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  • Wood Dale, IL

    Our vibratory tumblers are hard to beat! We are constantly striving to bring you only the best and most technologically advanced products on the market to you at the greatest value for your convenience. We enjoy serving you and would love to turn as many first time customers into life-long connections as possible. Our technicians will work with you from the design process of your idea until the very end and you are fully satisfied with our work. Visit our website today for more information!

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  • North Kingstown, RI

    OTEC Precision Finish, Inc. is a world-class supplier of mass finishing equipment and supplies. Our primary products include centrifugal disc, drag and stream finishing machines to meet all of your deburring, polishing, grinding and honing requirements. Put us to the test by taking advantage of our free, no obligation sample processing.

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  • New Milford, CT

    Manufacturer of barrel finishing equipment, including Rotary Tumblers 1 Gallon and 1 Quart and .05 to 2.5 Cubic Foot Vibratory Tumblers. Applications include deburring, burnishing, etching, separating, stripping, cleaning, polishing, coating & mixing.

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  • Dresden, NY

    Abtex Corporation specializes in the manufacture of fiber abrasive brushing tools and application specific deburring systems. Abtex fiber abrasive brushing tools are available in a broad variety of formats. Abtex deburring & surface treatment systems are designed to address each customer's specific application. These systems are engineered to be simple, overbuilt, and optimally effective.

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  • Warsaw, MO

    Discover the Burr King advantage! For all your deburring machinery needs, trust our more than fifty years of experience. Our deburring and vibratory finishing equipment includes American designed and manufactured abrasive grinders, polishing equipment, disc grinders and vibratory bowls & chambers.

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The Benefits of a Tub-style Vibrating Tumbler

Vibratory Tumbler A vibrating tumbler is designed to vibrate plastic, metal, or wood parts together, with or without an additional media material like walnut shells or steel shot, to remove unwanted burrs created by the manufacturing process. The burrs appear usually due to extra flashing pieces or metal sticks that are created by the molding processes. There are many different styles of vibrating tumblers out there, from barrel-style tumbling machines to tub style machines. A tub-style vibrating tumbler is the ideal choice for tumbling parts for deburring or polishing. The... Read More

Benefits of Vibratory Tumblers

Over time, machine parts and pieces become dirty, rusty, and damaged. When this happens, there are two options that a factory can try. First of all, a factory can replace the parts with new parts. Secondly, a factory can use a vibratory tumbler to clean the parts and make the usable once more. Although it seems like cleaning the parts would always be better, there are actually pros and cons to each method. A factory will have to dispose of fasteners and parts if they are broken, missing pieces, or... Read More

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Vibratory Tumbler

Vibratory tumblers are barrels or drums that function by agitating materials in a side-to-side motion at high rates, creating friction and continuous grinding between the vibrating parts or deburring materials. The friction enables the parts tumbler to polish, finish and/or deburr, which refers to the removal of unwanted extra materials called burrs. Most often used as a type of polishing machine, vibratory tumblers are one of the two main types of tumbler used in deburring applications. The other main type of deburring machine is called a rotary tumbler.

While rotary tumblers are much less noisy, vibratory tumblers have several advantages in other areas. These include an increased load capacity, reduced finishing time and an enhanced ability to retain the original part shape with destructive deburring. As a result, vibratory tumblers are often used in a broad spectrum of industries such as: commercial, in which they are commonly used in jewelry polishing applications and in artillery stores for shell casing finishing; in industrial fields for manufacturing batch and continuous process applications; automotive, for parts such as bearings, castings, engine pistons and various engine accessories; electronics, for components, devices and a wide range of power supplies. Vibratory tumblers can also be referred to as mass finishers as they are able to process a large volume of materials, and can be used for small parts such as gem stones to large, bulky parts such as intake manifolds and chassis parts. Another advantage of vibratory tumblers is that they can be used for very fragile parts since they do not employ a tearing action or unequally forces that results in distortion or bending.

Unlike rotary tumblers, vibratory tumblers have no moving parts and consist of a barrel or a large bowl, a drive and a motor. The tumbling barrel is typically made from a very hard, durable material such as welded steel or stainless steel. The drive can be one of two types: electrical or mechanical. Both types of drives require motors to provide the necessary vibrations, and both the motor and the drive are contained in the base of the tumbler. The barrel is attached to the base through the use of springs, which allows the barrel to remain stationary while the base vibrates the parts. Vibratory tumblers may be used with or without tumbling media. For wet deburring, vibratory tumblers provide a very smooth polish because the media laps the parts. However, wet deburring is not often recommended for standards vibratory tumblers because it requires a lot of rinsing which significantly reduces the service life of the machine. As a result, dry deburring is more frequently used in vibratory tumblers and works exceptionally well due to the upward and angular force created by the vibrations. This force results in a shearing action between the parts inside the barrel, and acts in much the same way as the process of erosion.

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