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  • Material Handling Lifts Make Workers' Jobs Easier

    I am not one for manual labor. I do not have a lot of upper body strength. I am certain I could do one pull-up if my life depended on it, but other than that, I am a weakling. I have never seriously considered working in a warehouse because I feel you need some sort of strength to deal with all the material handling that goes on. I now realize that there are machines to assist with the heavy material handing lifting, but I probably can not be trusted to...

  • Pallet Lifts: Easier Mobility

    Pallets are used in many different industries and applications as a type of storage. Warehouses use them to organize, keep inventory and store products on shelves and by retailers for storage and display purposes. Pallets can also make shipping easier because the products are more compact. Pallets can be made of plastic, wood, metal or other materials. You will know a pallet when you seen one because they have a semi-hallow characteristic that allows for lifting tool access. The necessity is widespread for pallet storage and pallet movement equipment. The...

  • Employee Marks 25th Work Anniversary at Autoquip

    Autoquip is proud to recognize Ken Wilkinson for his 25 years of service. This is a great accomplishment completing 25 years and indeed a great achievement. Wilkinson joined Autoquip in August 1989 as a Plant Operator and Store Room Clerk. He held various positions in the plant increasing responsibility and also worked as a welder.  Wilkinson moved into his current position as Special Project Estimator in 2001. As a Special Project Estimator, Wilkinson consults with our customers on their specific lifting equipment requirements and prepares a project estimate. ...

  • New Video - Custom Work Access Lifts

    Advance Lifts announces that they have posted new video of a custom work access lift that contains several features that may be of interest to work access lift designers. This is a self propelled unit with a “U” shaped platform, two types of stairways and powered curved platform extensions that cradle a curved work surface. This is the third in a series of videos to help stimulate the imagination of work access lift specifiers.     For over 40 years, Advance Lifts, Inc. has been manufacturing loading dock equipment,...

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Pallet Lifts

Pallet lifts, also known as transporters, are used to lift pallets from the ground to a raised position for working, storage positioning, loading or unloading. They can be used to load and lift non-pallet-mounted materials as well. Pallet lifts are typically used in warehouses, loading docks and anywhere else pallets need to be efficiently picked, transported, and stored.

The need for pallet storage and pallet movement equipment is universal, but the market is diverse, and the needs of one manufacturer or distributor will be different from another. For example, a small-scale second hand book distributor may not need a forklift or hi-low to move pallets of books; a small hydraulic lift like a pallet jack may be sufficient for that operation’s pallet movement needs. On the other hand, a large scale apparel wholesaler with multi-level stock racks will need a mechanized pallet lifting system that can reach high racks and support heavy loads. Manufacturers, service companies, distributors and all kinds of other industrial operations, as well as operations outside of industry, require access to pallets and pallet movement equipment. Fork lift trucks, reach trucks and several other gas or electricity-powered, heavy duty hydraulic lifting systems are available in many configurations for such operations.

Pallets are storage platforms used by manufacturers to ship their products; they are also used by warehouse operations, retailers and many other operations to store and display products. They can be made of wood, plastic, metal and other materials. They are characterized by their semi-hollowness; each hollow area in a pallet is designed to allow access to a lifting tool. Because few if any pallets are designed with a specific lifting mechanism in mind, every pallet lifting tool resembles every other tool, at least in terms of the shape of its pallet lifting implements. Manual pallet jacks operate by the same principle as larger, mechanized pallet jacks. A manual pallet jack features a forked lifting surface, wheels and a hydraulic lifting system. When a manual pallet jack is used to lift a pallet, the forks are slid into the pallet’s hollow area. Then, the user pumps the jack’s handle, which forces hydraulic fluid into a cylinder in small amounts, gradually forcing up a piston in the cylinder, which is connected to a rod that is attached to the lifting surface. When the pallet has been moved and must be set down, the user releases the pressure in the cylinder, which causes the load to be lowered gently. Mechanized pallet lifts operate according to the same principles. They are distinguished, though, by higher mobility, higher lifting capacity and the ability to reach pallets in high places.

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