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  • Noise Controlling Soultions

    Sound is something that can be wonderful and great to hear like listening to music or the sound of the waves coming up on the sand. Some other sounds are not so pleasant such as the garbage truck coming by early morning or a loud muffler. It is inevitable that as long as our ears are capable of heating, we will hear any sound that is happening around us at any given time. Sometimes we try to contain the sound that we do hear by using items such as ear...

  • Choosing the Right Panel

    Sound panels are not all created equal. Some panels are designed to absorb vibrations, while others are designed to muffle sounds. Various sound panels are used for different industries. In a factory setting, a sound panel could be used to absorb the noise of loud machines, absorb vibrations from different manufacturing processes, or simply to add soundproofing to a room in a factory. Whatever the use, it is important to know what to look for in a panel to ensure that you receive the highest possible performance from the panel...

  • Metal Acoustic Ceiling Tiles provide a sleek finish for the Club Level of Portland's Rose Garden Arena

    When most people think of acoustical treatment, they probably think cushy or foamy, available in a variety of off-white colors. It is not always considered something that would contribute to a chic appearance. Proprietors of the sleekest, most exclusive level of the Rose Garden Arena, however, know better. The Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon is a $267 million multi-purpose arena that opened in the fall of 1995, and serves as the home of the NBA Portland Trail Blazers. In addition to games, the Rose Garden hosts a wide variety of...

  • The Fantastic Acoustic Foam

    I always assumed that foam sheets had one major use, and although it is indeed useful it isn't very interesting. Foam makes a fantastic buffer when packing and shipping items, ensuring that the items within its safe foamy walls will arrive intact. However, foam can be a buffer for more then just dropped boxes and shaking trucks. Acoustic foam is a specific type of material that is used for soundproofing spaces that do not want sound coming in or going out. Often used in congruence with other sound-buffering items, acoustic...

Industry Information

Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam is a sound absorbent material used to line rooms or spaces in which sound-reflective surfaces produce unwanted reverberation and echoes, or where the travel of sound either into or out of the space is undesirable. Soundproofing foam is commonly used in recording studios, edit rooms, broadcast studios and home studios, although it can also be used to sound-proof a room containing a surround sound system or laundry room equipment.

As with other soundproofing materials, acoustic foam absorbs the sound waves, and reduces the effects of reverberation or reflected sound waves, which result in noise pollution. It allows the sound energy to penetrate into the material and be dissipated by its cellular or fibrous nature prior to reaching the reflective surface it is mounted on. This sound proofing foam is typically made of urethane open-cell foam. Open cell foam is soft foam in which the cell walls, or surfaces of the bubbles, are broken and air fills all of the spaces in the material. This makes the foam soft or weak. Airplane companies use the sound proof foam to line the walls of a passenger cabin, eliminating the noise within the airplane. Other areas where acoustic foam might be found are gyms, cafeterias, music clubs, function halls and churches.

The insulation value of the foam is related to the insulation value of the calm air inside the foam. Sound foam products solve troublesome structural vibration and reduce noise by alleviating slap and flutter echoes, especially in areas used for acoustic recordings. Acoustic foam materials can also be used in panels, ceilings and flooring to create sealed environments of clean sound. The greater the surface area of the foam, the greater the sound absorption qualities it possesses. Therefore, sound foam is often constructed with pyramid or egg crate style surfaces. Occasionally, it is covered with a film surface treatment which provides an excellent solution for use in harsh, moist, high temperature and chemical environments. Sound proof foam is an inexpensive form of soundproofing and is treated with dyes and/or chemical flame retardants such as an epoxy; this keeps it safe from excessive heat. However, it is a highly flammable material and should be used with caution in any areas making use of flames. The foam is also available in different colors, patterns and ranges of thickness, commonly found in 1” – 4” measurements. Alternative soundproofing materials to acoustic foam include rubber, magnesium oxide, and fiberglass.

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