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  • Tarpon Springs, FL

    Here at Vac 3 Cubes we manufacture high quality compressed-air vacuum generators, vacuum cups and accessories. From our innovative products & designs to their team of loyal, experienced & talented employees, you will find the solutions you are looking for at Vac Cube. Our dry vacuum pumps are of the highest quality and you are guaranteed to go home satisfied and continue to be satisfied in the many years to come.

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  • Temecula, CA

    Cacejen Vacuum, Inc., a subsidiary of Dah Young Vacuum Technology, Inc. Cacejen is devoted to the delivery, manufacturing, and R&D of superior vacuum technology. In addition to our standard line of fittings and components our solid team of engineers maintain the expertise to fabricate sub-assemblies, specialty, or unique high vacuum components for standard KF, ISO, and CF vacuum application(s) to meet your distinctive requirements.

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  • Westminster, MD

    With the most comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective vacuuming equipment service solutions, ADVACO offers new dry vacuum pumps from trusted names and unsurpassed dry vacuum pump repair & remanufacturing as the benchmark since 1972. ADVACO’s quality products service a wide range of markets, including lab & research environments and semiconductor & industrial manufacturing. Call ADVACO today!

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  • North Billerica, MA

    For more than 40 years, Mass-Vac has provided products, support and services for dry vacuum pumps to a large domestic and international customer base. Mass-Vac is an active member of SEMI and the American Vacuum Society. We are a New England-based company ready to help with all of your pump needs. Give us a call today or visit our website to see why we’re great!

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  • Hingham, MA

    Since its inception, PIAB USA has been supplying companies like yours with superior vacuum equipment such as dry vacuum pumps and services. Our company strive to provide with the very best at an affordable cost. You will not be upset with the products you receive. Call us today to speak with a member of our knowledgeable engineering team members.

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How a Wet/Dry Vacuum Works

A wet/dry vacuum is a highly useful tool in the home and at the factory. Without the ability to vacuum wet materials, any wet liquid or soaked solid material would have to be disposed of and cleaned another way, such as by sweeping or spraying the mess away. A wet/dry vacuum is a highly useful tool that makes clean-up of mess a breeze in any situation. But, have you ever thought about how a wet/dry vacuum actually works? Normal vacuums are damaged when moisture enters the vacuum, so how can... Read More

Dry Vacuum Pumps Use Fewer Resources

Going to the dentist was always fun for me as a child. The dental hygienist and I had the same first name. I thought that was pretty special. Sitting on the motorized reclining chair and slowly leaning back was pretty cool. My favorite part of the whole experience was the suction tube. Closing my mouth around the tube and allowing the suction effect to suck the saliva out of my mouth. I liked the sound of it. This suction effect is driven by a dry vacuum pump. Dry vacuum pumps,... Read More

Dry Vacuum Pumps Make Your Job Easier

In the world of manufacturing, new innovations are constantly researched and implemented around the world. The recent trend of international research and production has made it possible for the entire world to benefit from the research and development of one factory or country in the world. This is no more true that it is fore the world of industrialvacuum pump manufacturers. In Japan, one vacuum pump manufacturer created a new vacuum pump that is able to operate without the need for liquids. The dry-pump is air cooled and is designed... Read More

Vacuum Pump Varieties

Vacuum pump systems are used in many industries, and serve a central purpose to how many processes work. Vacuum pumps play a versatile and significant role in many industrial and manufacturing processes today. They function to remove atmosphere from a sealed container. The atmosphere could be oxygen or any other gaseous molecules. The versatility of vacuum pumps spans industries such as aerospace, the military, electricity, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, coating, waste water treatment among many others. These mentioned industries, plus many more, rely heavily on vacuum pumps to do their... Read More

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Dry Vacuum Pumps

Dry vacuum pumps are devices that create a vacuum without the use of liquids. Many vacuum pumps require the use of oils for lubrication or other liquids to create an air-tight seal. Liquid ring vacuum pumps, for example, function by creating a ring of liquid around the vacuum pump’s enclosure which prevents evacuated atmosphere from re-entering the vacuum enclosure.

Dry vacuum pumps, because they don’t require a steady level of liquid or lubrication, require much less maintenance than other vacuum pump models. Some of the liquids used in connection with vacuum pumps historically have posed health and environmental threats. Many vacuum pump oils produced before the 1980s contained polychlorinated biphenyls, which were later determined to be toxic, carcinogenic and an environmental pollutant. Though the use of this chemical in vacuum pumps has since become limited, dry vacuum pumps completely eliminate risks posed by lubricants or liquid sealants to their users and the environment. Dry vacuum pumps are often used in high tech processes. Pharmaceutical processing, laboratory vacuum degassing, drying, vacuum impregnation and filtration, evaporation and distillation all make use of vacuum pumps. Industrial processes like crystallization of certain materials, chemical processing, solvent recovery and vapor recovery are other settings in which dry vacuum pumps can be used.

Because any pump that makes no use of liquid can be called a dry vacuum pump, the range of machines that fall into the category of dry vacuum pumps is quite wide. Small vacuum pumps, laboratory vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps and medical vacuum pumps can all be dry models, but some of them can make use of liquids. Every process that calls for the use of a dry vacuum pump requires a configuration that is appropriate for the task. A dry vacuum pump used to evacuate atmosphere from a lab will be different from a pump used to reclaim gasoline vapors at a fuel station. They will differ in size, the shape and configuration of their fans, the number of fans, the number of fan blades, the level of negative pressure that can be achieved in the vacuum enclosure and many other factors. What all of the varying dry vacuum pump configurations have in common is that they all work by removing atmosphere from an enclosure and preventing it from returning. Blades that spin around an enclosure create a small area of negative pressure, and atmosphere from within the enclosure rushes in to correct the imbalance. That atmosphere is forced out of an outlet, and more atmosphere from the enclosure rushes in to try to correct the imbalance. This cycle continues until the vacuum capacity of the pump is reached.

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