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  • Guthrie, OK 888-811-9876

    Our hydraulic lifts are manufactured using a combination of innovation, state of the art technology, the latest engineering designs, and the highest quality products. We take the time to ensure all our lifting products will perform the right way every time. We work hard to please our customers, and we welcome the chance to make you happy today!

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  • St. Charles, IL 800-843-3625

    Advance Lifts designs & manufactures hydraulic lifts and other models of material handling equipment. Our ultra high-cycle lifts have a 3,000,000 cycle warranty & our patented platform centering devices reduce lift wear from off centered loading. Since 1974 we have been an industry leader, always exceeding customers` needs for both standard & custom built equipment.

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  • Ontario, CA 800-358-8833

    We manufacture hydraulic lifts and a whole lot more. Our goal is to be the best in both quality and customer service. In fact, our mission statement stays we will work hard so you can live easier. We know that customer service is the key to success, and we take your successes as our successes. Our staff is ready to answer any of your questions. Find out how we can help you today when you visit us online or give us a call!

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  • Eau Claire, WI 800-657-6956

    LPI Lift Systems can provide you with solutions to a safer and more productive working environment. LPI customers count on us, repeatedly, to provide the right solution to their access challenges with standard and custom-designed lifts and platform systems. Our experienced team understands the rigors of industrial processes and is ready for you to challenge us with your application!

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  • Newark, NJ 800-633-8234

    At Metro Hydraulic Jack, we have been distributing pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical equipment and tools since 1941. Our product lines include automotive lubrication systems, hydraulic tools for construction, hydraulic lifts and similar types of material handling equipment, mobile hydraulic motors and railroad lifting equipment. We also service most lines of equipment.

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  • Battle Creek, MI 269-966-3122

    Burr Mobile Lifts is dedicated to manufacturing products that improve mobility and independence, and increase the quality of life to those that utilize them. Our product lines can provide our customers with the ability to enter their recreational vehicle or travel with their mobile scooter without hassle. Contact Burr today for more information!

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Table Lifts

Of the many hydraulic tools, one of the most versatile is the hydraulic lift table. From small work benches to large platforms, these efficient and valuable tools have proven to be a means for saving time and labor. With the ability to hold any type of merchandise, tool, or equipment, table lifts provide a safe and convenient way to effortlessly complete a task.

Hydraulic flat surface lifts allow workers to set the height at which they wish to work as well as offer an ergonomically efficient method to inspect and handle various types of items. Lift tables are designed to lift heavy loads for the protection and safety of workers.


What is a Table Lift?

Hydraulic lift tables have a very simple and compact design that consists of a flat platform, base, some form of legs, hydraulic cylinders, and a motor. All of the components are made of steel or stainless steel to ensure the tables ability to withstand rugged use.

The platform is where the item to be lifted is placed. The platform comes in several forms, which include flat welded steel, conveyor rollers, or perforated surfaces. The thickness and type of the platform depend on how the table will be used with some applications being more stressful requiring a sturdier and durable surface.

There are several varieties of table bases that vary according to the needs of the application. Some tables have wheels and can function like a forklift. This type of table provides greater mobility and flexibility. Tables that are used for welding, metal work, and heavy-duty use have a four-sided rigid steel base for extra stability.

A common part of a table lift is scissor legs that are moved up and down by the hydraulic pump system. The number of legs varies between two up to as many as eight. The heavier the work piece the more legs the table requires.

The key to a table lift is its motor and hydraulic cylinders. Much like the other aspects of the table, the number of hydraulic cylinders varies. For heavy duty work, the hydraulic pump system may have as many eight to ten cylinders. The number is limited by the size of the platform.

The lifting mechanism for a hydraulic table lift includes a motor to power the hydraulic cylinders. It can be located under the table by the cylinders, attached to the side, or be a remote power pack. The power of the motor is dependent on the number of cylinders and the use of the table.


Table Lift Operation –

When the motor of the hydraulic lift table is activated, oil is pushed into the ram of the hydraulic cylinders. The force of the ram compresses the oil, which pushes the table upward. When the appropriate height is reached, the ram remains in position holding the platform in place.

The determination of how rapidly the table raises the load is decided by the weight of the load. Each type of table lift is designed to conform to a specific capacity, which can be a few hundred pounds up to several hundred. Tables with lighter load capacity raise quickly.

To lower the table, the motor releases the oil, and the ram retracts slowly lowering the load and the table.