizing precision control technology which means we can create solutions with superior accuracy. You can count on us for the best aluminum casting products. Please visit our website for more information! Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • North Hollywood, CA 800-524-8083

    With over 16 years of experience in precision die casting, Kinetic Die Casting is well qualified to provide high quality and timely solutions to a diverse customer base. Proudly American, Kinetic Die works with alloy die castings, cold chamber die castings, aluminum casting and more. Other capabilities include: machining, finishing, assembly and packaging. Kinetic Die guarantees quality results. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Camarillo, CA 805-389-4631

    Our aluminum castings and zinc castings have been produced since 1954. We use the rubber plaster mold process which we pioneer in. A complete machining and finishing facility produces your castings and parts up to 20 lbs. Our fast delivery make us the choice for the medical, electronics industries. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Los Gatos, CA 408-205-1319

    Compass and Anvil Sales and Engineering is a manufacturer of metal and plastic parts for many industrial sectors. We have over 20 years of forging experience and offer state of the art design and prototyping services. As specialists in sourcing parts, we are also experts in manufacturing. Our primary products are forgings, castings, stamping and machined parts in a range of sizes and materials. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • City of Industry, CA 626-854-0531

    Die Cast of America is a die caster that maintains ISO 9000:2000 quality standards. We can do small-, medium- or large-volume operations, with aluminum die castings or zinc die castings. 1,000–1,000,000 pieces/year or more. Serving automotive, appliance, marine, lighting and other industries. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • San Leandro, CA 510-297-5040

    General Foundry Services has a proud tradition of providing superior quality workmanship and service to our customers. General Foundry Service was established in 1946, and for more than 60 years, we have been providing leading foundries, manufacturers and industry with traditional classic craft skills blended with the most advanced foundry technologies available. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Cypress, CA 714-826-7550

    Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering is a manufacturer of die casting products, including aluminum castings and zinc castings. We offer various products like machined parts, engineered rubber and extrusions. Our team has exceeded clients’ unique expectations since our founding in 1956, and we will work with you from start to finish to ensure all of your needs are met. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Sun Valley, CA 800-536-9258

    As an ISO 9001:2000-certified company, KenWalt Die Casting is dedicated to delivering high-quality, defect-free aluminum and zinc die castings, on-time and at competitive prices, through continuous improvement of its products and services in order to better service the needs of customers. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Pleasanton, CA 650-288-1749

    Our aluminum casting products serve many different industries including agricultural, recreational vehicle, medical, military and many others. Our research and development departments are fully committed to keeping us on the leading edge of innovations at all times in order to ensure that our customers are getting the most technologically advanced products possible. To learn more about how we may assist you visit our website today! Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Fremont, CA 510-979-1920

    Pacific Business Company has been a highly reliable source for tooling, plastic injection molding, sheet metal, die casting, and CNC machining for eight years in the areas of computer, network, electronic, medical, automobile, and consumer industries. We provide our customers with short lead time and competitive pricing. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Commerce, CA 323-725-1332

    We produce the highest quality aluminum casting by continuous capital reinvestment in the latest technologies, processes, and equipment. Our finishing department offers shot blast or vibratory deburring and can provide virtually any final finishing process you desire. We would love to put our experience to work for you. Visit us online today.Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Santa Clara, CA 408-988-6200

    A division of Intricast Company, Inc., Radian Thermal Products is dedicated to simplifying the international sourcing process for U.S. customers. From quote to delivery, Nexus Pacific provides direct, worry-free solutions throughout the product development cycle, including design, engineering, manufacturing and project management support. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Los Angeles, CA 888-612-5396

    Stutzman Plating manufactures a wide range of die castings made of aluminum and zinc. We set no limits on the size of your casting. We also specialize in name plates, replacement parts, hardware, emblems and much more. Several plating and finishing services are available. Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Corona, CA 888-628-2024

    Supplier of many parts needed in the Die Cast industry from Goosenecks and Thermal Tubes to Plunger Heads, Ladles and Piston Rings. Call Greg today and he can help you find what you are looking for! Aluminum Casting in California.

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  • Aluminum Casting Companies Serving Oregon

  • Hillsboro, OR 503-690-0301

    Bestco, Inc. is your source for plastic injection and die casting molds. Since 1967, we have designed, manufactured, and supplied molds to the electronics, medical, packaging, and toy industries. We are ready to partner with you to ensure that your project is a success, and we will help you in any way we can to guarantee your satisfaction. Please give us a call to discuss your design ideas and your applications! Aluminum Casting in Oregon.

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  • Aluminum Casting Companies Serving Utah

  • Salt Lake City, UT 800-320-8104

    LynRus Aluminum Products is a premier manufacturer of die casting products, including aluminum die castings for applications in school and sports facilities, outdoor recreation and OEM. We also offer secondary services such as machining, assembly and finishing. Aluminum Casting in Utah.

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  • Aluminum Casting Companies Serving Washington

  • Kent, WA 425-282-5065

    CMF Industries produces castings, forgings, stamped parts, fine blanked parts, deep drawn parts, injection molded plastics, extrusions and fabrications. We filled a gap left by other companies and offer a wide range of castings such as ferrous and nonferrous, sand, modified investment and permanent mold. Finishing processes such as grinding, polishing, assembly and packaging are also available. Aluminum Casting in Washington.

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  • Seattle, WA 206-623-0683

    Irish Foundry casts aluminum, brass, zinc, iron, steel and stainless. In addition to Lost Foam, the company has mastered a variety of processes that eliminate costly machining and secondary operations, including Air-Set Green Sand and Die Casting. Aluminum Casting in Washington.

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  • Seattle, WA 206-764-6200

    Olympic produces a wide range of castings in a variety of alloys. Our products range from construction castings and decorative castings, to industrial castings, street lighting, counterweights and marine hardware. Our foundries blend traditional craftsmanship with modern foundry science. Aluminum Casting in Washington.

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