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  • Mystic, CT

    Acme is a unique company providing sturdy, lightweight parts to exacting, repeatable tolerances in custom and specialized engineered steel, stainless steel wire and metal products from engineered solutions to contract manufacturing. Whether your application is for institutional, medical equipment or food processing, Acme's wire displays are made to fit your particular product.

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  • McKees Rocks, PA

    CUSTOM "Spring & Wire Form Specialists" - Ace Wire Spring & Form incorporates the latest CNC equipment technology to manufacture compression, extension, torsion springs, complex wire forms, and spring assemblies. We offer consistent quality, lower costs, on-time deliveries, and Design Engineering Assistance. Range from prototypes to long production runs - Family owned & operated since 1939. Let ACE be your problem solver. ISO 9001 Certified, and ITAR Registered.

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  • Onley, IL

    Illini Wire Works, Inc. stands as a distinguished leader in the realm of wire fabrication, providing unparalleled expertise in crafting custom wire forms and industrial fan guards. With a heritage of precision and innovation, we have become a trusted partner for clients seeking high-quality wire solutions tailored to their unique specifications. Illini Wire Works excels in the art of custom wire forms, turning raw wire into intricate shapes that precisely match design requirements.

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  • Bloomingburg, OH

    At Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form, we manufacture custom compression, extension, torsion and double torsion springs, clock springs, wire forms, stampings and wire assemblies. Materials used include stainless steel, brass, bronze and other exotics by request. If you need immediate help, contact our 24-hour RUSH emergency service. Let us tame your biggest spring problem for you!

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  • Canby, OR

    Here at Anderson Quality Spring Manufacturing, Inc., we take great pride in our position as a leading provider of wire forms, offering a comprehensive range of products, services, and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our valued clientele. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and extensive expertise in wire forming technology, we stand ready to deliver innovative solutions that excel in quality, precision, and performance across various industries and applications.

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Wire Displays Industry Information

Wire Displays

Wire displays are becoming popular by the day with many retailers and office managers. The low cost coupled with the durability results in an efficient display and storage solution that most people in related businesses can easily afford. The displays get created through the use of cutting-edge technology and a set of advanced tools that adhere to industry guidelines. Create a mental image of wired frames getting used as blueprints for an architectural masterpiece, and it is easy to see why these displays are critical for any business looking to make a product presentation.

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Design of Wire Displays

Wire forming is a sophisticated technique that envelopes many dimensions, shapes, and textures. Custom wire forms involve the process through which a useful product that gets made through wire bending and shaping. The wire can be composed of low-carbon steel, medium-carbon, and high-carbon steel. It can also be made from stainless steel, copper, aluminum brass and a collection of various other alloyed materials. Finished wire forms can be painted, plated, or coated according to what the customer requires. The different machines used in this process include the CFR Ring Forming and Welding Machine, the BUW Butt Welder, the K-70 Welder and the 17 mm wire diameter capacity CFM.

Computer Numerical Control wire machines get used in the wire bending of stainless steel wire and aluminum from sheet metals for various industries such as retail, product assemblies, construction companies, restaurant automotive, and original equipment manufacturers. Skyscrapers would not be in existence without rebar that is produced through the process of wire forming. Electric bulbs would not operate without the use of a filament. Even simple furniture such as beds and chairs would be ineffective without the springs that are manufactured through wire forming.

The displays are fabricated from wire alloys that are perfect for any retailer or newspaper vendor and come in various sizes depending on the use that the final product is intended for. Computerized two dimensional and three-dimensional wire forming, a butt welding machine, offers personalized and custom designed wire shapes as well as the finishing in all wire rack display products such as point of stainless steel wire shelves, sale display stands, wire baskets, wire shelving, and wire grid panels.

Various Uses of Wire Displays

Wire Display Stands

A vital marketing tool that will bring about more attention to the seller’s products and services and will encourage people to have a look thus translating to better sales.

Wire display stands carry a particular advantage in that they come with various shelves of their own, therefore, allowing the business owner to place various pamphlets or brochures on each shelf. With a wire display stand in place, the business owner has the freedom to put different informational material on each level with various target audiences. A wire display stand with two pockets in each column, making up four rows, would measure about 18 inches wide by 20 inches high with a depth of 14 inches.

These displays are placed conveniently at points of sales in retail stores because as people are queuing in line to pay for their items, they tend to grab a few items and add them to their shopping lists such as candy bars, chocolate, and packs of gums. The reason they do this is that the retail displays serve as advertising for the product and selling the product all at once. Displays with branded signage spark impulse shopping in customers hence the reason as to why so many of them pick up a product from the displays just before they leave the store.

Wire Display Racks

A perfect way for a business to display informational material concerning the goods or services that they are engaged in. A wire rack display at the entrance of the store, inside the store, or on the counter, gives people the option of taking with them a pamphlet placed conveniently on the wire rack. The pamphlet would contain marketing content related to the business, or any necessary information the business owner feels is relevant to the knowledge of the customer.

Wire racks vary with design as some are circular and rotational on the stand while others are fixed and the customer has to go round the stand to get what they are looking for. The sizes of the wire rack displays depend on the size of the brochure as some are A4, A5, while others are DL. The heights of the stands are dependent on the number of the pockets as well as how big they are. A wire display rack with three standard pockets 1.25 inches deep can measure up to a height of 7 inches by a base diameter of about 2.2 inches.

