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  • Indian Trail, NC

    Vacuum leak detectors are our specialty. We have over 45 years of industry experience manufacturing our products from the highest quality materials. We use the latest technology to ensure that our detectors out-perform the competition. You won’t find better attention to detail and safety anywhere else. Contact us to learn more today!

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  • Bay City, MI

    Future Technologies provides custom leak testing systems, function testing equipment, as well as calibrated standard leaks to solve your quality control challenges and satisfy customer demands. Our leak detectors are utilized in a variety of industries and services in the global leak testing arena.

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  • Greentown, PA

    We are the vacuum leak detectors experts. We have nearly 30 years of industry experience that we can use to help you find the best leak detection services and products in the industry today. We work with all customers to find the ultimate solution to your every need. You can learn more about us when you contact us online or you can call us by phone for additional information!

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  • Saco, ME

    As a global leader, INCON® has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality leak detection systems and gas leak detectors. We provide electronic measurement and monitoring systems for power utility industries. Our products improve customer profits and cut down on maintenance costs.

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  • East Syracuse, NY

    INFICON offers leak detectors, gas leak detectors, gas analyzers and helium leak detectors for leak checking components, subassemblies, system test and final test. HVAC and automotive service and nondestructive testing of flexible, semirigid, rigid and blister packages.

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Vacuum Leak Detectors

Leaks of any nature are never a good thing to have. Whether that leak is occurring in a water well, or in a gas chamber, leaks are unanimously thought of to be bad. Being able to detect a leak is very important. It not only can prevent disasters and injuries, it also prevents the loss of materials and supplies and valuable work time in a manufacturing environment. There are many different ways to detect a leak, and each one is more suitable for different circumstances than others. Vacuum leak detectors... Read More

Leaks and The Right System

Finding out that you have a leak in one of your systems is not the best feeling in the world. It is a gut wrenching panic whether it is a leak in a water pipe or gas pipe. In today's world, pipes can be found everywhere. They can be found under streets for water and even in the ocean floor for oil. There are networks of pipe lines all over the globe dedicated to transporting oil, gases, water and other fluids. And while leaks can occur in any of these... Read More

Another Way to Find the Leaky Pipe, Vacuum Leak Detectors

My family has two cats, one black and one calico. Between the two enough hair seems to be shed for my mom to feel the need to vacuum at least every other day, if not every day. How she would handle living with one of her good friends who rescues cats and once had seventeen at one time actually I'm almost positive she couldn't. Given, these cats spent most of the time out doors, when they came in during winter months I can't imagine it to be pretty. Luckily we... Read More

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Vacuum Leak Detectors

Vacuum leak detectors provide fast, contamination-free, leak detection in closed systems using compressed air to monitor the changes in pressure that indicates the presence and severity of leaks. This particular type of detector is used in a wide variety of industries to test hermetic seals, refrigeration, scientific and medical instrumentation, aerospace technologies, automotive and medical systems.

Vacuum leak detectors have become integral to the family of leak detector tools because they are a reliable, economic and not easily biased option for leak detection. A style of leak tester, it is able to locate where a leak is but not what the substance is called that is leaking. Like all other leak detecting mechanisms, it works as one part of a system with multiple elements. That is why a leak tester, which is able to identify the gas or liquid in the atmosphere, is a good complimentary tool. The vacuum detector can be used as a way to ensure the quality of the pipes as well as being pulled out when there is a drop in productivity and a leak is for sure. As the uses of this particular detector vary, so do the types offered. Popular vacuum leak detectors include the turbo-molecular, back scrolling, rotary and dry running options, which offer many different features such as degree of tightness, pumping speed range and resistance to corrosion.

Though the pumps, valves, gauges and readouts vary between types of detectors, the basic function is the same. The vacuum leak detector is applied to a closed system, producing a vacuum in the tested tube. Compressed air, known as a tracer, is pumped into the system and the pressure is monitored. A falling reading on the gauge indicates a leak, while the rate of the fall shows the severity of the leak. Though others may be used, helium is the most popular tracer gas as it is cheap, non-hazardous and nondestructive. Because the presence of helium in the atmosphere is low, it also enables testing with little concern for background interference when searching for the location of a leak. Vacuum leak detectors were once too large and difficult to maneuver, but as technologies improve portable devices are widely available and affordable.

Vacuum Leak Detectors
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