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  • Stratham, NH 844-338-8114

    When reliability and power are a must, the universal motors you find at ElectroCraft can operate with high efficiency, low voltage, and at a low cost. Applications that our universal electric motors serve include robotics, packaging, automotive, and medical equipment. Electric motor products include the CompletePower™ Plus Universal Drive, complete with a user-friendly configurable interface. For more details, contact ElectroCraft today!

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  • San Leandro, CA 510-567-0630

    For over 30 years, Koffler Electrical has been a leader in the electrical mechanical apparatus remanufacturing industry. We are the largest repairer of electric motors such as AC motors, DC motors, fractional HP motors, and other small specialized equipment to 30,000 HP. In addition, we sell new electric motors (AC & DC), gearmotors, and gearboxes.

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  • Monroe, WI 608-325-9161

    At Carter Motor, some of the motors manufactured include AC universal motors, small motors, DC universal motors, DC permanent magnet motors, DC shunt wound motors and gearmotors, along with many others. All Carter Motor products are designed and assembled in the United States by hard-working employees. From engineers to shipping clerks, the staff takes pride in every part of the process.

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  • Mauston, WI 888-467-8288

    Dumore Corporation is a leading designer of DC motors, custom fractional horsepower motors, gear motors and universal electric motors. Our high-quality fractional motors are used in a variety of applications and markets. In business since 1913, we have continued to manufacture our custom high-quality UL listed OEM motors. Dumore DC motors and gear motors are designed for complete, cost effective customization to meet your exact requirements or work with our team for a custom solution!

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  • Reedsburg, WI 608-524-4341

    Hankscraft has been in the fractional horsepower motors industry since 1920. With our extensive background in the industry and years of experience we are a trusted manufacturer and supplier. our decades of contract manufacturing experience, have given us the knowledge and expertise to have an extensive and growing list of capabilities available for our customers worldwide.

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Stepper Motor Industry Information

Stepper Motors

A stepper motor is commonly known as a step motor. It comprises a brushless DC electric motor that divides one full rotation into equal steps. The biggest pro of a stepper motor is that it requires less maintenance and is durable. It provides accurate position control as compared to a DC motor.

Stepper motor uses digital readings, so it is a preferred mode in an environment where analog meters won’t do.

Stepper motors have wide applications, especially in the industry of mechanics. For example, in robotics, wire bonding machines, etc.

Four Phase Fractional Horsepower Stepper Motor
Figure 1

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How a Stepper Motor is Made

A stepper motor is based almost on the same working principle as of a DC motor. Stepper motors follow the principle of electromagnetism. It consists of two main components: a rotor and a stator. A rotor is usually magnetic in nature and is situated in the middle of the motor. The rotor is enclosed by a stator. Stator teeth are wrapped by a coil which generates a magnetic field upon the flow of current. The magnetic field acts upon rotors and makes them rotate.

The stators are controlled to act like electro-magnetic poles for rotors. Stators are activated one by one. And the alternating magnetic field generated as a result allows the rotor to move and turn.

Types of Stepper Motors

Three main types of stepper motors available in the market are:

Permanent Magnet Stepper
The most commonly used stepper motor nowadays. It is very inexpensive to buy because of the low production cost. It has a permanent magnet installed as its rotor. It is also called a tin-can/can-stack motor.
Hybrid Synchronous Stepper
The amalgamation of permanent magnet steppers and variable reluctance steppers. It is a high performance stepper motor that comes in a very manageable size. But it is more expensive than permanent stepper motors.
Variable Reluctance Stepper
Has been used for ages now. It is the simplest of all. It used iron instead of a permanent magnet as a rotor.

Advantages of Using Stepper Motors

Following are some of the advantages of stepper motors:

  • Hardiness and ability to withstand wear and tear.
  • Straightforward design.
  • Works well in an open-loop control system.
  • Very low maintenance is required to keep it going.
  • Highly reliable and authentic.
  • The motor has full torque even while not running.
  • Can perform the same function repeatedly with the exact same precision.
  • It is very responsive to abrupt reactions like starting, halting, and reversing.
  • The reaction of the motor to input signals provides open-loop power, making the motor easier and less expensive to handle.
  • Because the speed depends on the input signal’s frequency, a vast spectrum of rotational speeds can be realized.

Applications of Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are very efficient wherever motion control technology is required. Other types of motors are also available in the market, like servo motors. But stepper motors can be used in any application that requires highly precise positioning and orientation, motion control, and low speed torques. Following are some of the industrial applications of stepper motors:

Industrial Machines
Stepper motors are used in vehicle dials, machine tooling, and industrial automation equipment.
These are also used in futuristic monitoring devices.
In medicine, medical scanners, samplers, digital dental photography, fluid pumps, etc use stepper motors.
Consumer Electronics
Like digital cameras etc.

Choosing the Right Stepper Motor

There are more than two types of stepper motors available. Choosing the right kind is a very critical decision. It can be made easily and accurately by considering a couple of factors. These are the questions one must have answers to before buying one:

  • How is the motor going to be connected to the load?
  • How quickly does the load have to move or accelerate?
  • What is the amount of torque required to move the load?
  • What level of precision is needed when positioning the load?