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Miniature Air Cylinders Manufacturers

Miniature air cylinders are pneumatic tools that use the force of compressed air to move things; their defining characteristic is their small size relative to other air cylinder varieties. All air cylinders are designed to lift or move something. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with other equipment. Miniature air cylinders are characterized by their small size relative to other air cylinder varieties.

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With over 600 employees and 100 years of industry experiences, we know what we are doing! We offer global service and distribution for all of our products, including miniature air cylinders for both industrial and commercial uses. We are allied with the Koganei Corporation in Japan and work to improve all aspects of our customers' manufacturing processes. Contact us today to find out more!
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Pneumatic and hydraulic PHD cylinders are offered in a wide range of styles, sizes, and options for automated manufacturing, packaging, assembly applications and more. These cylinders range from Tom Thumb® Pneumatic Cylinders, known for durability and versatility, to robust compact cylinders when space requirements are a concern. PHD also offers the industry-standard Series CV ISO Pneumatic Cylinders designed for long travel lengths and long life.
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Tolomatic air cylinders are built with Endurance Technology for long-lasting performance. Tolomatic manufactures the widest selection of rodless pneumatic air cylinders in band, cable, and magnetically coupled space-saving designs. Find out more, visit today!
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We will build the custom cylinder to meet your requirements - prototype and quantity. When you can`t buy the cylinder you need off the shelf. When you aren`t sure how a cylinder should be designed for your application. Design and Engineering Capability : For over 50 years, we have provided the specialized knowledge and skill required to analyze and solve hydraulic cylinder problems. Star builds special cylinders in any quantity, hydraulic and pneumatic, from a single cylinder to hundreds.
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If you are looking for quality, custom miniature air cylinders, you've come to the right place! We are one of the largest suppliers of air cylinders in the entire world, and we offer superior service and quality. For nearly 100 years, we have offered the best to our customers. Learn more on our website or contact us by phone today to get started!
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Cylinders & Valves designs and manufactures miniature air cylinders for companies around the world. Our miniature air cylinders are non-corrosive throughout and a variety of dimensions for your personal preference. We can custom create specialized cylinders and valves for your specific requirements. If you need help with selecting a cylinder, feel free to get in touch with a representative.
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Miniature Air Cylinders

The largest air cylinders can be as large as 1,000 mm in diameter and can be capable of exerting enough force to lift automobiles. They can occupy substantial amounts of space, which in some contexts is not an impediment to the efficiency of the operations in which they are employed. In other cases, though, especially in mass production contexts, space use can be a critical determining factor in output volume. Miniature air cylinders can be as small as 2.5 mm in diameter; a miniature cylinder's compactness allows it to perform tasks on a very small scale. Such a quality can be very helpful in the mass production of very small products, particularly in the electronic components manufacturing industry. Other industries, including the automotive manufacturing, construction, food processing, packaging, metal working, mining and textile production industries, can also benefit from the use of miniature air cylinders.

All air cylinders feature an enclosure of pressure-resistant metal, a compressed air inlet and a piston. When compressed air is forced into the enclosure, it displaces the piston. Any load connected to the piston will be moved with the piston. All air cylinders have those qualities in common, but from there they vary widely in their construction. Miniature air cylinders are designed to exert the highest possible amount of force while occupying the smallest possible amount of space. A medium-sized air cylinder may be considered small compared to a very large cylinder, but it may also be considered large compared to a much smaller cylinder. There is no universally-recognized standard of largeness or smallness as they pertain to air cylinder size. Dimensions like rod diameter and stroke length affect performance, and such dimensions can vary in air cylinders of the same stated bore size from different manufacturers. ISO 6432-compliant air cylinders will conform in terms of critical dimensions, but not all manufacturers produce compliant cylinders. Because miniature air cylinders are so small, they can be difficult to repair, which can necessitate replacement upon cylinder failure. Installing ISO 6432-compliant cylinders in such cases guarantees that an appropriate replacement will be easy to find.