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  • The Power of Corn Cob

    Corn Cob Media Deburrring is the process of removing unwanted materials, metal pieces, or burrs from an object- typically made from metal or plastic. Sometimes deburring equipment is used to remove dirt and grease from an object or polish an object and remove scratches. The use of the machine can vary with the type of media used. Harder media, like glass or metal beads, will remove burs and smooth the piece. Softer media, like cord cob medias, will perform a cleaning or polishing function on the pieces inside the tank....

  • When to Use Corn Cob Media

    Corn Cob Media Corn cob media is one type of blasting or deburring media that industrial companies and other companies that use blasting equipment to polish, shape, clean, and refine surfaces and parts. Corn cob media is one of the gentlest forms of blasting media available, and is a popular choice for delicate projects because not only is it gentle, it is also environmentally safe and inexpensive to use. Just like any other tool, the key to maximizing the potential of corn cob deburring media is to know when and...

  • Corn is More Than Just Food

    Corn cob media, what is it? It is particle size bits of crushed corn cob taken from the inner ring of the cob between the pith and the outer chaff. Let me back up a little bit. In industrial work there is a process called deburring. Deburring includes somehow smoothing out the little ridges, and small raised edges that are attached to a work piece after an industrial modification process. Those little raised edges are called burrs. These burrs can really be harmful in an industrial setting, a burr that...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Giant Finishing, Inc.

    by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor Giant Finishing, Inc. is proudly an American owned company that believes not in maintaining the status quo, but in surpassing it. In a world of ever evolving technology, Giant is committed to providing only the best finishing equipment, medias, chemicals, and completed systems for their clients ensuring that the machines they build today are better than the ones they built yesterday and that tomorrow's will be even better. With more than 100 standard models and the ability to custom engineer systems to exact specifications allow...

Industry Information

Corn Cob Media

Corn cob media is a type of dry deburring media that consists of a treated corn cob ring that has been pulverized into powder form, although the particle size can range from fine to moderate dimensions. Differing from synthetic types such as ceramic and synthetic plastic media, corn cob media is one of the two main forms of natural deburring media, the other being walnut shell media. Another type of natural deburring media, coconut shell media, is much less commonly used.

Since corn cobs are organic in nature, corn cob media is an environmentally-friendly alternative especially since it is biodegradable as well as being both re-usable and long-lasting. Able to be used as both deburring and tumbling media, corn cob media can be advantageous for many industrial manufacturing applications since it is capable of absorbing contaminants such as oils, grease and dirt. Additional industries that utilize corn cob media include: construction, in which it is often used for applications involving log homes and wood refinishing; blasting, for materials such as stone, concrete, wood and various types of metals; metal finishing, for deburring, burnishing and polishing applications; and marine, to polish and deburr the bottom-side of shipping vessels.

Often used to clean and dry wet or soiled parts, corn cob media is used in many functions. Corn cob media can be used in either tumbling barrels or vibratory tumblers, so it can deburr materials or parts in two different ways. Tumbling barrels are drum-like enclosures that employ rotational motion in order to cause deburring to occur. When used in tumbling barrels, the corn cob media is able to deburr the material in much the same way that water lapping onto shore erodes the beach. Vibratory finishing equipment also utilize barrels in order to create friction between the corn cob media and the part requiring deburring. However, instead of rotational motion, vibratory tumblers utilize constant vibrations that cause the corn cob media to continuously grind into the parts or material and thus, remove burrs. Corn cob media works best on softer metals such as brass and bronze. However, it can also be used to deburr materials such as brick, stone, wood and delicate surfaces. It is most often used in vibratory finishing applications, for use in parts drying and light polishing. The typical shape of corn cob media is angular or blocky and is a very light and soft type of deburring media.

Corn Cob Media
Corn Cob Media
Corn Cob Media - Giant Finishing, Inc.
Corn Cob Media - Giant Finishing, Inc.

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