Wire Display Shelving

One aspect of the wire rack display manufacturing process that is common in the industry. A shelf design is used on some wire shelf displays that are commonly employed in various industries such as retail merchandising, household planning, and commercial storage. Newspaper vendors selling different news gazettes and magazine publications and retail stores prefer the use of a wire display shelf because they can support a tremendous amount of weight. Retail stores that are looking to group different brands of items such as junk food, assorted sweets, and chocolate all on one display for the customer to choose from also employ the use of shelving.

A wire display shelf is not complicated to set up, and few tools are required in the construction process. They are also easy to adjust to space between shelves at any one point in case the storage needs change. Shelving is fabricated to be of top quality and is highly durable. The process behind how the shelves are constructed involves the wire rungs getting reinforced with a center truss that supports a certain amount of weight depending on the use the wire shelf is meant for. The size of a wire shelf can be as small as 8 inches wide by 8 inches deep to as big as 72 inches wide by 36 inches deep.

Shelving has a variety of uses, and there are countless advantages of choosing wire as a preferred choice for shelving. Residential management agencies use wire shelving across every room in the houses they manage. One unique solution to a storage issue was creating a folder counter in the laundry room with a wire rack for sorting purposes. Companies use wired shelves for storage purposes of items that keep being rotated and inventoried. Through an open shelving system, items can be loaded from the back and picked from the front, therefore, increasing storage capacity, visibility, and convenience in the stock room. Merchandising stands, and point of sales displays stand to employ the use of stainless steel wire shelves to improve their sales. Interior office designers have also used wired shelves to host offline records of great importance to the company such as tax codes and employee information.

Types of Wire Displays

Newspaper Metal Grid Display Racks

Metal grid racks are usually very light in weight but the process employed regarding how the wire forms ensure that the metal grid racks are made of strong steel. The wire bending process ensures that the stands are able to fit all sizes of tabloid newspapers and magazines so that customers get to notice the headlines on the newspapers that the vendor is aiming to sell. These metal grid display racks are designed conveniently for literature rack displays so that newspaper vendors can sell them at points of purchase on the street, lobbies, and convenience stores. The newspaper wire display racks measure at 37 inches high by 16 inches wide by 15 inches deep.

Wire POP Displays

Also known as Wire Point of Purchase displays are used commonly in a retail environment with the aim of particular marketing products that clear stock at a fast rate. An efficiently designed wire point of purchase display can work to the benefit of the retail store owner by assisting in sales increase because they help the product stand out. Several companies issue out branded wired point of purchase displays so as to promote the familiarity of a brand and, therefore, highlighting the uniqueness of the product.

Wired point of purchase displays are used for the sale of lightweight and medium weight consumer goods such as food and snacks, holding compact disks and gift cards. They get made with a varying number of adjustable shelves at intervals of three inches. The wire shelves can be set to sloping forward or centrally aligned at a balancing position measuring 18 inches wide by 15 inches deep. The overall dimension of the entire display stand with five shelves can measure 50 inches high by 20 inches wide by 16 inches deep excluding any signage.

Wire Counter Brochure Displays

Also known as wire brochure displays, and they are the perfect types of displays for retail stores and commercial sales points that aim to distribute reading materials such as brochures and pamphlets. These types of displays are conveniently placed at the checkout counters and are designed with various pockets where the various publications are placed. This strategy enables businesses to issue out important leaflets and flyers while making sure that they are able to maintain existing clients and attract new clients who will remember their brand. These types of displays are almost eternally durable and the technique used in how the wire is formed, is to make sure that the counter display lasts regardless of the pace of the environment.

In many stores, it is important for merchandisers to get creative and make the most out of the counter space they have available for their use. The right counter displays are an important part of starting a successful business, and several types of displays might be vital. When customers see a product placed near a cash register, they usually have the urge to grab and peruse through the product before the items they are buying have been packed, and the payment process is complete. For many businesses, especially the ones that are starting and are new in the market, setting a stable foot on the ground as a recognizable brand is important to achieve success.

Counter brochure displays are convenient for retail applications in that many bookstores and convenience stores selling reading material take advantage of the benefits awarded by the use of the racks. Retail store catalogs, newsletters, and brochures are organized in the pockets of the counter displays, and customers can browse through for their perusal. Some of these counter displays are able to rotate, giving it a classy and aesthetic feel and they allow customers to read through and select the picks they feel are relevant and, therefore, improve sale conversion rates. A standard revolving counter display with 16 pockets measures 10 inches wide by 21 inches high.

Wire Grid Display System

Consists of a wire panel on each one that can hang several hooks and shelves. They are a great way to efficiently utilize display space because they are economical, durable, and versatile and can be used to create both wall and floor standing display systems. Wire grid displays systems are often used in seasonal shops, dollar stores, mall kiosks, souvenir shops, and pop-up stores because they are easy to install and similarly easy to take down when required.

They are hooked up to the wall by the use of 3-inch brackets and are convenient because they can accessorize with certain items such as hooks, shelving, shelf brackets, lighting, waterfalls, and wire baskets. These are used especially in shoes and cloth shops where the items for sale get placed on display. A standard wire grid display system is made up of 0.4-inch diameter wire that has been constructed in squares of 3-inch dimensions. The sides of the wire are strengthened by double 0.4 inch wire for extra support while the panel sizes of the system vary from 12 inches by 70 inches to 24 inches by 97 inches.


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