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  • Cambridge, MA

    For over fifty-five years industries such as automotive, aircraft, aerospace, instrumentation and computer manufactures as well as research organizations have relied on Eckel Noise Control Technologies for the acoustic curtains and other products that assist in solving their noise control problems. The company takes care of the design, fabrication and installation of the equipment for you.

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  • Somerset, MA

    If you are looking for acoustic curtains that can provide maximum sound buffering and protection, then you’ve come to the right place! We have everything you need for your soundproofing, no matter what industry you are in. We take pride in the products we offer our clients, and we work hard to ensure all our customers are completely satisfied with each transaction. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Hartland, WI

    O’Neill Engineered Systems is an Industrial Acoustics Company representative that specializes in the custom design and installation of noise control products and systems to help you soundproof your most challenging application. We can provide on-site acoustic analysis, sound level measuring, custom engineered noise and vibration controlled solutions that are professionally installed for any turn-key project.

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  • Milton, ON

    Here at Roxul, Inc. we are the best in providing smart and sustainable stone wool installation products for the construction industry. We strive to make state of the art equipment in our industry. Please checkout our website for more information!

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  • Elkridge, MD

    Snap Wall is a leader in the foam industry due to our problem solving, cost-effective pricing, extensive inventory and value-added services. We are one of New England's largest and diverse open and closed cell flexible foam manufacturers. Our foam is capable of sound proofing and vibration dampening. For your all-in-one foam manufacturer and supplier give Snap Wall a call!

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The Many Names of Acoustic Curtains

When a product is used so often in such a wide variety of environments, including industrial, commercial and residential contexts, it is no surprise that enough variations have developed that the product goes by numerous names. Acoustic curtains are known by a number of titles, including noise control curtains, acoustical blankets and sound absorbing curtains. Whatever name is being used, the essence of the product always remains the same, even if its material, size or shape does not. Acoustic curtains are used to control and/or reduce the noise pollution in... Read More

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Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic curtains are heavy duty drapes or linen panels made of specially designed materials that prevent noise from moving between spaces. Also known as sound absorbing curtains, acoustical blankets, or noise control curtains, this type of drapery is used in industrial, commercial and even residential environments. Acoustic curtains are used in virtually all settings where the goal is to control and reduce the level of noise pollution.

An effective means of soundproofing, acoustic curtains can reduce sound transmission up to 29 decibels depending upon the materials and applications used. Noise reduction of this kind is used in settings such as theatres, to enclose loud industrial equipment, churches, concert halls, restaurants, office spaces, exterior and interior applications and waste water treatment facilities. Hospitals also use these to ensure patient privacy and comfort, reducing the noise of necessary equipment. This variety necessitates that acoustic curtains be available not only in commercial form, but often custom designs are warranted. Sewing contractors are often hired to custom design these curtains in both industrial and residential settings. Industrial custom designs must be made to fit specific machinery while residential designs are more often customized for aesthetic value which is not difficult as many options resemble typical lined linens. Acoustic curtains often have the added benefit of working as thermal barriers, blocking energy and light, and also air filters as the heavy duty fabrication captures many harmful volatile organic compounds present particularly around industrial equipment.  

While the specific construction varies between manufacturers, acoustic curtains are general sewn together. Layers of multiple or a single material are sewn together, often with weights at the bottom hem to resist movement that might allow for noise to escape. Quilted designs are often used to reinforce the materials, making the panels between one and four inches thick. Common materials include flexible mass loaded vinyl, polyvinylchloride, wool, suede, fiberglass composites and aluminized fabric. These soundproofing materials can be used in many combinations depending on specific needs. Wool fabric is naturally fire retardant and along with other heat resistant materials and coatings is often used around industrial machinery where a great deal of heat may be generated. Water and chemical resistant materials and finishes are also used in many instances. Installation can vary for specific applications and curtains may be hung from vertical uprights, attached to frames, suspended from the ceilings or on curtain tracks. The frames, braces and tracks are often made of brass or galvanized steel. Grommets, loops and Velcro are sewn into the design of a given curtain as a means of attaching it to the frame. These many options allow acoustic curtains to offer a cost effective and efficient means of soundproofing in commercial, industrial and home environments.