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  • Santa Maria, CA 805-928-8840

    With complete aluminum case responsibility from design concept to end product, Princeton Case West serves as comprehensive aluminum cases manufacturers. As a leader amongst aluminum case companies, Princeton Case West offers complete in-house services for a competitive edge. Princeton Case West provides standard aluminum carrying cases as well as custom aluminum cases for unique storage needs.

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  • Chicago, IL 773-585-1164

    If you are searching for a custom manufacturer of aluminum cases then you have come to the right place. Just let us know your dimensions for your product and we can manufacture the perfect solution for you. We put extra effort in creating high quality aluminum cases that are equipped with a number of different features. Contact us today!

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  • Indianapolis, IN 800-466-3351

    Founded in 1902, C.H. Ellis Company supplies the military, medical and music industries as a leading manufacturer of custom cases and tool cases. Our products include carrying, shipping and ATA cases. Also as a leader of custom foam inserts we offer a variety of colors and densities. Partnering with many brand-name manufacturers, we offer the broadest range of plastic and tool cases in the market.

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  • Chicago, IL 800-817-5288

    Platt for 85 years has been building "Quality That Lasts!" Cases for equipment, tools, samples, products, demo & shipping. Molded, watertight, sewn & fabricated. Autocad, foam fabrication, water-jet cutting, molded-in logos, embroidery, silk-screening & nameplates. Small quantity specialist.

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  • Ontario, CA 866-235-2472

    Bel-Air, a division of California Quality Plastics, is a supplier of custom carrying cases, shipping cases, plastic cases and transit cases. Bel-Air offers quality, durable cases that can be designed to meet your unique needs. You can expect prompt service, quality products and attentive service!

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Features and Benefits of Aluminum Cases

Aluminum cases are lightweight, durable, and ideal for the storage, protection, and transporation of sensitive items. Due to its light weight and its high levels of durability and resistance, many business and industrial applications have made aluminum the material of choice for their carrying cases. Due to the wide range of applications for which aluminum cases can be used, the majority of carrying case manufacturers offer varieties of aluminum cases. Aluminum cases can vary in size, from as small as a briefcase to large cases ideal for shipping.

Aluminum cases are fabricated by fastening sheets of metal onto a metal frame. The process begins when the raw material is heated until homogenous. The next step involves shaping the metal into a certain configuration. Once cooled, the aluminum is thinned out by a set of rollers. Depending on the case’s intended application, it may undergo other processes such as ironing, wheeling, bending, stamping, press brake forming, spinning, perforating, and cutting. Once the sheets are in its desired form, they are fastened onto a metal frame made from aluminum bars or pipes. The bars or pipes that make up the frame are made by extrusion. Extrusion is a process where a bar or a rod is forced through a die and creates a specific cross section that discards any negative space. The parts may also be welded together. If desired, a finish may be applied. Reinforced corners can also be applied to the case for added protection for the case’s contents, and to help protect the case itself from wear and tear. There are other features that may be added to the final product to minimize the effort of managing the case and its contents. These additional features include grooves for easier stacking, straps, buckles, enhanced and fortified aluminum framing, shock mounts, lugs for secure stacking, recessed latches for the purpose of meeting military standards, rubber gaskets around the doors for increased water resistance, spring loaded handles, twist latches, and heavy duty swivel casters. Aluminum cases can be customized to permanently contain sound boards and a variety of other control panels and include hinged breakaway sections.

Aluminum cases are most often fabricated in square or rectangular shape, and may feature handles, latches, pull handles, and locks that are mounted to the case’s exterior. The case’s corners can also be reinforced to provide extra protection. There are some varieties that feature wheels for easier movement, especially if the case is carrying heavier items. Aluminum is a robust material with quite a few distinct features that put it at an advantage over other carrying case materials. Aluminum is light in weight, waterproof, magnetically neutral, and it is resistant to corrosion, harsh impacts, and ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, aluminum is fully recyclable. Aluminum cases are used extensively by professionals such as exhibitioners, cosmetologists, magicians, disc jockeys, and photographers.

Aluminum cases, such as aluminum briefcases, are recommended for transporting pieces of equipment that are highly sensitive or breakable, and for those who wish to keep each a variety of types of items safely in one place. For example, a photographer may want to store a camera and several different types of lenses. In instances such as these, aluminum cases are recommended. In order to provide optimal protection, aluminum case manufacturers may offer the option of custom making cases with extra padding to prevent the case’s contents from shifting around, which may put the equipment at risk for damage. Inside a custom case, there can be spaces that are molded out from the padding in order for a specific piece to fit perfectly inside. Custom cases are recommended to house items such as medical equipment, video cameras, jewelry, laptops, rifles, guns, and cameras. The standard aluminum color is most often used in fabricating aluminum cases. However, the color black has grown in popularity.

Aluminum cases are also used extensively by trade show and sales professionals, as the cases can be customizable to organize, display, and safely store equipment and products. Aluminum case manufacturers may offer the option of applying custom cut foam inserts and custom decorative silk screening. OEM and industrial electronics applications greatly benefit from custom aluminum casing, as their equipment can be built directly into the case. Industries such as photography, video, digital, and electronics rely heavily on aluminum casing to safely transport and store their sensitive equipment. The beneficial characteristics of aluminum make it a highly recommended material for the transit, shipping, and storage of other applications such as craftsmen hobby boxes, motorcycle storage attachments, video games, computers, hunting equipment, firearms, industrial equipment, and much more.

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