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  • Mystic, CT

    Through hard work and commitment we have built a reputation on being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of exceptional, high performance wire products. Our wire shelves will provide years of use and the strength as well as durability that you can count on. We treat all of our customers with excellent customer service in order to exceed customer expectation with every encounter! Visit our website today to learn more!

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  • Bartlett, IL

    With over 25 years of experience as a full range wire former, Active Wireworks is committed to quality standards & saving you money through redesign. We produce wire forms with diameters from .015" - .500". In-house tooling & design, CNC forming, threading, piercing & common finishes are available.

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  • East Longmeadow, MA

    Established in 1942, Springfield Spring Corporation is ISO Certified to the 9001:2008 standards. We are diversified manufacturer of precision engineered mechanical spring components with over 70 years of experience. Industries we serve include but not limited to: Firearms, Medical, Surgical Instruments, Military Hardware, Lighting Fixtures, windows and screens.

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  • Nashville, TN

    Since its inception in 1934, Nashville Wire Products has grown into one of the nation's leading manufacturers of wire products. We manufacture point-of-purchase displays, store fixtures, wire components for OEMs and material handling products. We manufacture all of our products using the best materials, built to the highest standards to ensure maximum lifespan and safety. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Logansport, IN

    Turn to Myers Spring for top of the line wire forms. We specialize in creating products in custom sizes. These springs have diameters ranging from .006" to .750" and loads from half a gram to 2.5 tons. We manufacturer compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, wire forms, spiral wound brush springs, packaging and more. There is no custom project too demanding for our engineers.

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Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are a particular type of wire product produced for both industrial and consumer use as storage or wire display units. The base surface upon which items are placed is composed of several interwoven or latticed strands of metal. Like all shelving, these serve to maximize vertical and horizontal spaces for the purpose of increased storage which allows for faster process flows and increased productivity in a number of industrial and commercial settings. Wire shelving is also popular in residential areas in need of organization or storage.

Often used as presentation shelves, the transparent appearance provided by the porous wire rack construction is less imposing than alternative shelving units. This also makes wire shelves well suited to medical and food processing industries as they are less prone to dust collection. In factories and warehouses that might have expansive storage, wire is often the material of choice for shelving as this same openness is more compatible with building and fire safety codes as emergency sprinkler systems are not impeded by the open surfaces. Air circulation is likewise unhindered. While water and air may freely pass through a wire shelf, the porous construction does not mean that this type of shelf cannot be closed for better product security. In addition to structural wiring, protective wire grids or wire screens are a common feature of wire shelves that further contain and protect inventory while maintaining visibility.

For both open and closed wire shelf designs, it is important to consider the slit or gap size between the wires. The slit size should be smaller than the smallest item a shelf will hold to prevent such items from falling through or becoming stuck. The total weight of inventory should also be considered as it must not exceed the load bearing capacity of a given unit or mechanical failure due to overload may occur with dangerous and costly consequences. Such concerns are relative to the materials, size and manufacturing processes used to construct a given shelf. Ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, precious metals and alloys such as aluminum, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel are among the most common materials used for wire shelving. The strands themselves are produced through any of a number of wire forming processes including rolling, extrusion or stamping. Drawing is among the most commonly used technique in which a metal thread is passed through a series or progressively smaller dies until the desired gauge or thickness is achieved. Rounded, square or shaped wires are then shaped as needed through manual or CNC pressing and stamping processes before being welded or woven into the desired grid pattern. While the materials and construction of wire shelving is important, the dimensions of a shelf and inventory should also be considered to ensure optimization of storage space.

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