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Wire rope is a cable that is made of wire filaments, strands, and cords. The filaments are tightly wound around the core and the amount of filaments determines the strength of the wire rope. Wire rope is generally used for applications such as ship rigging, oil rigging, mining, stage rigging, consumer goods, construction, multi-ton hoisting. This product can be coated with various materials for extra durability such as Nylon, Vinyl (PVC), Polyethylene, Polypropylene and more.

Wire rope wholesalers can sell an extensive range of wire rope and wire rope accessories at a very affordable rate as well as in bulk. Many of the additional wire rope equipment that wire rope wholesalers provide include: swivel eye pulleys, eye nuts, eye bolts, slip hooks, spring hooks, heavy duty clips, clevis hooks, turnbuckle hooks, anchor shackle pins, s hooks, rigging blocks, and much more. Wire rope fittings will generally improve the versatility of the wire and also prevent fraying.

The term “wire rope” most commonly is associated to cable that is larger than 3/8 inch. Most wire rope are manufactured from steel however it can be made from other metals. Wire ropes offer superior performance to steel chains as the rope provides greater flexibility, strength, and wear resistance. The strand grades are divided into different categories including: Common, Siemens Martin, High Strength, and Extra-High Strength. Many applications utilized galvanized cables as the metal has gone through the galvanization process which enhances the steel to have increased corrosion resistance, durability, and temperature resistance. To give the steel these features the metal is dipped into molten zinc which then creates a permanent bond to the steel. Many wire rope companies will work with customers to help them find the best strength of wire rope for the desired application.
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