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  • Radnor, PA 855-625-5285

    Airgas is an industry-leading distributor of gases and other gas related products. We have been serving the industry since 1982 and have since become one of the biggest gas distributors in the packaged gas industry. Some of the packaged gases we offer include compressed air, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, methane, oxygen, propane, and propylene. Airgas is committed to the safety our customers and their communities.

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  • Harrison, OH 513-367-6699

    Since 1981, leak detectors have been our business. We believe in creating high quality products that will benefit customers in all industries around the world. We remain partners with all customers and work with you to find the best leak detection solution for you. You can learn more about us online, or simply give us a call to learn more about us in person!

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  • Boston, MA 978-772-0970

    Industrial Physics provides leak detectors, gas leak detectors, leak testing, helium leak detectors, flow product testers and package test equipment for seal strength and package integrity (leak) tests. All feature SQC analysis for proactive process control. We feature custom fixturing for your testing needs.

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  • Salt Lake City, UT 801-540-3863

    Redline Chambers has brought together leading engineering and manufacturing talent to provide the best vacuum technology and leak testing solutions to our customers. We specialize in the manufacturing of precision-engineered and fabricated vacuum chambers and turn-key systems.

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Freon Leak Detectors Industry Information

Freon Leak Detectors

Freon leak detectors monitor products that use the chemical Freon in order to ensure that this chemical, which can be dangerous if leaked in large quantities, remains contained and the product functional. Freon refers to multiple colorless, nonflammable liquids that evaporate when exposed to the air. Chlorofluorocarbon, hydrofluorocarbon, and hydrochlorofluorocarbon are the three main types of Freon.

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History of Freon Use

Freon was once the common refrigerant in freezers, refrigerating systems, and other cooling systems. It is also found in commercial and industrial air conditioners, automotive cooling systems, firefighting systems, industrial metal cleaners, and as an aerosol propellant, although only in ones built before the late 1970’s. Freon use has diminished due to its associated environmental damage.

Since this discovery in the 1970’s, many companies have ceased using Freon in air conditioners and refrigerators, but old pieces are still around in all sorts of industrial, commercial, and consumer product contexts. Therefore, checking for Freon leaks is vital for the earth as well the health of individuals who may be breathing it in and developing health problems as a result.

Applications of Freon Leak Detectors

Many older appliances with Freon can be costly to repair. Freon leak detectors are useful in identifying leaks early on to avoid further damage, as are other leak detectors targeted toward other refrigerant gases, such as halogen or helium. A small amount of Freon is not seriously threatening to an individual’s health or possessions, but, in large amounts, it is chemically altered when exposed to sunlight and ends up depleting the ozone and adding to the greenhouse effect.

Notable Types of Freon Leak Detectors

Three of the most common types of Freon leak detectors are refrigerant leak detectors, ultraviolet dye leak detection kits, and electronic leak detectors. Refrigerant leak detectors contain a halide torch that has a flame that changes color depending upon the refrigerant present. Dye kits are injected into a system so the Freon becomes visible and the leak more easily found. The electronic system involves a heated diode or a corona discharge, both of which are normally handheld sensors. It is essential to prevent Freon leaks, since they significantly increase ozone depletion and, when inhaled in large amounts, can cause heart problems in humans.

Benefits of Using Freon Leak Detectors

Appliances using Freon often have a complex system through which the liquid or gas flows. A Freon leak can be hard to find, making a portable leak detector most practical. Strict laws regarding Freon emissions may require that industrial cooling systems be monitored with a fixed detection system. Find the right Freon leak detector manufacturer today by browsing our list of reputable companies!

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