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  • Mystic, CT

    In addition to wire baskets we also manufacture wire guards, hooks, screens, racks and many other products for your convenience of choice! It is our goal that we are able to help you find the perfect product that will fit your exact needs. We have been around since the 1930’s and we are committed to providing excellent customer service! Visit our website today or get in touch us via phone or email today!

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  • Bartlett, IL

    With over 25 years of experience as a full range wire former, Active Wireworks is committed to quality standards & saving you money through redesign. We produce wire forms with diameters from .015" - .500". In-house tooling & design, CNC forming, threading, piercing & common finishes are available.

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  • East Longmeadow, MA

    Established in 1942, Springfield Spring Corporation is ISO Certified to the 9001:2008 standards. We are diversified manufacturer of precision engineered mechanical spring components with over 70 years of experience. Industries we serve include but not limited to: Firearms, Medical, Surgical Instruments, Military Hardware, Lighting Fixtures, windows and screens.

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  • Nashville, TN

    Since its inception in 1934, Nashville Wire Products has grown into one of the nation's leading manufacturers of wire products. We manufacture point-of-purchase displays, store fixtures, wire components for OEMs and material handling products. We manufacture all of our products using the best materials, built to the highest standards to ensure maximum lifespan and safety. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Logansport, IN

    Turn to Myers Spring for top of the line wire forms. We specialize in creating products in custom sizes. These springs have diameters ranging from .006" to .750" and loads from half a gram to 2.5 tons. We manufacturer compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, wire forms, spiral wound brush springs, packaging and more. There is no custom project too demanding for our engineers.

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Wire Baskets and Sand Sifting

The thing I look forward to most every year is my trip to Florida. The sunshine state, the one place I always feel happy, relaxed and am able to soak up all the sun I can to get me through the cold months back in Michigan. I only go for a week, but I try to do one week during December and another during March or April. In between I spend a good percentage of my time dreaming of going back or else finding ways to bring bits of Florida... Read More

Sports and Baskets

Team sports such as basketball, soccer and football are so popular in our society that a whole industry has risen to provide them with the supplies they need to play at every level of difficulty, from soccer clubs for 4-year-olds on up to the NBA. In addition to these sports product industries, a number of other industries, such as wire forms manufacturers, have created products that target sports arenas. For example, steel wire baskets are very popular containers for many sports teams who need to transport and store their equipment.... Read More

A Basket Full of Wire

We all know what a basket looks like for the most part, right? A container of sorts that is made from woven strips of straw and usually has a red and white checkered cloth beneath a warm pile of muffins, right? Right. But it doesn't end there, folks. Wire baskets are about as diverse as wire forms themselves. They can be used for all sorts of commercial, industrial and domestic applications, such as storage, display and transportation of materials. The same idea for manufacturing grandma's basket of muffins applies to... Read More

The Usefulness of a Wire Medical Basket

Wire forms are used in many applications in a variety of industries. One specific wire form would be the medical wire basket. These storage baskets provide a convenient location to store items that need to be accessible. The open design of these baskets makes it easy to quickly identify the items that are stored inside. Wire baskets like this are also very versatile as they can be mounted or affixed almost anywhere. They can be mounted on walls, cabinets, or on the foot boards of beds. This advances workflow efficiency... Read More

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Wire Baskets

Wire baskets consist of an external supporting wire cage employed in a number of commercial, domestic and industrial applications for the storage, display, organization or transportation of goods and materials. For storage and display, baskets comprised of wiring allow for increased accessibility and visibility. Accessibility also makes them well suited to dipping or washing processes such as ultrasonic cleaning as they are hold the items securely and allows them to drain without transfer to another container.

The security of wire baskets encourages their use for lifting and sorting applications as well as batch processing. Baskets made of finer wire screens may be used as strainer or filtration devices in both homes and industrial facilities. The lattice work of wire allows for liquids to pass while trapping larger debris. Because wire baskets are so versatile, they are often made available in a number of different sizes and gauges. Important considerations include wire density, material, capacity and gap size all of which will determine the capabilities of a specific basket. Overall dimensions are likewise important and usually apply to the outer parameters, though if uncertain it is beneficial to clarify with the manufacturer prior to purchase. Custom baskets can be made to suit specific parts or batches.

Baskets begin much as any other wire form. Stock metals including, but not limited to aluminum, copper, brass, steel, stainless steel are processed by a series of dies. The dies are progressively smaller and decrease the diameter of the metal until it becomes a strand of desired thickness. These wires are then woven or welded together. Interwoven or latticed wire baskets often suffice, though welding is more durable and preferred for industrial baskets. Such wire grids then undergo one or more wire forming processes. Wire cutting ensures the proper size, while wire bending determines the shape of the basket. Such operations are often performed with the assistance of CNC machining in order to ensure precision and uniformity. This is especially important for baskets designed for storage or organization applications that are often stackable in order to maximize both vertical and horizontal space. Additional features such as lids, doors or gates are created in similar fashion and adjoined using hinges. Such features as well as secondary operations such as heat treatments and coatings of plastic, nickel or chrome are commonly applied in order to enhance the physical and mechanical properties of wire baskets to further expand their capabilities. Deburring is also beneficial as cutting and bending can result in sharp edges and points.

Wire Baskets
Wire Baskets
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Wire Baskets - Acme Wire Products Company, Incorporated