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  • Styles and Frequencies

    Because ultrasonic cleaners are used in a variety of industries to clean a variety of instruments, there are a few different kinds of tanks that use different frequencies. There are three main categories of these cleaners. The first is a very light duty tank with small transducers and simple generators. This means they are not very efficient and should not be used for critical cleaning jobs, but will work well enough for cleaning contact lenses and items of that nature. The second kind of ultrasonic washer are the small tabletop...

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner Suppliers Keep it Clean

    Take a look around you. If you're indoors, look around for the nearest flat surface. Slide your index finger over that surface and then take a look at your fingertip. Unless you just finished thoroughly dusting or cleaning the surface you just touched, you are almost certain to have picked up dust or other small particles with your finger. Because you're reading this right now, it's likely that you're at home or in an office. These places are, as a rule, pretty clean places. But it's impossible to keep things...

  • Ultrasonic Washers in the Healthcare Industry

    In the health services industry, there are a few provisions that every care provider must make. Of course it's important to staff competent doctors, nurses, billing staff and other professionals. However, every constituent part of a given health services operation is equally important. Without knowledgeable billing staff, insurance companies wouldn't be able to allocate funds for covered services. Without maintenance staff, health service facilities would be unfit for the administration of care. Without effective maintenance and cleaning equipment, the maintenance staff would be unable to maintain the facilities. There are...

  • The Perfect Clean with Ultrasonic Washers

    While diamonds may be a girl's best friend, they can be unbelievably annoying when they have to be cleaned. Eventually, jewelry will begin to lose its luster as it gets dirty from being worn constantly, and it can be very difficult to clean. Harsh chemicals could damage it and polishing rags could easily be caught up in the tiny grooves and crevices. In these situations, rather than clean them by hand, they are sent off to be cleaned, and in most cases this means to an ultrasonic washer. Not only...

Industry Information

Ultrasonic Washers

Ultrasonic washers are washers that provide superior cleaning, degreasing and sterilizing action to a large number of products, parts and machine components. By harnessing the potential of ultrasonic frequencies, ultrasonic washers are able to remove all kinds contaminants, like grease, lubricants, oil, wax and dirt, from otherwise hidden and hard to reach places. The same cleaning applications tackled by ultrasonic washers would be next to impossible, or at the very least, time-consuming, if done using traditional methods.

In short, ultrasonic washers work by creating tiny, imploding, scrubbing bubbles in the solutions they contain. In more detail, ultrasonic washers work via the cooperation of a cleaning tank, a transducer, pressure generators or pumps, nozzles, reclamation systems and cleaning fluid. Cleaning tanks, which are typically made of stainless steel, are filled with a cleaning fluid. This fluid will either be hot water alone, heated between 122 and 149, or some sort of aqueous solvent, which is simply water enhanced by components like detergent or a wetting agent. A single product or many products at once may occupy the cleaning tank. Most likely, only large products will go in by themselves. If this is the case, they may be carefully placed by an operator. Smaller items can be lowered into the tank together via a basket. Either way, once the product or products have been fully submerged in the cleaning solution, a transducer, which is either built into the tank itself or lowered in as-needed, is activated, emitting fluctuating ultrasonic sound frequencies. These sound waves create compression waves, which in turn “tear” the solution apart at a microscopic level, leaving behind bubbles. Simultaneously, these tiny bubbles implode. These two steps encompass what is known as “cavitation.” As the bubbles implode perform a scrubbing action, which loosens and removed contaminants from product surfaces. To enhance the results of this process and ensure that every nook and cranny of their products are clean, manufacturers may choose to add tumbling baskets, rotating parts holders or oscillating systems to their ultrasonic washers. Some manufacturers also incorporate dryer units into their washing systems. If this is the case, after washing and any further processes that may need to take place, they lift the products out of the washer and place them in the dryer.

Ultrasonic washers and ultrasonic cleaners like them are an invaluable tool to many industries, including, most notably, the automotive, electronics, food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical, sporting goods and weapons industries. They are wonderful investments for a number of reasons, beyond the fact that work so effectively. For one, they do not require the use of hazardous chemicals or chemical solvents. Rather, the solutions they use are much more environmentally-friendly. In addition, they require the use of far less energy and less manual labor than comparable systems. Also, operators perform few physical tasks during ultrasonic washing, they do have a large amount of control over the procedure itself; they can control the level of frequency, which directly correlates to the number of implosions. Note that, the higher the frequency, the greater the number of implosions, and the greater the number of implosions, the smaller the size of particulates that can be removed. Ultrasonic washers are also versatile in the number and size of products they can clean at once. To find out more about the potential an ultrasonic washer has for you application, send an inquiry to a trusted washer manufacturer.

Though tightly bonded soils, greases, and contaminants cannot always be removed with the use of ultrasonic washers alone, combining aqueous cleaning techniques with ultrasonic cleaning technology has been found to be an effective and environmentally-safe method of cleaning. Ultrasonic washers are capable of cleaning individual parts as well as multiple items simultaneously and are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. all use large capacity ultrasonic systems to clean products like hard drive components, small automotive parts and process machine components that have a build up of contaminates. Jewelry cleaning, window blind cleaning, and golf club cleaning are achieved with commercial ultrasonic washers.

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