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  • Indianapolis, IN

    We are one of the leading suppliers of 12 volt air compressors! We have been in business since 1953 and we are dedicated to putting that experience to work in every business encounter in hopes of turning first time customers into lifelong connections. We have the skilled engineers that you can count on to work with you to come up with a customized product. Visit us on the web to learn more!

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  • Fredericksburg, VA

    Our 12 volt air compressors cannot be topped! We have been in business since 1919 and ever since then we have been providing goods and services that are top of the line. Our products serve many industries all over the world. We will work with you closely to come up with the exact product that will fit your needs! Visit our website or get in touch with our customer service department today!

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  • Clayton, OH

    Eaton Compressor & Fabrication provides factory direct industrial air compressors, dryers, pumps, motors, portable units, gas drives, generators, parts and more. As the manufacturer and distributor, we are able to offer the highest quality at the best prices. Our large pumps are so efficient that they are up to 90% slower and 70% quieter than other name brands, and our warranties cannot be beat.

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  • Houston, TX

    Our air compressor technology comes in a wide range of configurations and our teams are here to assist you. We are a flexible manufacturer who will work with you on your time table. We put an emphasis on your specifications and we strive to provide you with hassle-free 12 volt air compressors. We look forward to working with your company! Please give us a call today!

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Convenient Compressors

When it comes to air compressors, I am most familiar with those used for tire inflation, but also know how often they are used in construction as well. So, whether you need to stay mobile or to power your tools, such as a nail gun, air compressors serve a very important purpose. There are a wide variety of compressors to choose from; and though they all complete the same basic function, a particular type or model may be most appropriate for your uses. For example, a gas air compressor has... Read More

Voltage Options with Compressors

12 volt air compressors do exactly as their name suggests, they require 12 volts of energy to reduce the volume of air in the tank, which will in turn increase the pressure. These are a smaller model of air compressor, in most cases they weigh less than ten pounds and are built to be small and compact. To keep them light, they are built with plastic or low density metals such as aluminum or steel. To function these trusted products are composed of a motor and small air tank as... Read More

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12 Volt Air Compressor

A 12 volt air compressor is a machine that requires 12 volts of power to reduce the volume of air in a tank in order to increase the pressure. The pressurized air can then be used for a wide variety of applications; some cordless models of 12 volt air compressors can generate 220 pounds per square inch (PSI) while others reach 320 PSI.

12 volt air compressors are comparatively small mechanisms that are used most often in industrial settings. 12 volt air compressors can be charged by being plugged in to a standard 120 volt AC electrical outlet, 12 volt DC batteries or cigarette lighters in vehicles. Cordless compressors have rechargeable batteries that allow them to be extra-portable. 12 volt air compressors are small, usually weighing less than 10 pounds. They have a motor and a small air tank along with various valves and tubes. To keep them lightweight, the enclosures and motors are made from plastic or a less dense metal such as aluminum or steel. Most compressors come with an air hose, a power cord, appropriate fittings and a gauge that displays the pressure. Mounting and anti-vibration kits are available as well. The low voltage compressors are typically portable and are used in situations where there is no external power source or where a large machine wouldn't fit. 12 volt air compressors are effective for inflating flat tires, sports balls, inner tubes, and craft tools such as airbrushes.  

Air compressors are similar to pumps because both machines increase the pressure for a gas or liquid. Gases can be condensed whereas liquids cannot, so a compressor works with gases while a pump transports liquids under pressure. Air compressors are able to convert the mechanical energy of the motor into pneumatic energy because of the pressure that occurs when air is condensed. Air molecules move faster when they are compressed into small spaces, and when a valve opens, the molecules try to escape and flow out with great energy. There are two main ways of condensing air that compressors use: positive displacement and dynamic compressors. Positive displacement compressors work by filling and emptying an air chamber while dynamic compressors use a rotating component to speed and slow air movement. Within these two categories are many other styles of compressors, including reciprocating, centrifugal, screw, diaphragm and axial-flow compressors. Another way of identifying air compressors is whether or not they require oil to operate. Oilless compressors are used in applications that need completely clean air; even a tiny amount of oil in the air is unacceptable. Oilless air compressors have half the moving parts of regular compressors and therefore are more reliable and require less maintenance.

12 Volt Air Compressor
12 Volt Air Compressor
12 Volt Air Compressor - Central Air Compressor
12 Volt Air Compressor - Central Air Compressor