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IQS Directory provides a comprehensive list of urethane molding companies and suppliers. Use our website to review and source top urethane molding companies with roll over ads and detailed product descriptions. Find urethane molding companies that can design, engineer, and provide urethane molding services to your companies specifications. Then contact the urethane molding companies through our quick and easy request for quote form. Website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information is provided for each company. Access customer reviews and keep up to date with product news articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of polyurethane molding, urethane molding parts, urethane molded castings, or customized urethane molding services of every type, this is the resource for you.

  • Odenton, MD

    Are you in need of a versatile urethane solution? We manufacture economical products that are unsurpassed compared to our competitors. Our engineers utilize optimum urethane molding techniques which not only benefit your company but also save time in the long run. You can trust that our products will last you for several years to come! Feel free to visit our website if you are interested in learning more about our company!

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  • Easton, PA

    If you are in need of premiere urethane molding then you have come to the right place. We utilize the more economical methods and we promise the benefits of our urethane products are unsurpassed. We have the expertise to design heavy duty and lightweight items. The value-added features are guaranteed to last. Our seasoned engineers are ready for any task. For more information about our company please contact us today! We are excited to hear from you!

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  • Gwinn, MI

    Elastomers provide a class of solutions to sticky design problems; polyurethane is a tough, durable and versatile elastomer suitable for difficult situations. Dissipating damaging impact or shock and protecting from wear and abrasion all require performance not available from rigid materials. Flexibility and performance describe both Argonics and the products we make; co-developing solutions for our customers’ difficult design challenges is what we do best. Visit our website today.

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  • Reno, NV

    Our methods for producing our urethane molding are unsurpassed and we use the most ideal resources when creating these solutions. If you are in need of urethane that will withstand tough tasks then you have come to the right place. Our teams use diligent value-added features and our products are highly resilient. For the most functional products turn to us to supply you! Contact us today for more information!

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  • Denver, PA

    Founded in 1954, Weaver Industries offers urethane molding products and services to their loyal customers. Many things have changed with our company in the last fifty years, however one thing has not changed and that is our pursuit to provide customers with the highest quality products and parts, as well as the most cost-effective solutions to all their difficulties.

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  • Bend, OR

    Our cost efficient urethane molding is specialized for particular applications. These solutions are paramount when upgrading old parts or designing new safety innovations. Our competent engineers put an emphasis on durability to ensure top levels of customer satisfaction. For product details or more information about our company please visit our website or give us a call today!

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Sealing with Urethane Backer Rods

Urethane rods have a variety of purposes in several different industries. Depending on the urethane mixture, the rods can be flexible and squishy or stiff and unyielding. Urethane rods are used for insulation, sealing, protective covers, and many other uses in both commercial and residential uses. One of the main uses for flexible urethane rods is the use of the rods as a backer for caulking. For caulking to work successfully, the caulk must stick to two different surfaces, but only two surfaces. If there is a large gap between... Read More

The Bowling Ball

On any given night of the week, you may find me in the smoke filled, bright-lit bowling alley, sipping on a beer and trying my hardest to break 150. Although I have yet to buy my own bowling ball (or receive one as a gift, although this year might be my year), I do have a couple favorites I am able to use at my favorite bowling dive. Finding the perfect bowling ball is vital to how well I bowl that night. The weight has to be just right, as... Read More

Rolling With Conveyors

Roller conveyors are very popular in industrial settings because of the ease in which they enable the movement of boxes and products from one location within the facility to another. These conveyors can be automatic or manual, depending on the way the desires of the company that has purchased and installed them. Either way, the rollers that make up the bulk of the roller conveyor are almost always urethane rods. Urethane, which is also known as polyurethane, is an excellent material for conveyors, for a number of reasons. It is... Read More

How Polyurethane Molding Came to Be

This particular polymer was developed in Germany by Otto Bayer and his cohorts in 1937 and was originally being explored for its foam structure potentials. World War II got in the way of development, which didn't pick up again until 1952. In the years that followed closely on 1952's heels, variations of polyurethane, also referred to as urethane were introduced, ranging in texture from soft foam to hard plastics. Polyurethane and the processes developing to manufacture products, such as polyurethane molding gained popularity quickly because it was cheap, efficient and... Read More

Urethane Molding: For Custom Shapes

In an age and society where technological advancements have allowed us to purchase pretty much anything our hearts desire, getting a customized anything always seems better then buying something off the shelf. Purchasing products directly from a manufacturer means all aspects of the product will be precisely as you determine, from the exact chemical make-up of the material to the thickness, width and angles of the part. Particularly when dealing with plastics and molding, the custom shapes are endless because of the ease of processes such as injection molding and... Read More

Polyurethane Molding the World around You

by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor While this evening and tomorrow promise a brief break in the rainy weather Michigan has enjoyed of late, this morning provided yet another wonderful opportunity for a perfectly soggy commute. In anticipation of the cold and wet walk to work, even just from the car to the front door, most will arm themselves with raincoats, galoshes and perhaps an umbrella. All of this impeccable and impermeable protection is graciously afforded by polyurethane molding, the invention of which oddly enough was sparked by the need to... Read More

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Urethane Molding

Urethane molding, sometimes called polyurethane molding, is an elastic polymer that contains urethane carbamate links. Urethane is formed at a molten state and may be fabricated or molded into low-density flexible foam, low-density rigid foam, gel elastomer and hard, rigid plastics. Valued for its uses in rigid and flexible memory foams, urethane is also very useful in solid plastic form as well.

Polyurethane molding combines many of the desirable qualities of plastic, rubber and metal with a longer life than other plastics, higher impact resistance than rubber, elastic memory, noise reduction, and heat and chemical resistance. Urethane moldings include a wide variety of pneumatic seals, press tool blocks, conveyor bushings, bumpers,  bowling balls and parts for a broad spectrum of industries such as construction, automotive, food processing, engineering and athletic equipment. Urethane moldings offer such advantageous characteristics as high moldability, corrosion resistance a good strength-to-weight ratio and low processing costs.

The raw urethane molding materials are heated to molten form. During this stage, they react with one another to form a pre-polymer. When the urethane molding is ready to be processed, a curative is introduced to the pre-polymer in order to complete the polymeric transition. Accelerated by heat and pressure, the mixture is poured into a mold cavity and cured to form the final polymer. During open polyurethane molding, the pre-polymer and curative are heated and mixed together, poured into an open cavity and cured without the application of pressure. During closed polyurethane molding processes such as injection molding, the pre-polymer and curative are heated and mixed together, then injected into the closed cavity through small holes. Urethane possess several advantages over other elastomers and materials. It  has higher resistance, greater load bearing ability, broader hardness range and better colorability than rubber. In comparison to metal, urethane offers better noise reduction, greater abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance and more flexibility. In certain applications, it has higher impact, more abrasion resistance, better elastic memory and noise reduction capabilities than other plastics.

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