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  • Danvers, MA

    Our cartridge heaters are designed for long lasting durability. These systems use nichrome wire heating coils with pure magnesium filler and other premium resources. There are a number of reasons that contribute to why cartridge heaters fail and our engineers will work with you to determine the perfect size, wattage and voltage to prevent future heater failures. We are excited to work with your business! Give us a call today!

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  • Columbus, IN

    For more than 70 years, Ulanetâ„¢ has been engineering and manufacturing electric heaters, cartridge heaters, immersion heaters, tubular heaters, miniature strip heaters and bolt hole heaters, as well as industrial heaters and appliance thermostats and thermal time-delay relays.

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  • Lewistown, MT

    Hi-Heat designs and manufactures custom heating elements from a variety of materials. Our products include Silicone Rubber, Polyester Film, Kapton® Polyimide, High Temperature, Mica, Ceramic and Enclosures Heaters. We manufacture drop-in sub-assemblies with sensors, thermostats, fuses, cords and plugs.

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  • Del Rio, TX

    Backer Marathon is your premier manufacturer of electric heaters and a wide range of other heating components. Our inventory includes cartridge heaters, band heaters, coil heaters, and more. We have thousands of standard electric heater models, and our engineers are capable if designing a custom heater for more complex specifications. No matter what component you require, Backer Marathon is committed to finding a solution.

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  • Pottstown, PA

    Dayco is a manufacturer of a variety of industrial heating and process equipment, including air electric heaters. Direct fired air heaters, indirect fired air heaters, make-up air heaters, recirculating air heaters, as well as custom heaters. Combustion systems and combustion parts and accessories are also available.

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  • Spartanburg, SC

    DBK designs, develops and manufactures quality standard and custom electric thermal solutions. In addition to a full line of electric heaters, we provide heating elements and heater systems as well as thermoelectric coolers and filtered fan systems. Our expertise gives us the ability to adapt our technologies to find your thermal control solution from immersion heaters to ceramic heaters and more.

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Air Heaters Industry Information

Air Heaters

Air heaters are defined as electric heaters that provide heat for industrial and residential purposes by way of air circulation or a blower mechanism. Air heaters can be rectangular or barrel-shaped, large in size, and portable, but other models of air heaters that vary in size and shape are also available.

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Applications of Air Heaters

Numerous industries use air heaters to provide heat, assist in the drying process, or reduce humidity in the atmosphere. Industries that benefit from the assistance of air heaters include automotive, packaging, sealing, laminating, drying, welding, plastics, and shrink fitting. In addition to industrial settings, air heaters are used in homes in the form of furnaces or portable space heaters. Other contexts include climate control systems within office spaces, institutions, and stores. The appropriate size and shape of the air heater depends on the size of the room and the type of industry using it. There are some industries such as the plastics welding industry that greatly benefit, if not require, more than one air heater to work together. Industrial-sized air heaters have the ability to precisely regulate the air temperature for welded plastic to effectively melt and dry. Applications such as shrink wrapping machines use air heaters to heat plastic so it effectively conforms and adheres to the item it is packaging.

Air Heater Design

Every building, industrial or residential, features a heating ventilation system made up of a series of ducts. These systems help to maintain a controlled climate within the building by regulating the amount of hot and cold air being circulated. The network of ducts are connected not only to each other, but to at least one unit that produces hot or cool air. Most heating and cooling systems are automatic and programmed to where it maintains a specific temperature.

Air heaters are constructed by installing a heating element in an enclosure. The heating element remains stationary, while its air ducts expose sections of the heating element to the circulating air by rotating alternately. Heating elements vary from heater to heater, but most of them are found in the form of wires or coils. Solar powered air heaters are a recommended alternative to electric air heaters due to how much more cost effective they are. Solar heaters consist of panels placed on walls, windows, or on top of roofs. The panels are then heated by solar radiation, and the heated air is directed through a series of ducts. The heated air can be effectively circulated and prevented from flowing back into the panel by placing blowers and dampers in the room. Solar air heaters are cost effective in the long term, although the initial installation cost tends to be more expensive.

How Air Heaters Work

There are two methods by which air heaters can operate. The first is the gravitational method, in which cool air travels through cold air ducts and enters the heater. The air warms and rises through a large supply duct once it passes through the heating element. Then, the cool air re-enters the furnace and the process begins again. The difference in weight between the warm and cool air keeps the air circulating at a consistent rate.

The second method is the forced air method, in which a blower mechanism forces warm air through a supply duct. The air is directed by diffusers or registers into the room, and the air returns through a cold air duct to the heater where dust and dirt is filtered. Both of these types of heaters require a central heating element, such as a wire or a coil.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Air Heaters

Since air heaters are used for a variety of applications, they come in a wide range of configurations and utilize different heating elements. Residences use air heaters every day to warm homes and heat food and water, and industries rely on electric air heaters to maintain a certain temperature for various processes. Therefore, it is important to consider all aspects of the heating system and the application for which the heater will be used in order to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

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