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  • Fontana, CA

    TPC, Inc. is a leader in the polyurethane molding industry. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities focus on providing high-quality products, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is dedicated to the production and innovation of our products. As a result, TPC, Inc.’s custom-fit solutions are perfected for customers of all industries.

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  • Denver, PA

    From concept, to production, to delivery, we have over 40 years experience with made-to-order cast urethane & cast polyurethane elastomer products. Weaver Industries offers urethane wheels, polyurethane molding, molded urethane, urethane sheets, & urethane/polyurethane manufacturing. Skilled at custom casting, discover the advantages of our urethane sheet and Action Mallet heads.

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  • Reno, NV

    FallLine has been a manufacturer of custom polyurethane molding products for various industries since 1981. We offer a wide range of proven materials ranging from 40A - 80D, as well as the capability to formulate materials to meet specific needs. Our knowledgeable staff, on-site design team and machine shop are dedicated to offering excellent customer service and rapid turnaround times.

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  • Brighton, MI

    Since 1979, Uniflex has been a leading manufacturer of urethane products. We provide high-quality urethane rollers and urethane castings, as well as urethane molded products available in an array of colors. Uniflex offers customized body blocks and engine components for the automotive industry. Our team is dedicated to advancing our company and raising industry standards.

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  • Tracy, CA

    At Dynatect Ro-Lab, Inc., we take pride in our expertise and specialization in polyurethane molding, offering unparalleled solutions for a myriad of applications. With our advanced capabilities, we excel in bonding urethane to diverse metal sub-surfaces, including aluminum, brass, and steel. As a team, we understand the unique demands of various industries, and our commitment to quality is reflected in our ability to seamlessly integrate polyurethane with a wide variety of metal substrates.

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Urethane Molders Industry Information

Urethane Molders

A urethane molder is a company that specializes in using the molding process for manufacturing urethane products. Urethane molding, or polyurethane molding, is an incredibly versatile process, and it is important to look carefully for the right urethane manufacturer that will make sure your requirements and specifications are met. Specialties can differ from company to company. Some manufacturers provide general molding services for a broad range of applications, while other companies are more specialized in their capabilities and the industries they serve. There is not a single, universal standard method of manufacturing a product, and companies can vary in experience levels. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you find a urethane molder that is trusted and well-versed in the products and applications you have in mind.

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Polyurethane Molding Processes

It is also possible to add additional materials to the polyurethane during the molding process, such as dyes or other chemicals that will aesthetically enhance the final product.

Urethane molders can make their products in several ways.

Compression Molding
Liquid polyurethane is poured into a mold, which is then placed inside a heated compression press. The machine uses pressure to ensure the material conforms to every detail of the mold.
Open Cast Molding
Liquid polyurethane is poured into an open mold, or open cast, and is either placed on a heated table or inside an oven.
Spin Casting
Liquid urethane is poured into a mold as the mold rotates. The motion of the mold assists in removing any air that is trapped in the mold as the liquid urethane is poured.
Low Pressure Injection Molding
The closed mold is equipped with “bleed gates,” or ventilation outlets that allow the air to escape from the mold during the injection molding process.

The preparation stage is the step in the process that requires the most work and attention to detail. The development of a high quality product depends on the measures taken in the earliest stages. It is crucial to carefully decide on a urethane resin, as all resins differ from each other in some way and may react differently, especially during the mixing stage of the process. Some urethane molders offer prototyping services, and sometimes you will be able to tell the experience level of the company just by looking for imperfections in the prototype. The presence of air bubbles in the prototype model is one of the telltale signs of an inexperienced company, as air bubbles are a common problem that can be easily avoided during the molding process. One of the methods used to prevent air bubbles is the use of vibration to filter the material before it solidifies.

Applications for Urethane Molders

Foam is one of the most common types of urethane material, and urethane molders work with various types of polyurethane. These types include flexible polyurethane foam, used for the automotive, bedding, and furniture industries; rigid polyurethane foam, used to create an energy efficient and versatile insulation for homes and businesses; and thermoplastic polyurethane, which is very flexible and used for construction and footwear applications.

Molded polyurethane is recommended over other materials such as rubber, metal, or plastic. Polyurethane components outperform these other materials in terms of longevity. Polyurethane is incredibly durable and is highly resistant to harsh conditions such as solvents, chemicals, abrasion, and heat. Urethane products have high compression and load tolerances and can vary in levels of hardness. Polyurethane can be soft as a sponge, tough as iron, or any level in between.

Standards and Specifications for Urethane Molders

Although the manufacturing methods among urethane molders may differ, one of the commonalities that all urethane molders share is that everything they manufacture is required to adhere to a set of criteria established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). There are numerous tests that can be performed on urethane products to ensure that they meet adequate performance requirements, which can all be found in detail on the ASTM’s official website.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Molded Urethane Products

Molded urethane products are used in numerous industries for numerous applications, and therefore, there is a countless selection of urethane products available. In order to save both time and money, it is highly recommended that you seek out a urethane molder with experience manufacturing products for your specific industry or your specific application. That way, you will be more likely to get the exact product you ask for the first time around, and the product will be free of any imperfections. An experienced urethane molder will work with you from the planning stages and inform you of the steps involved in manufacturing your products.

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