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Rubber is an elastomeric material of which there are two main types: natural rubber and synthetic rubbers such as neoprene, silicone, EPDM and styrene. Rubber companies can provide rubber products, which are parts or components that are manufactured from rubber, or rubber services, which are either processes that form rubber into products or re-shape already formed products. The two main processes that rubber products manufacturers offer are rubber molding and rubber extrusion. In fact, industrial rubber molded products are extremely popular and include rubber diaphragms, rubber grommets and rubber washers. Many industrial rubber products undergo secondary rubber manufacturing services to custom fit their intended application, such as rubber baseboard that must be die cut to fit the exact wall size. Rubber product manufacturing is essential to many different industries including chemical processing, construction, automotive, electronics, medical, petrochemical and aerospace that use fabricated rubber products in essential applications such as sealing, insulating and vibration absorption.

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