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  • Sag Harbor, NY

    Here at Sag Harbor Industries, Inc. we take pride in saying that we have many years of manufacturing experience and all of our products are manufactured right here in the United States. We work hard to distinguish ourselves from the competition and our experienced staff is capable of handling the toughest projects. Our engineers can assist you with determining the absolute best products for your situations.

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  • Bristol, CT

    Established in 1973, Classic Coil Company is a Contract Manufacturer of electronic coils. We manufacture coils for a variety of industries; winding wire gauges from 4-58 AWG. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified, ITAR registered and DFARS Compliant. Our Engineering services allow us to assist with design, reduce cost, and increase efficiency in production. Call or visit our website to learn more about our capabilities.

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  • Alpha, NJ

    Since 1962, Torelco LLC has been a supplier of electric coils and transformers of superior quality. We offer custom coils, solenoid coils, ferrite core coils & toroid wound coils to serve a range of industries. Markets served include medical, military, electronics, and industrial. When you work with us, our promise is to build to the exact specifications and meet the custom needs of our customers.

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  • Winsted, CT

    At Dufrane Technologies, we take pride in our extensive range of electric coils. Our comprehensive product portfolio encompasses a wide variety of coil types, including solenoid coils, electromagnet coils, induction coils, and more. Whether you require custom-made coils or standard options, we have the expertise and resources to fulfill your specifications with precision.

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  • North Fort Myers, FL

    Check out what’s new online at Precision Econowind, manufacturer of the highest quality custom coils at reasonable prices, with on time delivery. Serving the coil industry for over 30 years, we’re experienced with producing loudspeaker & medical industry coils, coils wound on customers’ bobbins/tooling; freestanding, flat wire, edge wound, square, rectangle & shaped coils. Submit your specs today!

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Stator Coil Industry Information

Stator Coils

To generate electricity, three things are necessary, which are motion, a magnet, and wire coil. In the case of a motor, the stator is the coil of wire that surrounds a rotor to generate electric power. It is a part of a motor that creates a magnetic field to create direct current (DC) to charge the motor. A stator coil is the static part of a motor and generates a rotating magnetic field. It is made up of the core, frame, and winding, with the core being the portion of the stator that supports and protects the three-phase winding. The magnetic field produced by a stator coil causes the rotor, in an electric motor, to turn. An electromagnetic field (EMF) is produced by the interaction of the rotor and stator.

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Applications of Stator Coils

The concept of a stator is used in a wide variety of motors from the fan on a computer to giant turbines that produce electric power. The most common use of stators is in lawn mowers, automobiles, and simple electric motors. Engineers depend on stator coils when designing motors since they are a consistent and reliable source of electric power.

Materials Commonly Used in Manufacturing Stator Coils

The majority of stators are made from copper and iron housed in a casing of aluminum or steel. The iron in the construction is an efficient material for the generation of electric flux, a measure of the strength of an electric field. As with many electrical devices, copper wire is used for its conductivity, ductility, and high melting point. The copper wire winding of the stator is lacquered, or laminated, to increase the density of the winding.

Stator Coil Design and Function

In a motor for a vehicle, the stator is part of the alternator, which produces alternating current (AC) to keep an engine running and is required to produce extra current that can be stored in the battery. Since the battery only stores DC current, a regulator converts the AC current to DC for battery storage. The essential function of the stator is to ensure that the rotor keeps turning to produce enough power. When the rotor is spinning, a commutator keeps the magnetic field correctly aligned. As the current increases, the commutator becomes larger and more forceful. A stator can be either a permanent magnet or electromagnet. In cases where the stator is an electromagnet, it is known as a field coil or field winding.

A key factor in wire winding is the fill factor, which needs to be kept high to ensure the efficiency of the electric field that the stator produces. Insulation, lamination, and winding has to be completed in the most efficient manner to increase the fill factor. In the typical three phase motor, there are six slots with three pairs of coil windings that are offset by 120o.

The goal of manufacturers is to maximize the amount of copper wire in the slot fill to increase the torque output. This challenge makes the production of stators difficult since engineers have to determine how much slot fill is necessary for an application.