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  • Michigan City, IN 888-925-5444

    As an industry leader with over 50 years of experience providing the best vacuum pump solution for customers, DEKKER is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that delivers superior products & service. Our custom engineered systems meet even the most demanding applications, from aeronautical to waste water & everything in between. Call DEKKER today with any questions or check out our helpful website!

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  • Nashua, NH 800-248-8254

    Today’s superior cutting edge vacuum pump products, offering reliability and high performance. Pfeiffer Vacuum is an intentional manufacturer and leading innovator of the Turbopump for high to ultra-high vacuum range. Plus, Rotary Vane Pumps, Dry Pumps, Roots pumps, Screw Pumps, Leak Detectors and more. Contact us for the best products and support available.

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  • Fremont, CA 650-969-8811

    Since 1976, Duniway Stockroom Corporation has offered new and used vacuum equipment. We provide hardware, valves, ion pumps, diffusion pumps, mechanical pumps, turbo pumps, vacuums sensors, gauge controls, supplies and more. We offer rebuilding services and superior customer service. For more information, check our website today!

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  • New Bedford, MA 508-995-9711

    Edson offers innovative vacuum pump systems for the collection and transfer of liquids and liquids with suspended solids for marine, industrial, municipal and wastewater applications. Our products include diaphragm vacuum pumps, industrial vacuum pumps, heavy-duty vacuum pumps and much more.

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Venturi Vacuum Pumps Industry Information

Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Venturi vacuum pumps derive their name from a phenomenon known as the Venturi effect. For the Venturi effect to happen, a liquid or a gas must flow through a tube known as an aspirator. This tube narrows and then expands in a cross-sectional area to allow for more volume. When the tube narrows, the fluid’s pressure decreases. When this happens, the fluid is forced to increase its velocity to conserve the continuity of its mass. Thus, at the point where the tube narrows, a vacuum is created by the Venturi effect. This scientific process is put to use in Venturi vacuum pumps, which operate with high pressure air to create a strong vacuum.

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Applications of Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Venturi pumps can be used in laboratory work when interacting with dangerous chemicals to perform vacuum filtration, and sometimes they are used in woodworking applications to create vacuum clamps that can be used to hold flat stock in place during routing or sawing. Because the Venturi effect can generate such strong suction, a Venturi pump can be used to lift things with suction cups. This can be useful in a production line where a product has to be continually lifted and set down during the manufacturing process. Experts in many industries use Venturi vacuum pumps whenever they can because they are so inexpensive to purchase and operate.

Benefits of Using Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Venturi vacuum pumps require a source of compressed air to function, but they do not actually require electricity. The pressure can be regulated, and these small lightweight pumps can operate for years without the need for maintenance or repairs. One reason why these pumps last so long is that they are relatively simple and they have no moving parts. This also means that no heat is generated, so a highly functional system can be used constantly without the risk of overheating. Most Venturi vacuum pumps are constructed using aluminum, but they can be made using other metals like stainless steel if they are going to be fitted to corrosive applications.

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