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Gear Reducer Manufacturers and Companies

IQS Directory provides an extensive list of gear reducer manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source gear reducer manufacturers with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate gear reducer companies that will design, engineer, and manufacture gear reducers for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading gear reducer manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for reduction gear boxes, speed reducer gearboxes, or right angle gearboxes.

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  • Gear Reducers on a Bike

    For an adult, bike riding is normally purely recreational unless used as an alternative mode of transportation. For a child, bicycles are the car of their world. However, without gear reducers that may not be possible. Bikes would still be able to function but not at the speed and ease as they are now. Gears make it possible for cyclists to pedal at a speed slower than the speed of the bike. Shifting gears allows the bike rider to ride up hills easier. You just shift the gears down and...

  • Speed Demon

    A race car has only two main functions; to go as fast as possible without the driver losing control and not breaking down in the middle of a race. Racing is not something that has ever interested me, since it seems pretty boring unless there are accidents, and it seems morbid to be waiting for life threatening flips and crashes to happen. However, how these vehicles work is fascinating, and also often applies to the vehicles driven by the general public as well. How the speed from the transmission gets...

  • Gear Reducers: In the Mines

    There are few jobs more hardcore then working in a mine, where blackness rules and you never known when the working space is going to fall apart all around you. The intensity of the environment demands intense mechanical instruments to serve those employed underground well. Drills, bulldozers and trucks are all common objects at work within mine shafts as well as trams, lifts, shovels and cranes. All of this machinery would not be able to function without gear reducers, a vital step in the proper operation of any mechanical machine....

  • Gear Reducers: Controlling your Equipment

    Have you ever wondered why a machine does not run at the speed of the engine that is powering it? If a machine ran at that speed it would be difficult to control the machine and its functions. Therefore, speed reducers are able to help control the speed and torque of an engine by utilizing different gear ratios. Speed reducers are used on all types of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic motors. Another term for speed reducer is a gear reducer and depending on the machine that uses the reducer, there...

  • Deschner Corporation Offers the 'Skipchek ' Speed Regulator to Dramatically Improve Tube Drilling Operations

    Santa Ana, California, March, 2009 -- The latest speed regulator from the Deschner line of products-- the SKIPCHEK model Kinechek is being offered by Deschner Corporation, headquartered in Santa Ana, California. According to Frank Solis, President, the Skipchek was developed to meet customer requests that their popular Kinechek speed regulators be configured for tube or clevis drilling to deliver a controlled feed, followed by a fast skip then returning to a controlled feed. No more drilling air! The skip distance is non adjustable and is engineered to meet each customers...

  • Transfer System Drive Put On The Spot

    With more and more labor intensive operations moving off shore, the ability to automate the manufacturing process is critical for keeping operating costs in check, allowing North American companies to remain competitive in worldwide markets. This has drastically escalated the importance and influence of the entire motion control industry. In that vein a customer of ours was designing a transfer system to automatically feed castings into a machining center. The basic system included a large rotary table and two opposing robots to load and unload the table. The need was...

Industry Information

Gear Reducers 

Sometimes also referred to as a gearbox or very basic transmission, a gear reducer is a mechanism designed to generate a large amount of force for a machine while simultaneously using as little energy as possible. This is made possible through the gear ratios produced by the gears and shafts of a gear reducer. In doing so, it accomplishes its other goal, to minimize total machine size, minimize power size and absorb heavy shock loads. To that end, most gear reducers are lightweight and exhibit low consumption rates as they maintain steady startups and heavy transmission torque. Widely used in transmission systems and motor vehicles, gear reducers are also popular for use in industrial machines including build machinery, mine machinery, metallurgy machinery and robotics. Just a few of the other products on the market in which they may be found include: sprinklers, wind turbines, helicopters, go-carts, electric pencil sharpeners, electric screwdrivers, watches, rotary motors and farm tractors.

Gear reducers may be made from a number of different materials, though most commonly, they are made from steel-based metals like stainless steel. This is the case because steel products, particularly stainless steel, are strong, durable, corrosion resistant, rust resistant and impact resistant, among other things. Other common metal materials from which gear reducers may be made include iron, aluminum and brass. In addition, some types of gears reducers and/or gear reducers with particular shapes, such as spur gears, may be made using less durable materials like nylon or polycarbonate. In the end, what material or material type a manufacturer selects to make a gearbox directly correlates to the performance the manufacturer wishes for the gear reducer. For example, more durable materials equip a gear reducer with larger torque reduction capabilities and an ability to resist the power of stronger motors, making the gear reducer more durable as well. Less durable materials, for the same reasons in reverse, are best suited in the construction of gear reducers that will be paired with low power motors.

Another consideration that manufacturers make when constructing a gear reducer is its teeth, as the teeth of a gear reducer play a large role in the determination of its strength and efficiency. A gear reducer with straight teeth, for example, is typically only employed in a low-speed application, while a gear reducer with helical teeth, which is much stronger and provides much greater efficiency in terms of torque reduction, is much more likely to be purchased for use with a high-speed application. Some of the most popular gear reducer types today are helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers and planetary gear reducers. Each of these gear types reflects a different configuration with different specific load and torque capacities. Helical gear reducers, for example, are known for their compact size and their shock absorbency. Meanwhile, worm gear reducers operate at a right angle, are also known for their small size and superior shock absorbency. Finally, planetary gear reducers boast a special system of gears that revolve around the center, or sun, gear. This allows it to produce astonishingly low amounts of waste and highly efficient results. Often, gear reducers such as these are used in tandem with one another in order to meet the unique requirements of an application.

Available with several different types of inputs, outputs and mounting capabilities, the characteristics of a gear reducer must be chosen with care. This is especially true when the reducer is being purchased for use in a mechanical system. Factors that customers and manufacturers alike should consider when selecting or putting together the right reducer for the job include: reduction ratio, weight, size, construction, behavioral traits and prize. In addition, customers should be aware of any and all industry standards to which they are beholden. It is important to note that for the best performance, customers should seek out a gear reducer that has lower torque ripple and velocity, as high torque ripple and speeds can detrimentally cause excitation in a driven machine system. However, when a gear reducer is well-made, well-matched and correctly installed, it can work wonders for any number of diverse applications. To get the best, most comprehensive advice, it is important that you turn to a reputable gear reducer specialist. Find such specialists by scrolling close to the top of this page and perusing the many experts we have listed along with their contact information there. All of those with whom we partner are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about their trade. Reach out today to get started.

Gear Reducer Manufacturers
Gear Reducer Manufacturers
Gear Reducer Manufacturers
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Gear Reducer Manufacturers – VL Motion Systems Inc.
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Gear Reducer Manufacturers
Gear Reducer Manufacturers
Gear Reducer Manufacturers
Gear Reducer Manufacturers – DieQua Corporation
Gear Reducer Manufacturers – DieQua Corporation
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