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  • Odenton, MD 800-394-7883

    For urethane brushings and other parts, be sure to contact American Urethane. They provide customers with superior service and quality products. The materials used by this company are finding new applications in many industries because the parts provide longer service life compared to plastics and rubber, as well as lower noise abatement compared to metals.

  • Easton, PA 800-275-0818

    If you are in need of premiere polyurethane molding, then you have come to the right place. We precisely mix all kinds of urethane blends including blends between 20A and 90A as well as 70D. We have the expertise to design urethane sheets, rods, and tubes, as well as urethane covered parts. Many standard colors are available and can be cut to whatever size you require. For more information about our company please contact us today! We are excited to hear from you!

  • Reno, NV 800-325-5463

    Since FallLine began in 1981, they have been providing specialized products, including urethane brushings, to numerous industries for retail and industrial applications. By employing a team of dedicated, experienced chemists, engineers and sales personnel, they are able to assist all customers in the development of their project from inception to completion.

  • Denver, PA 717-336-7507

    We utilize the right tools for handling your tasks. We manufacture polyurethane molding solutions here in the USA. Our products are ideal substitutes for rubber, metal and other types of plastics due to the polyurethanes rigid but lightweight design. These units are resistant to oil, acid, vibration, abuse, shock and other forms of chemicals. If you have time sensitive projects then we can help with our fast turnaround and we offer a full range of stock products!

  • Bend, OR 800-541-2317

    Our goal since 1972 is to find the best possible polyurethane solutions for all of our customers. We supply a plethora of urethane bushings and our products will last a lifetime for application use. From woodworking machinery to plastics fabrication, our products can assist you to accomplish your goals. Our units are great for OEM all the way to end users. To view our featured products please visit our website for more information!

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Urethane Bushings

Urethane bushings are types of bearings used in automotive production as shock absorbers that maintain alignment and suspension components. Also known as urethane bushes, urethane bushings are a common form of plain bearing. In terms of shape, urethane bushings are ring-shaped products made of polyurethane, an elastomeric plastic resin containing organic elements and urethane.

Some common designs of urethane bushings include solid (both sleeve and flanged), split and clenched. Urethane bushings are primarily designed to remove friction and wear or constrict and retain motion of mechanical parts, and those made from urethane are specialized for vehicle production because they last longer and control movement better than alternatives such as rubber, but aren't as harsh on car parts as metal. Urethane bushings are made of hard, rigid plastics and used in high impact areas. Although the most common application for urethane bushings is in the automotive industry, other industries also utilize this molded product including industrial manufacturing, for use in the suspension of automation equipment and material handling machinery such as conveyor systems; agriculture, to be used in farming machinery such as combines, tractors and plows; and construction, for use in material handling equipment such as overhead cranes.

Urethane bumpers have many beneficial characteristics that cause them to offer improved performance as compared to rubber or metal bumpers. Some of these many advantages include increased longevity, increased density and decreased possibility of caster and camber change. Additional, other advantages of urethane bumpers include high resistance to cold flow, added responsiveness, improved control of suspension movement, increased durability and exceptional strength and heat, cold and friction-resistance. Although there are many advantages to urethane bumpers versus rubber or metal bumpers, there are also some disadvantages. The main drawback of using urethane bushings compared to rubber or metal is the noise – specifically, the squeaking. This is easily combated by applying a lubricant, either regular grease or special urethane grease, which lasts longer. Urethane bushings are made from high performance polymers and often have friction-reducing additives. They are made through a process called reaction injection molding (RIM). During RIM, a polyisocyanate component and the polyurethane resin are injected into a mold, react and dry, creating bushings of different strengths, textures and colors. Each urethane bushing needs to be individually fitted during installation for optimal performance.

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